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  • Barsch ist ein Podcast über Wasser, Zusammenleben und Utopien. Bern 2122: Die Stadt blüht und wächst, massenweise Menschen und Tiere besiedeln Bern. Die Klimakrise konnte abgewendet werden. In dieser utopischen Zukunft produziert eine WG am Küchentisch einen Podcast übers Zusammenleben. Sie sind überzeugt: Masse macht Mut! Bis in ihrem Badezimmer ein Barsch auftaucht, der das ganz anders sieht. Er erzählt seine Lebensgeschichte und weigert sich, in die Aare zurückzukehren.
    Die Podcaster*innen müssen sich mit dem Fisch auseinandersetzen und stossen dabei auf Konflikte um die geteilte Badewanne, Futter-Verwirrungen, Trauer um einen Gletscher, Fragen nach Lebensräumen und wer diese gestalten darf.
    In jeder Folge eingebettet ist ein Interview mit Expert*innen aus dem Hier und Jetzt. Sie liefern Erfahrungsberichte und Hintergrundwissen zu Themen, die den Barsch oder die Podcaster*innen beschäftigten, und teilen ihre eigenen Utopien.

  • Lucy Rush liest erotische Geschichten vor.
    Wenn dir das Warten auf die nächste Episode zu lange dauert, findest du die Geschichten auch als Hörbuch auf:
    Apple Music:
    und vielen anderen Portalen unter dem Suchbegriff "Lucy Rush"

  • 22 Jahre lang erzählte die Obwaldner Schriftstellerin Elisabeth Zurgilgen auf Radio SRF 1 Morgengeschichten, kleine Mundart-Geschichten mit etwas Poesie für den Alltag. Nun schafft das Radio das Format Morgengeschichte ab. Elisabeth Zurgilgen aber erzählt weiter. Aus den Morgengeschichten werden „Immertag-Geschichten“. Sie kommen direkt aus ihrer gleichnamigen Erzähl-Manufaktur.

  • me and my dad talk about star wars stories across the galaxy

  • Phénomènes paranormaux, extraterrestres, réincarnation... Les Dossiers de l'Étrange explorent et tentent d'apporter des réponses aux mystères de la vie...

  • New Women is a fictionalised podcast series which interweaves the stories of disabled first-wave feminists Rosa May Billinghurst, Helen Keller and Mabel Normand. Throughout each 10-minute episode, the women narrate their lives in the early twentieth century.

    Written by Louise Page, New Women introduces the elements of intersectionality that were present between feminism and disability in the early 1900s. We hear the radical, socialist-feminist-abolitionist voice of Helen Keller, rather the sanitised version we are all too often offered up. Suffragette and wheelchair user Rosa May Billinghurst talks about her adapted hand-tricycle and how she used it to ram her way through police lines. The third key character is drawn from the real-life Mabel Normand – one of Charlie Chaplin's mentors, who protested against the censorship of women's stories in film, and experienced mental health conditions, including drug addiction.

    Adapted for podcast for Disability Arts Online's Covid Commissions programme, New Women is produced by Clear Voice Enterprises.

  • A single-player, co-DMed, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition actual-play podcast. Leoril and Phirora Valcyne embark on a journey across the world of Illiri in pursuit of a birthright, a battle, and a secret that will change their lives forever.

  • The Stories of Sherlock Holmes was a South African radio show series of 50 episodes, produced by Michael Silver and aired on Springbok Radio (Johannesburg, South Africa), starring Graham Armitage as Sherlock Holmes and Kerry Jordan as Dr. Watson. The episodes were around 20-30 minutes each and broadcasted on Sunday evenings at 6 pm.

  • Claudia, also known as Claudia and David, is an American old-time radio drama. One version was broadcast on CBS July 4, 1941 - September 26, 1941[1] and another was syndicated in 1947. Claudia and David was first heared on radio in a segment on the June 6, 1941, episode of The Kate Smith Hour. At that time, Claudia had just fallen in love with David. When Smith's program went off for the summer, the 10-minute segments were expanded to fill her time slot. The couple's wedding occurred on the July 11, 1941, episode. The characters first appeared in 10 short stories by Rose Franken that were published in Redbook magazine from October 1938 through August 1939. Claudia, the Story of a Marriage, a book that included those stories and additional material, was published in 1939. It was followed by other books about the couple. The program focused on the lives of David and Claudia Naughton, a young married couple. At 18, Claudia's close ties to her mother threatened the future of her marriage to David. The couple also had to deal with financial problems, getting used to each other, and other adjustments typical of a new marriage. In the first episode, David's life was threatened by a sudden illness, resulting in increased tension between David's mother and the rest of the family, while it strengthened the bonds among David, Claudia, and her mother. General Foods was the sponsor, promoting Grape-Nuts and Grape-Nuts Flakes.

  • The show first aired in 1934 for the NBC Radio New England region. Himan Brown, then still at college, arranged the radio rights for the comic strip.

    On February 4, 1935, it was picked up by CBS Radio, airing in 15 minute episodes four times a week. Returning next season it aired on Mutual Broadcasting System from September 30, 1935 to March 24, 1937. From April 29, 1939, "Dick Tracy" became a half-hour-long prime time radio serial, airing at 5:00 pm.

    When the USA got involved in the Second World War, the show was temporarily cancelled. ABC Blue Network picked it up again from March 15, 1943 to July 16, 1948 and broadcast it on Saturdays. Around this time it was sponsored by Tootsie Rolls, so the music theme was changed to "Toot, Toot Tootsie". The musical arrangements were composed by Ray Carter.

