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  • The Empowered Artist Collective Podcast will be one in which we have insightful conversations with fellow artists about all sorts of things that pertain to our personhood and our artistry.

    Join our community of women and non-binary artists seeking a thriving and sustainable career in the arts as we ask hard questions, sit with open-ended answers or perhaps no answers at all, share resources and hopefully expand the dialogue around all the aspects of our industry that so many are not talking about in an open forum. 

    Whether you are an actor, singer, dancer, performer, writer, director, creator, theater and tv/film lover... If you are someone who is curious about others’ artistic experiences, believe that being an artist is about more than just the auditions you book, think this industry is in need of change, and want to get a personal glance at what’s going on behind the curtain: this is the podcast for you!

    Let’s be in community together. Let’s support one another. Let’s make this journey a little less isolating and more inclusive.

    IG: @EmpoweredArtistCollective // TikTok: @EmpowerArtistCollective //
    Host: Jennifer Apple // @JenniferApple_ //
    Head of Production & Editor: Nayara Alexis // @NayaraAlexis
    Podcast Music Composer: Aimee Lefkowicz // @Aimee.Isabella

  • Fernsehkunde ist der Podcast rund um Kult-Fernsehsendungen. Drei Experten wetteifern um die
    spannendsten Fakten zu den beliebtesten Serien aller Zeiten.

  • Ola mon brave, le podcast de la Table Virtuelle qui revient sur les épisodes de Game Of Rôles, anecdotes, point lore, stats en tout genre...
    Le tout dans la bonne humeur générale !
    Présenté par Rckep, avec AnnaJune Barker, Maitrelikao et Céladon

  • After recording 88 episodes of the US version of Queer as Folk, Patrick and Matt turn their attention to the original. The masterpiece that started it all. In Still Queer as Folk UK, your favorite (?) bitchy and sometimes catty gay guys give a critical analysis of one of the best examples of episodic gay fiction ever televised. Stay tuned after we cover all 10 episodes for a special US vs UK edition!

  • Ο Στάθης Κόλιας και ο Φίλιππος Χατζίκος σχολιάζουν νέες ταινίες χωρίς να ξέρουν ο ένας τη γνώμη του άλλου, επανεξετάζουν παλιότερες, ενώ μέσα από προτάσεις και αφιερώματα απαντούν στο ερώτημα που κάθε σινεφίλ έχει ακούσει έστω μια φορά στη ζωή του: "Για Πες Καμιά Ταινία"!

  • L’émission retrace en sept épisodes le parcours de quatre familles romandes qui rêvent de créer en cinq mois des chambres d’hôtes dans leur maison. Trois experts – en hôtellerie, cuisine ou décoration – les aident à franchir les obstacles. - Pour un usage privé exclusivement.

  • Zeigt und schreibt Kinogeschichte seit 1949. Ein Kulturangebot des Präsidialdepartements der Stadt Zürich und Partnerkino der Cinémathèque suisse. #FilmpodiumZH

  • Welcome to the Sync Report, the intersection between independent filmmakers and songwriters.  Where we host a weekly conversation with award winning filmmakers and leading music industry professionals.  

    Meet industry experts and top level songwriters as we pull the curtain back on music placement and scores.

    Building vital relationships and providing real opportunities to our listeners.

    Listen to indie filmmakers present their latest productions and describe specific scenes as they consider music submitted by our audience.  

    Hosted by music supervisor and former Sony Epic executive Jason P. Rothberg along with his co host, Godmother of Indie Films, Rose Ganguzza.

    Music is the difference between a good film and a great one.  

  • Sikiliza Simulizi, Mikasa, na historia mbalimbali za kimaisha zitakazo kupa mwanga wa maisha.

  • Another podcast about ABC's The Bachelor franchise, but based in Seattle, Washington!

    Rose Ceremony is Jeff ( @JaySkinsley on Twitter), Lindsey ( @LindseyLosers on Twitter and Instagram), and Chees ( @cheesdees on Instagram).

    Follow our podcast on Twitter at @roseceremonypod and on Instagram at @rose_ceremony

  • The Film Fein and The RapNerd talk everything film, music, and pop culture related. Join the newest and freshest voices to the podcast realm.

  • Pumuckl Knüller ist der Podcast über die Fernsehserie "Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl".

    Hier erfährst du viele spannende Details und Hintergründe zur großartigen Fernsehserie nach unserem Motto: Es gibt mehr als sichtbar ist!

    Ein Mehrwert für alle Liebhaber dieses bekannten Fernseh-Klassikers, die einfach mehr über Pumuckl wissen wollen.üller

  • Der erste Schweizer Fussball-Talk. «Heimspiel» vertieft aus einer schweizerischen Perspektive die wichtigsten Themen des Fussballs: kontrovers, engagiert, humorvoll. «Heimspiel» liefert Standpunkte und Argumente.

  • Le chef d’œuvre officiel qui leur tombe des mains ? L’écrivain avec lequel ils aimeraient passer une soirée ? Le livre qui les réconcilie avec l’existence ?... Pour Le Monde, en partenariat avec le Salon du livre du Mans "Faites Lire", 6 auteurs se prêtent au jeu du "Keskili", une sorte de questionnaire de Proust élaboré par Le Monde des Livres pour découvrir leur rapport à la littérature et à la lecture. A partir du 15 octobre, retrouvez tour à tour Olivier Adam, Augustin Trapenard, Ananda Devi, Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, Jakuta Alikavazovic et Thomas Reverdy. Un podcast diffusé tous les vendredi sur Le et sur toutes les plateformes d'écoute.

    Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

  • A deep dive into 00s horror, by Jonathan Hatfull and Sarah Dobbs

  • Podcasting our way through over 400 movies one Disney+ click at a time. Each week we pick a movie at random and let fate decide what film to watch. Followed up with discussion and an overall rating. Kat has seen a lot of Disney movies, D has seen barely any, together we uncover new favorites. Watch them with us!

  • This podcast is all about Marvel from two brothers perspective. So dive in with us as we discuss The MCU,comic books,video games, and even Marvel Twitter! Follow on Twitter and Instagram @KCNETWORK702 Support this podcast:

  • We are an all things Fandom Podcast, focusing on Marvel, DC, & Star Wars! Hosted by TJ Zwarych and Garrett Blaney, and produced by Ruben Ripalda.