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  • ‘The Book People’ features people whose lives and careers revolve around books. Host Aishwarya Javalgekar chats with book editors, publicists, influencers, cover designers and innovators to gain industry insights, bust publishing myths and bond over their shared love for all things publishing! This series is brought to you by Bound, a story company.

  • Excursions into the otherwise. Interviews, reviews and discussion of our strange and estranged relationship to landscape.

  • Two Bookstagrammers talking about their opinions and love of books, genres, childhood favourites and SOO much more. All with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) in hand. *Some episodes contain language and spoilers - please be sure to read episode description before listening to each episode!*

  • Marvel Movies, Metal Music and what falls in between.

  • The Lisa Congdon Sessions is a podcast for creative folks about living and working with more intention, curiosity, and joy. Most interesting to Lisa is what happens at the intersection between life as an artist and life as a human, with all our baggage, aspirations, hopes and dreams. From big questions to practical ones about business, social media, time management, and finding your way through the winding creative path- each episode Lisa will share stories, tips, insights, and conversations from the heart.

  • For anthropologists and artists “doing fieldwork” in contemporary worlds, art can be much more than an object of investigation. Curation and creation through visual, audio, or performing arts are at the heart of their work, extending the established anthropological interest in writing as a medium of thought and knowledge sharing. This exhibition presents works by anthropologists and artists who break disciplinary boundaries, and whose practice foregrounds experimental, and open approaches to the theme “field/works”.

    This series is curated by Jen Clarke and Maxime Le Calvé. We intend to provide a new space for discussion around and across the thematic of the virtual exhibition "Field/Works": https://antart.easaonline.org/

    All members of ANTART (EASA) are all invited to attend. If you wish to participate in a particular talk with a short paper (5 minutes) which would resonate with the topic or — even better — with the artwork presented in that talk, please get in touch with us.

  • Gibborim is a Hebrew word that describes a group of warriors in the Bible, known as "mighty men." This is a podcast hosted by Cody Bobay about the projects and vision of Gibborim Studios. Join us behind the scenes as we share information about the upcoming Gibborim series, the most ambitious film project about the Old Testament wars ever produced. You can also learn more about the latest stories being released from Gibborim Studios, and talk about how to become modern day mighty men. To have access to all of the content available, join the Gibborim at www.gibborim.com There are episodes of the podcast that are member-exclusive and so the numbering of the episodes in your podcast feed will be inconsistent.

  • Welcome to Unpacking Food Tech, a podcast series that brings you the facts on the circular economy that can help you see things in a clearer light—and give you messages you can share with others.

    In this three-part series, Food Dive’s Brand Studio will speak with experts in the food industry to debunk myths and bring you information you need to know to help reduce your carbon footprint and make smarter purchasing decisions.

  • Fortnightly podcast exploring different areas of the arts and cultural production with a focus on audio and/or visual cultures created and hosted by Paula Blair.

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  • Mo Wine is a weekly podcast about wine, life, money, and inspiration. Each week, I discuss a new wine grape varietal that most novice wine drinkers have never heard. This podcast was inspired by The Wine Century Club and my journey toward becoming a member. Some episodes are about wine, some episodes are about mishaps and some episodes are about mo things in life. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mo-wine/support

  • Do you find it hard to keep up with the world of Anime in this hectic world? Finding it impossible to keep up with the dozens of new shows produced yearly? Fear not, friends! Self-proclaimed anime expert Jane Duncan and the clueless Robert Neal are here to help! They'll wade through the endless waves of the less than desirable Japanese animation, one episode at a time, so you don't have to(also a few good ones too). So, grab your Ramen bowls and your Ramune, and join us as they try to to keep from going crazy in this wild, wild world!

  • Fashion icon and drag superstar Shea Couleé (Drag Race All Stars S5 Winner) is joined by special guests to break down the critically beloved, culturally essential, and massively popular world of America’s Next Top Model. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network and Moguls of Media.

  • Disordered The Podcast is a podcast about our relationship with food, hosted by Ranae Von Meding and produced by Fearghal Curtis and Tall Tales Podcasts.

    Ranae is a writer, activist and mother living in Dublin with her wife and two young daughters. At the age of 16 she developed an eating disorder and has been living with it for almost two decades.

    Ranae speaks to people who have had first hand experience with eating disorders and disordered eating in a series of open conversations.

    From these open conversations, Ranae delves deeper to unpick the complexities of disordered eating.

  • A forward-thinking interview series examining the business of progressive coffee culture.

    The 5THWAVE Podcast is hosted by Jeffrey Young, Editor-in-Chief of 5THWAVE magazine and Founder of Allegra Group.

    Each episode features inspiring stories, business lessons, and thought leadership from the entrepreneurs and industry experts blazing trails to success across the world of coffee.

    The podcast will delve into the detail of achieving operational excellence, get to grips with green coffee sourcing and seek out the very best of global coffee culture. We’ll also examine the future of e-commerce and coffee at home, the changing face of cafés and coffee shops, and how to hone winning HR strategies – plus much more.

    Get in touch and tell us what topics you'd like to hear by visiting www.worldcoffeeportal.com/5THWAVEPodcast

  • You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

  • I will be going over a chapter each episode and diving deep into Rick Riordan's great book series: Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus.

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