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  • The Duke of Dorchester once said, “What is human life but a game of cricket?” We believe that analogy has stood the test of time with cricket lovers all over the globe drawing parallels between their beloved sport and life in general. We also believe that life is a great journey – just like a Test match – there are sessions – each one different from the other. A lull may be followed by a fightback. And yes, if you ever fail, there is always a second innings to bounce back. Introducing Stumps & Stories Podcast, where we (Nishad Pai Vaidya & Team) explore such journeys and bring to you a different side of cricket and cricketers – with great memories, a laugh or two, and some inspiration to top it all.

  • Door cricketliefhebbers voor sportliefhebbers. We bespreken het aanstaande WK en hebben daarbij natuurlijk veel aandacht voor de prestaties van het Nederlandse team. Daarnaast komen alle grote clashes aan bod en bespreken we alles wat cricket zo mooi maakt.

  • The Soul Unleashed podcast is for type-A, left-brained spiritual skeptics who know something else is out there beyond their highly organized lives, but they don’t know how to find it! Join host Mike Nicholas, a recovering left-brainer who endured a painful spiritual awakening, as he leads fellow tightly-wound seekers on a journey of self-discovery. With abundant humor but a profound lack of exotic incense and strange flowers, Mike is on a mission to help others unleash their souls from the dogma and controlling beliefs that dominate their lives, and help them break through to inner peace and happiness.

  • Episodios donde vas a encontrar características de los signos zodiacos y ademas tu horoscopo del dia

  • YO SOY... nace del deseo de compartir información contigo, información con la cual te identificarás al hablar de coaching personal, coaching empresarial, vida cotidiana, espiritualidad en donde invitaré a expertos en diferentes temas así como amigos con quienes conversaré para llevarte muchos temas de interés. Si alguno de los temas resuena en ti, es porque estás a punto de iniciar un viaje maravilloso que te cambiará la vida como lo hizo conmigo.Yo soy Rafael Yedid, coach ontológico certificado y fundador de Yedid Coaching & Consulting y te entregaré éste podcast semanal estando disponible todos los jueves. Página Web: www.rafaelyedid.com Mail: [email protected]

  • Conexión Somática es la Academia y Podcast de Empoderamiento & Manifestación Consciente, para mujeres que están hartas de “no saber a dónde quieren ir, ni qué quieren hacer de su vida, ni para qué son buenas”…Pero en especial, a aquellas Diosas que están decididas a reconectar con su AUTENTICIDAD y LIBERAR su MAGIA, para MANIFESTAR su ABUNDANCIA #sinmiedoniculpa y crear sus PROYECTOS DE VIDA, en consciencia.Conquista el súper poder de HABITARTE Y ELEGIR CADA DÍA LO QUE QUIERES CREAR CON LO QUE VIVES, sanando tu relación con tu energía femenina y las heridas de tu alma, desde el cuerpo.

  • Es un espacio de reflexión acerca de varios aspectos de nuestras vidas, exponemos diferentes experiencias de vida que seguro nos pondrán a analizar y tomar las mejores de decisiones. Dios te bendiga

  • Desarrolla tu dimensión espiritual a través del silencio, la introspección y reflexión. Florece desde tu interior.

  • In the world of visual media, we are trying to utilise an underutilized skill. A listening skill. We narrate stories which improves imagination power & curiosity in the kids. Help them improve their listening and interpretation skills.

  • McTurtle Hörspiele sind die Theaterstücke des mobilen Kinderprogrammes McTurtle von der Heilsarmee Deutschland und unterliegen dem urheberrechtlichen Schutz. Eine öffentliche Verwendung ist nur mit ausdrücklicher Genehmigung unsererseits erlaubt.
    Da Corona McTurtle vor Ort verhindert, wollen wir euch durch diesen Podcast ermutigen und die Geschichten mit euch teilen. Leider entstehen auch hierbei Kosten, sodass wir uns über Spenden jederzeit freuen! Weitere Infos findet ihr unter www.heilsarmee.de/mcturtle

  • Poor Uncle Dave is a collection of short stories for children of all ages (including the grown up ones), following the trials and errors of hapless Uncle Dave and his super savvy nieces, Emma and Sophie. Written, produced and narrated by Dave Stevenson. Opening and closing music: "Fluffing a Duck" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) Music from https://filmmusic.io License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Story Copyright © Dave Stevenson. All Rights Reserved.

  • A new podcast about business and legal topics in the interactive entertainment industry.

    The purpose of this podcast is to explore interesting game related topics in conversation with guests who play an active role in the industry. Each episode, the host will be joined by a guest that gives practical, real-life angles on the subjects, and together they aim at providing a deeper understanding of the topics from a legal as well as a business perspective.

    The plan is to explore topics such as legal protection of video games, user generated content, fan art, AI in game development, investments, publishing, and much more.

    Robert Jønsson
    Attorney/Partner at DAHL Law Firm
    M: +45 4049 0551
    @: [email protected]

    Produced in collaboration with Podcaster.dk
    Recording, editing and mixing: Dennis G. M. Jensen / podcaster.dk

  • Sherman Jackson also known as Abdal Hakim Jackson, is an American scholar of Islam. He is the King Faisal Chair of Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. He was formerly the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Visiting Professor of Law and Professor of Afro-American Studies at the University of Michigan.

    Jackson was born in 1956 in the United States. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990. His dissertation was on the constitutional jurisprudence of the medieval Muslim scholar Shihāb al-Dīn al-Qarāfī.

    Jackson has published extensively on Islamic law, theology, and intellectual history. His books include Islamic Law and the State: The Constitutional Jurisprudence of Shihāb al-Dīn al-Qarâfī (1996), On the Boundaries of Theological Tolerance in Islam: Abû Hâmid al-Ghazâlî’s Faysal al-Tafriqa (2002), Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Towards the Third Resurrection (2005), and Islam and the Problem of Black Suffering (2009).

    Jackson is a frequent speaker on Islam and interfaith relations. He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including CNN, NPR, and The New York Times. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Council of Learned Societies.

    In 2011, Jackson was named the King Faisal Chair of Islamic Thought and Culture at USC. This is a prestigious endowed chair that recognizes outstanding scholarship in the field of Islamic studies. Jackson is the first African American to hold this chair.

    Jackson is a leading scholar of Islam in the United States. His work has helped to shape the understanding of Islam in American society. He is a respected voice for interfaith dialogue and understanding.

    He is also the founder and director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at USC. Jackson is a dedicated scholar and educator. He is committed to promoting understanding and tolerance between Muslims and non-Muslims. His work has made a significant contribution to the field of Islamic studies and to the public understanding of Islam.

  • 40 Hadith Series Al Nawawi 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Join the new DumuzidTalk radio program with Walid Al-Shamri and Bassam Boulos, where we highlight important issues, exchange opinions, and explore the stories and experiences shaping our complex world. We invite you to be part of this diverse community, discussing politics, culture, technology, and more. Experts, creatives, and entrepreneurs will join us as we create a platform for meaningful dialogue and work together towards a better future.