    The show was directed by Mitchell Grayson, Charles Powers and Bob White. At Mutual, Bill McClintock did the sound effects. At NBC, Keene Crockett did this job. During its run on ABC, Walt McDonough and Al Finelli were hired for this task.

    Dick Tracy – Bob Burlen, Barry Thompson, Ned Wever, Matt Crowley
    Pat Patton – Walter Kinsella
    Tess Trueheart – Helen Lewis
    Junior Tracy – Andy Donnelly, Jackie Kelk
    Police Chief Brandon – Howard Smith
    Tania – Beatrice Pons

  • Adventures of the Abbotts also known as Abbott Mysteries. The Adventures of the Abbotts stars Claudia Morgan and Les Damon as the husband and wife detective team, Jean and Pat Abbott. In each episode, Jean helps her husband, a well-renowned San Franciscan private eye, to solve yet another mystery.

  • Emission live sur sur la culture Geek. Lors de nos émissions nous aborderons des thèmes relatifs précis ainsi qu'une analyse d'un film, série ou jeu. Stay Tunned and Enjoy

  • Dragnet was an American radio, television and motion picture series, enacting the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from the police term "dragnet", meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects. Dragnet is perhaps the most famous and influential police procedural drama in media history. The series gave audience members a feel for the danger and heroism of police work. Dragnet earned praise for improving the public opinion of police officers. Actor and producer Jack Webb's aims in Dragnet were for realism and unpretentious acting; he achieved both goals, and Dragnet remains a key influence on subsequent police dramas in many media. The show's cultural impact is such that after five decades, elements of Dragnet are familiar to those who have never seen or heard the program: The ominous, four-note introduction to the brass and tympani theme music (titled "Danger Ahead") is instantly recognizable (though its origins date to Miklós Rózsa's score for the 1946 film version of The Killers). Another Dragnet trademark is the show's opening narration: "Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." This underwent minor revisions over time. The "only" and "ladies and gentlemen" were dropped at some point, and for the television version "hear" was changed to "see". Variations on this narration have been featured in subsequent crime dramas, and in parodies of the dramas (e.g. "Only the facts have been changed to protect the guilty").

  • Lors d'un forage dans une caverne sous-marine, des scaphandriers sont attaqués par un megalodon. Ancêtre préhistorique du requin, il est le plus féroce prédateur des mers que n'ait jamais connu notre planète. Employée par le richissime collectionneur Feiersinger, l'océanographe Kim Melville découvre que des spécimens ont survécu dans des grottes sous-marines alors qu'ils sont censés avoir disparu depuis 5 millions d'années !
    Une découverte qui pourrait remettre en question l'équilibre écologique de la planète et la survie même de l’humanité.

  • Fort Laramie is a CBS Radio Western series starring Raymond Burr as Captain Lee Quince. It aired Sunday afternoons January 22–October 28, 1956, at 5:30pm ET. Produced and directed by Norman Macdonnell, this Western drama depicted life at old Fort Laramie during the 19th Century.

  • Willkommen zu 'Blattgold', dem Schweizer Buchpodcast der Universität Zürich. Zweimal monatlich gibt es hier aktuelle Literaturkritik, Interviews mit Autorinnen und Autoren oder thematische Sendungen rund ums Thema Literatur. Moderation: Salomé Meier

  • Whispering Streets was a romantic soap opera/drama that picked up where it left off the previous week. The minor character of the week would narrate and leave you to wonder which minor character would be the major character the next week. The show had a slew of famous narrators over their run, such as Cathy Lewis, Ann Seymour Bette Davis who was the show's most dramatic hostess. Whispering Streets," which debuted on ABC radio March 03, 1952 (and broadcasting from there, until 1960 was broadcast with a completely different format from the soap opera norm. "Whispering Streets" continuing drama was a once weekly, 30 minute romantic/ soap opera/drama that picked up each week, where it left off the previous week, rather than the 15 minute daily episodes which the public was accustomed to. The minor character of the week would narrate and leave you to wonder which minor character would be the major character the next week. The show had many famous narrators during the show run, such as: Cathy Lewis, Ann Seymour, Gertrude Warner, Hope Winslow and Bette Davis. Bette Davis was "Whispering Streets" most dramatic guest host.

  • Barcelone de nos jours. Jazz Maynard et son ami Teo sont ligotés sur des chaises, dans une pièce sordide. Ils ne savent pas pourquoi ni qui les détient. Mais Jazz sort à peine d'une aventure dangereuse. Trois jours plus tôt, à New York, sa sœur, qu'il n'avait plus vue depuis dix ans, lui a fait parvenir une lettre désespérée, un appel au secours, et Jazz n'a pas hésité à pénétrer dans le repaire d'une bande de mafieux pour libérer Laura de ses proxénètes...
    Découvrez la BD Jazz Maynard en totale immersion audio ! Interprété par une vingtaine de comédiens, avec des effets sonores poussés et des musiques originales composées sur-mesure, Jazz Maynard promet une écoute captivante et pleine de surprises...
    Avec les voix de : Marc Wilhelm, Donald Reignoux (voix de Titeuf et Spiderman), Julien Dutel, Elodie Lasne, Angélique Heller, Michaël Maïno, Pascal Gimenez, Hyppolit Audouy, Laurent Pasquier, Marie Dessalle, Damien Laquet, Jean-Christophe Acquaviva, Max Jemes Patton, Emilie Charbonnier, Dany Benedito, Sophie Tavert, Elise Gamet, Romain Bressy, Hélène Pierre, Jacques Chambon...