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  • Explore the dynamic world of FAST–the key growth driver in streaming–where innovation meets entertainment and media pays for itself; hosted by Ben Goodfriend, FASTer features engaging conversations with the industry experts, creators, and technologists defining the future of Free Ad Supported Television. FASTer with Amagi is produced by Next Chapter Podcasts.

  • “Reframed” is a filmmaker podcast that poses fresh and insightful questions to filmmakers. Hosted by Director Dylan Hahn, it offers a compelling look behind the scenes, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the film industry and the creative minds that drive it.

  • A Podcast for Filmmakers by Filmmakers.

    Have you ever been curious about making a film? Do you have a film sitting on a hard drive with nowhere to go? Are you wracking your brain trying to network in this fluctuating industry? WE TALK ABOUT FILM is a podcast made especially for indie filmmakers and film-based arts workers in Toronto, Canada, North America, and beyond.

    Follow your hosts, fellow filmmakers Sarah Beaudin and Justine McCloskey, as they voice their uncensored opinions, give you unsolicited advice, and subject you to the most undeniably talented forces of the indie film industry.

  • We're making a horror anthology called GRIND, and we're gonna talk about the process with too much honesty! Along the way we'll talk to filmmakers who have worked on horror anthologies and watch some horror anthologies too. Is it Project Greenlight for podcasts?! Is that interesting?! Maybe?! I don't know! But it's definitely going to be an Anthology Anthology.

  • PAGE & SCREEN is a new 30-minute podcast hosted by John-Paul Sarni designed to shine a light on new books in the marketplace - often with links to the worlds of stage and screen

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  • Discover Shannen Doherty's journey: teen idol turned resilient survivor. This episode chronicles her iconic roles, personal struggles, and inspiring advocacy work.

  • On The Love Island Lowdown Graceanne Parks breaks down all versions of the show in hilarious detail and examines the data behind the islanders' influence on social media.

  • Interviewing the best names from the world of TV crime drama and crime fiction.

  • Dive into the captivating world of ships in media and popular culture with ”I Will Go Down With This Ship,” the podcast where developmental editor Chelsea and plot consultant Heather explore the relationships that make our hearts race. Join us as we discuss the characters we passionately ship, delve into why these pairings work (or sometimes don’t), and uncover the secrets behind their compelling dynamics. As writers ourselves, we’ll share insights on how you can apply these lessons to your own storytelling, whether you’re a budding author or a seasoned pro. Tune in for engaging discussions, expert tips, and a shared love for the ships that sail the seas of our favorite stories. Come join our chaotic crew of crack shippers, and get ready to have some serious fun with us on this journey.

  • The snarky podcast where a husband and wife sarcastically recap the best (and worst) reality TV shows. Join Corey and Carly from Surviving Sister Wives for a new episode every week!

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  • This is a safe place to listen to weird stuff

  • Tune in to Entmoot and join two hobbits as they discuss all things “Rings of Power”. Learn more about the Lord of the Rings lore as Luke and David take a deep dive into Amazon’s new series by exploring some of Tolkien’s works such as The Silmarillion.

  • Once upon a time two childhood neighbors made movies together in the backyard until one of them had to move away. Twenty years later, they are shocked to discover that they share a queer identity and a need for a roommate as they pursue their movie-making dreams in Los Angeles. What's that? You're not shocked that two gay people left home for Hollywood? Well, WE are and WE have a lot to catch up on when it comes to movies and our lives. We'd love for you to join us, even if you think we're a cliche because, hey, that's entertainment and this is Queer Cinema Catchup!

    Send in your thoughts and suggestions to [email protected] and visit us at

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  • Based on a true story. Sidney Buchman was nominated for four Oscars, but his career came to a screeching halt when he was accused of communist ties. In a wild true story of art imitating life, Sidney, who wrote "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington", would have his own face-off with Washington, when he was pressured to "name names" of other suspected communists to get himself off the hook. Would Sidney choose his honor, or his career? Michael B. Silver, Sidney's real-life grandson (and an accomplished actor and writer himself), plays his grandfather in this scripted audio drama podcast reminiscent of TV and movies like "The West Wing", and "The Trial Of The Chicago 7".

  • On each episode of Once Upon a TV Time, entertainment journalist and TV critic Marine Perot talks with the people who worked on some of the greatest episodes of television. Writers, directors, actors, crew members... They are here to talk about what makes great TV and to tell us about the behind the scenes of the episodes they were involved in.

  • The pursuit of justice can be impacted by the smallest detail. “American Justice” from A&E explores recent compelling criminal cases, from those that made national headlines to gripping lesser-known cases, through the prism of our justice system. Driven by first-hand perspectives of loved ones, survivors, investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, jurors, and sometimes even the perpetrators, the series dives into significant crimes that reveal how our justice system works, and, sometimes, how it doesn’t. One of the original true crime documentary series, “American Justice” originally aired for 13 years on A&E.

  • Sisters Kelsey and Brett rewatch their favorite movies from childhood to view them through adult eyes. Jokes that went over your head, glaring plot holes you just didn't care about as a kid, and general adult observations, make for a fun way to revisit your childhood classics.

  • A spooky scary skeleton podcast that delves into all things that go bump in the night. Our three intrepid investigators; Joe, Tyler, and Ben are going to examine and explore movies, cryptids, and other sources of the frightfully mysterious. Sit back and don't relax, welcome to They Watch at Night.

  • The Disney Movie Marathon is a podcast by Disney fans for Disney fans! Covering the original animated features, classic live action films, the new live action remakes, and so much more! This podcast is a spinoff of the I โ™ฅ๏ธ Movies Podcast by Jonathan North. If you like this show, and want more movie discussion about animation, sci-fi, classics, and a lot more beyond just Disney, check out I โ™ฅ๏ธ Movies, and our sister podcast, Every Version Ever. Support this podcast: