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  • Rest in Pieces is a weekly podcast about morbid and bizarre tales. Each episode uncovers a different misunderstood event, creature, or incident in history. Sometimes, the strange unusual could find you. Support this podcast:

  • Two simple rules will keep the followers away. Always carry milfoil, and never experience guilt. Ash Dunn has constructed a life around those rules, far away from the past and the Dunn family name. All it takes is one moment of doubt to change everything. Support this podcast:

  • Short stories and poetry from chronically ill Australian indie author Iris Carden

  • Throughout history, there has always been a chasm between the bulk of humanity and the enigmatic circle who hold true dominion. Those whose influence remains shrouded, save for the rare instances when their designs cross into the outside world.

    In this noir-tinged hardboiled-crime anthology series, an assortment of people living on the fringes of respectable society, in locations across the world, find themselves caught up in nefarious plots far beyond their experience, caught in the nexus of history-making events. From a professional poker player trying to make up for past choices, to a bicycle messenger hoping to finish one last job, to a seasoned navigator piloting a ship through treacherous waters, and more, each must grapple with rapidly escalating peril, little realizing they are mere pawns in the grand schemes of an ominous council manipulating events behind the scenes: the omnipresent Quorum.

  • Hanya membagi kisah yang pernah , sedang, dan akan dialami

  • Ved første spadestik til Aalborgs nye supersygehus har entreprenører og politikere tilsyneladende åbnet for en port til noget ukendt i den gamle mose, som supersygehuset skal bygges oven på. Nu skal den nyvalgte regionsformand Mads Dueslag kæmpe mod både mørke kræfter fra dybet, et økonomisk underskud dybere end kridtgraven i Vestbyen og et helt galleri af ubehjælpelige kolleger og karakterer for at få nordjydernes nye sygehus klar. Alt er på spil – når Mads Dueslag det, inden det bliver jul? Kan det i det hele taget blive værre? (Dyb fortællerstemme: Ja)
    Farlig Jul præsenterer Jul på supersygehuset, årets julekalender fra Radio Nordjyske. Der er et nyt afsnit alle hverdage i december indtil jul. Det bliver u-hyggeligt!

  • Это то единственное, что можно совмещать с другими делами. Стоишь в пробке? Или бежишь по спортивной дорожке, сидишь в зале ожидания шумного уставшего аэропорта или уже мчишься в спящем вагоне поезда – ничто не помешает тебе окунуться в мир истории и насладиться сюжетом, когда только ты и мелодия читающего голоса. Погрузись в приятное волнение от соприкосновения с миром аудикниг…

  • Yeah yeah yeah!!! Thank you for coming on , this just a cruised up introduction to our podcast!! So I’m soo psyched and would be giving dope ass gists about numerous things, so if you love to have fun and catch a little cruise, tune in and click the subscribe button…. You know the vibes!!!!!!

  • We break down Today's Artist and Entertainers with facts. What the people want to know. Find closure with beef, family and friends. Their upcoming music releases and those need to know things about your favorite Artist or Entertainer. Follow us on YouTube and Instagram @deathofthecloutchasertv

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  • Enjoy some of the amazing love stories in an audio format which will give you a visual of a story running right in front of your eyes. Also enjoy motivational stories, banters, poetries and quotes with me RJ Abhay.

  • 女人要內在有「力」、外在美「麗」、隨處輕「安」;《力麗安的心靈食堂》以中年女性觀點,分享能給與正向能量或省思的電影、劇集與書籍。



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  • Scrooge is in his cold and gloomy office together with his employee Bob Cratchit, who demands that he stays to work late even if it is Christmas Eve, since for him, it is just another day. In the solitude of his room, the ghost of Marley, his former partner, appears to warn him that three spirits will visit him that night. This is how Scrooge receives the spirit of Christmas past, the spirit of Christmas present, and the spirit of Christmas future. In this way, the main character understands that his way of life distances him from love and the joy of enjoying the most important holiday of the year: Christmas.

  • Nicole dreams of becoming a successful vlogger, but when her attempts at live streaming unleash a flurry of dark web activity on her computer, not only is her privacy destroyed but her life is at risk.Written and Produced by Jim Minns.

  • El 14 de marzo de 2020 se declara el estado de alarma en España y la gente se encierra en sus casas. Mientras que algunos aprenden a cocinar, a hacer ejercicio o componer música, otros reflexionan acerca de su vida, su presente y su futuro. ¿Qué pasaría si al hacer introspección te encontraras con que dentro de ti ha nacido una necesidad imperiosa de matar? ¿Qué sucedería si dejaras en libertad a ese “Monstruo”? El protagonista de esta historia ha vivido de forma anodina a lo largo de su vida y cuando vuelva a salir a la calle, después del encierro obligado, no volverá a ser el mismo.

    Idea original, guion y dirección: Rafa MoyanoDirección técnica y sonido: Carlos OyarzabalEl Monstruo: Rafa MoyanoJuan Alonso: Óscar VegasSaul Alemán: Olivier VilaínMiguel: Paco Doblas

  • Para escuchar a solas. Mejor con los ojos cerrados. Para escapar... Pasa Un Cuento.
    En algún momento ocurrirá... un nuevo episodio. Una nueva historia...que te viajará por dentro.
    La antigua fórmula de contar a la luz de la hoguera... ha vuelto.

  • Una breve presentación de lo que sera este. Nuestro espacio enigmático de Temas muy interesante

  • Freedom is a 28-year-old girl who grew up near the Hualapai Native American reservation in Peach Springs, Arizona. She works as a waitress at the nearby truck stop diner. Ryan is the former skiing prodigy who became a Federal Marshal in Washington, D.C. after his Olympic dreams were dashed when he broke his leg. Martin is the Investment Banker who made millions by shorting stock in Worlds of Wonder, the toy company responsible for the wildly popular Teddy Ruxpin doll in the 1980s. Jessica is Martin's bitter and jaded daughter who grew up being home-schooled by her parents in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, and never really got to experience life. Then, Martin loses it all when he becomes embroiled in a financial scandal with a crooked politician. Because of the power the disgraced Senator holds, and because of his ties to the Mexican drug cartels, Martin and his family are forced into the Witness Protection Program for their own safety after Martin testifies against him. But, years later, the seemingly unconnected four characters will meet in a race against time to uncover hidden money and secrets, and their forgotten relationships will bind them together in ways they never thought possible.