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  • Hello there, welcome to The Old Republic Podcast, a podcast discussing Star Wars news and Knights of the Old Republic. Spoiler alert for the Knights of the Old Republic series and the Star Wars films, TV shows, and all other media. This is where the fun begins!

  • Welcome to If I'm Being Honest The Movie Edition podcast. We didn't come to agree, we came to be honest! We will give you honest reviews on movies, tv, comics, and anime. The show is hosted by our three-headed monster McKinley, Chris, and the Reel Will. We are excited to bring you our 4th season! If you like what we do and you want to see more make sure you drop a donation! Check out our website for all things IIBH, including great merch and links to all our social media pages. Support this podcast:

  • The Church of Tarantino is a chronological journey through the Tarantino Cinematic Universe. Each month our host The Reverend Scott K is joined by a special guest to discuss, dissect and reminisce about 1 of the 12 films in the Tarantinoverse. New episodes drop the first Friday of every month, with a special Tarantino Bible Study episode (devoted to taking a deeper dive into an iconic scene from that month's film) dropping on the third Friday of every month. So join us for our monthly worship service to all things Quentin Tarantino.

  • Have you ever sat through a movie and thought to yourself "Well that was a waste of time"? So have we! Whether you were alone in this thought or shared this opinion with millions of others, we are here to talk about those movies that left us wanting more. Join us as we help you decide whats worth the price of admission on "I'd Like A Refund".

  • Ever realised that the monsters in movies aren't as scary as the ones in real life?

    That's the morbid, escapist reality of the horror movie-genre. Every Monday, hosts Will and Yaz watch a horror film, dissect its themes, delve into its history and may or may not get drunk along the way.

  • Listen in as we interview some of the film industry’s best. Hear interviews about Soul, Wolfwalkers, If Anything Happens I Love You, Over The Moon, Shaun The Sheep movie: Farmageddon, Onward, The Mandalorian, Opera, Burrow and Bombay Rose, and more.

  • A bunch of grad students gather to discuss the big (and not so big) questions of film and media on their chaotic, anxiety-ridden journey to become “media literate.”

  • Promozione e analisi di film, dei loro personaggi, del contesto in cui vivono. Percorrendo l’autostrada del Sole in orario notturno vi tengo compagnia con la mia voce. Sono un grande appassionato di Cinema. Tutto quello che dico è frutto della mia personale visione delle opere.

    Andrea Pauletto

  • Ez a csatorna szórakoztató hely, ahol kezdő fiatal srácok lelkesen beszélgetnek filmekről, játékokról, sorozatokról. Enjoy it!
    Tagok: Geri, Dávid, Roli és Edvin

  • A Dragon Ball Podcast HUN folytatása, immáron már nem csak Dragon Ball témákkal.
    Minden, ami populáris, minden, amiről érdemes beszélni!

    A Showcasterek: Bazs, Dani, Laci, Micky és Norbesz

  • Sziasztok, itt találhatjátok meg, a Podfázunk Podcast adásainkat, ahol filmekről, képregényekről és más hasonló popkultúrális témákról beszél Ádám és Huni. Minden ami képregény és szuperhős film, arról itt szó esik. Jó szórakozást hozzá!
    Az eredeti adásokat, videó anyaggal itt találjátok:

  • Have you ever wondered what goes into Netflix' category algorithms? Does it simply take a woman in glasses, a pant suit, and an achievable uphill battle to make it to their list of female empowerment movies? Join Comedian Tessa Davidson and Writer Tricia Donelan as they discuss the the Strong Female Leads of their favorite Movies and TV Shows. Friendships are tested, stereotypes are explored, and female badassery is applauded.

  • Wayne and Jesse recast your all-time favorite movies with modern casts.

  • Exploring the hidden layers and deeper meanings found in the Stargate movie and series.

  • Unser FILM.TV Kurzcast mit Promi-Statements zum "schnell mal weghören". So seid ihr immer gut informiert und das in kleinen, handlichen Hörportionen.

  • Two conversationalists breaking down Nollywood films with warmth, engagement and pure vibes.

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    Twitter: @ILNpodcast Instagram: @ilovenollywoodpodcast

  • Join us as we follow Ramy's journey through New York Career, Dating, Experiences, and more as a first generation egyptian-american. We'll discuss the differences, the similarities, the controversy, and the life of others like him. On the RAMY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, our hosts will discuss each episode and bring you insider info. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Ramy!

  • Film & TV episodes of the popular The Creative Process podcast. We speak to actors, directors, writers, cinematographers & variety of behind the scenes creatives about their work and how they forged their creative careers. To listen to ALL arts & creativity episodes of “The Creative Process · Arts, Culture & Society”, you’ll find our main podcast on Apple:, Spotify:, or wherever you get your podcasts!

    Exploring the fascinating minds of creative people. Conversations with writers, artists & creative thinkers across the Arts & STEM. We discuss their life, work & artistic practice. Winners of Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer, leaders & public figures share real experiences & offer valuable insights. Notable guests and participating museums and organizations include: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Neil Patrick Harris, Smithsonian, Roxane Gay, Musée Picasso, EARTHDAY.ORG, Neil Gaiman, UNESCO, Joyce Carol Oates, Mark Seliger, Acropolis Museum, Hilary Mantel, Songwriters Hall of Fame, George Saunders, The New Museum, Lemony Snicket, Pritzker Architecture Prize, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Galleries, Joe Mantegna, PETA, Greenpeace, EPA, Morgan Library & Museum, and many others.

    The interviews are hosted by founder and creative educator Mia Funk with the participation of students, universities, and collaborators from around the world. These conversations are also part of our traveling exhibition.

    For The Creative Process podcasts from Seasons 1 & 2, visit: or, which has our complete directory of interviews, transcripts, artworks, and details about ways to get involved.

    INSTAGRAM @creativeprocesspodcast

  • Az Ananász Filmklub azért született, mert egymás szórakoztatásánál már csak a filmeket és sorozatokat szeretjük jobban. Ha lehetőségünk van arra, hogy gondolatainkat és véleményünket kifejezzük ezekkel kapcsolatban és esetleg találjunk olyanokat, akik ezeket a nézeteket osztják vagy legalább tolerálják, akkor miért ne tennénk? Erre van az internet.
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