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  • Transmission is a distributed mixed reality podcast and performance series premiering in Edinburgh in 2017. This companion Podcast speculates on the possibility of life on Proxima b - the closest planet outside of our solar system that has the potential to support life - and whether civilizations like our own could live there. What if we received their television and radio broadcasts? How would we listen in? Could we translate them? How could we communicate back?

    Hosted by Cecilia Lynn Jacobs
    Produced by Ian Garrett and Kate Ladenheim
    Editing and Original Music by Myles Avery

  • Dr. Samuel Y. Kim and Ms. Sharon Kim discuss the latest mental health research pertinent to Korean Americans in a way that can lead to actual change for therapists and clients. Each episode is a rundown of a research article and how it relates to mental health for Korean Americans. This podcast is for Korean American therapists, consumers of therapy, those who work with Korean Americans, and those just curious about research.

    Dr. Kim is an assistant professor at the University of Denver and Ms. Kim is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Mustard Seed Generation.

  • හරි දේ හරියට දැනගමු. යක්කුන්ගෙන් වැඩ ගන්න පුලුවන්නම් ඒකත් කරගමු

  • "Elements of Nature: How Natural Forces Shape Human Health” is a monthly podcast series about how nature influence our health and wellness, and affects our flourishing. Each episode is focused on an element of nature – earth, water, wind, fire, thunder, ice, force, time, flower, trees, shadow, light and moon – and how they regulate the rhythms of our lives and enhance wellness, health, and resilience. We discuss how sleep and sunlight regulate our mood and fitness, how air pollution of natural domains impairs our health and increases our the risk of chronic disease, and how green spaces and vegetation affect our moods, attention, and immunity. We will explore the many and sometimes magical mysterious nuances of nature and learn how, if we pay attention to nature, we can all live a more healthy and harmonious life. Each month we talk to an accomplished scientist, a professor, or a renowned author with expertise in studying the relationship of each element of nature with human health and wellness.

  • Join us on a tour through the history of the West’s water systems and major rivers, as we navigate the challenges of drought and water-scarcity facing the region. We’ll also explore Trout Unlimited’s leadership in finding innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

  • The human-centred story is killing us. Our disregard for nature has not only made us less safe and less capable of sustaining a healthy environment, but also more miserable and existentially isolated. Join Erik Jampa Andersson, author of the upcoming book 'Unseen Beings: How We Forgot the World is More than Human' (Hay House, 2023), on a fascinating journey of natural recovery, recovering the lost threads of our enchantment to come to a deeper sense of embodied relationship with the more-than-human world.

  • Dive into various sustainability related topics with "Oicast - I hear green", any time and anywhere! We want to create awareness for topics like environmental protection and climate change in connection with economic and social aspects, according to our motto “Sustainability is everywhere”. This podcast is produced by oikos Vienna, a the local chapter of an international student-driven organization that promotes sustainable economics and management education.

    Be informed. Get involved. Make a difference.

    Learn more about oikos Vienna on!

  • Meet our narrators, Donovan Smith and Ian Chadwick, as they explore some of the park's unique and special recourses through interviews with experts in the field. The episodes cover various topics, from night skies to wildlife and so much more. The podcast's title, "Where Two Deserts Meet," refers to the transition zone between the Colorado and the Mojave Deserts within Joshua Tree National Park. Listen in and explore the wonders of the deserts and ways we can help preserve them for future generations.

  • The changes of the brain during Ciudad Perdida

  • A group of teens from all around the world who are passionate about wildlife come together to discuss wildlife conservation, the environment, and more. We will chat with professional and amateur conservationists to learn more about what we all can do to protect wildlife. Join us for some awesome conservation conversations! Thanks for checking out this podcast brought to you by the Global Co Lab Network's Wildlife Conservation Hub!

  • The Mysterious Logo Show, a podcast unparalleled.

    Did you know that how you are feeling right now, is attracting manifestations and experiences into your life?

    I know, it sounds a little out there right? Well, so did flying across the ocean and landing a rocket on the moon at one point in time. This is a bold new podcast for a brave new world. Listen in as I drop gems of knowledge, sharing everything that I have discovered on my journey with the Law of Attraction.

    This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

    Episodes uploaded every Tuesday and Friday!!

  • Demolishing flat earthers and science deniers. Showcasing real science with the smartest people on the globe.

  • SMS brings you Energy Matters. The podcast which discusses the energy industry's most pressing and most promising issues, and why they matter to the world around us. Each episode, we invite an industry expert to tackle energy's most talked about topics, and how sector innovation and sustainability can help solve our climate crisis. Presented by Aled Bryon.

  • A podcast focusing on Shark species, human shark interactions, and recent shark stories. Hoping to spread awareness and new information! Support this podcast:

  • The sepals and petals together make up the perianth, or floral envelope. The sepals are usually greenish and often resemble reduced leaves, while the petals are usually colourful and showy. Sepals and petals that are indistinguishable, as in lilies and tulips, are sometimes referred to as tepals. The androecium, or male parts of the flower, comprise the stamens, each of which consists of a supporting filament and an anther, in which pollen is produced

  • We talk life and all there is, and also easy life hacks for our day to day living.