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  • "The Intern", Zach Linfield, helps Huskies' fans with staying up to date with all things Duluth Huskies Baseball! The podcast focuses on ballplayers and administration alike to get a deeper perspective in how a Summer Collegiate Baseball team is run and put together. The interviews don't solely focus on the abilities on the field or in the office, but meeting them as people so fans can understand who wears the Blue and Grey in the summer!

  • The Dodger Dugout Dopes - superfans Jim Brock, Rob Carnachan and Chris Joseph - join forces to talk about all things Los Angeles Dodgers. Each episode brings sometimes thoughtful (and sometimes not) analysis, probing questions about personnel and managerial decisions, and a segment where each of the Dopes puts on his General Manager hat and gets to make lineup and contract choices. There will also be discussion and debate about needed rule changes in Major League Baseball. And watch for special guests in future episodes!

    Questions, comments, show topic suggestions, and insults to any (or all) of our podcasters should be directed to [email protected]

  • 帶著有點苛薄的態度生活,是很舒壓的事情

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  • By listening to Fly with Chris and Di, you will learn how to make the most of your vacation and truly feel relaxed, organized, and proud of the time you took away from work.

  • 兩個很想出國的英美系大學生

    Have you ever want to travel the world? Have you ever want to go abroad for better oppurtunities? Have you ever want to broaden your horizons? You've come to the right place!

    'A World Podcast' is founded by Paul and Cindy, two English majors who has spent their lives constantly looking for opputunities to go abroad (or rather to escape our home country). In this podcast, we will share our own and our freinds' experiences of studying abroad and working in a foreign country.

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  • To hear the birds singing in my yard. The wren made a cute noise.

  • While at Tennessee, Kyler Kerbyson started at multiple positions along the offensive line for the Volunteers. The former Vol had two brief stints in the NFL but now returns to cover his alma mater. Kerbyson is joined by co-host Reed Bacon to bring you the latest buzz on the coach Josh Heupel and his team.

  • International BJ&G Classic Vocalist more than 20+ years wanted a way to share with everyone, and her tribe, Habaka's Honey Bees. Stick around and Bee a part of the growing community. Check out what’s Brewing on Coffee Break with Habaka as she touches on Hot Topics for music lovers, vocalist, health enthusiast, vocal health tips, chatting with friends, and much more... Habaka is going to leave the listener with nuggets that'll last a life time. I’m bringing you the Jazzy, Brazzy, Bluezzy, Buzzz, and be sure to leave me a review on Apple Podcast to help me reach more Honey Bees 🐝! Hugs

  • Passionate about mixing music, surfing & yoga.Creator of emotionally, energetic, spiritually expansive musical journeys for personal transformation, healing and empowerment.Organic cosmic sounds, deep ethnic grooves & beats from the ancient new world. Searching new ways to dance on stars & moons into the Sun.Love, respect and embrace music diversity from all over the world.

  • Welcome to the Rockin' Roll Show with your humble disc jockey and connoisseur Dynamite Dylan spittin' out some classic rock n roll from the 50s and 60s along with givin ya some fun and intresting facts about the history of those songs, enjoy you groovy cats!

  • Historia musical de todos los conciertos celebrados en la ciudad de Donostia - San Sebastián, sobre todo los disfrutados en el Velódromo de Anoeta, al que hemos denominado “ El Templo del Rock”

  • 介紹世界軍樂

  • 聽音樂人的故事,品音樂的靈魂。


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  • 繆思,就是MUSIC的意思!
    希望這裡未來是充滿音樂的歡樂之地 ꒰ᐢ⸝⸝•༝•⸝⸝ᐢ꒱

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  • Variety of topics related to or concerning composer/musician, Bevin Turnbull and his music.

  • 靈命日糧事工的使命是讓改變生命的聖經智慧,變得易懂、易得。我們的異象是帶領人們親近耶穌基督,鼓勵積極參與當地事工,生命成長更像基督。

    1938年,創辦人馬汀·ç‹„漢醫生(Dr. M. R. DeHaan)在美國開始了一個名為「底特律聖經課程」的小型廣播節目,我們的事工就此開展。今天,我們在全球有30多個辦事處,每年分發超過6,000萬份屬靈材料到150個國家和城市。無論是透過電台廣播、電視節目、播客、書籍、手機應用程式或網站,我們都渴望將屬靈材料帶給人們,幫助他們與聖經聯結,每天都能領受、反思以及回應上帝的話語。


  • TedEd 動畫影片「How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain彈奏樂器對腦的益處」發現演奏家被要求有紀律的練習和精準的操作樂器,有助於高度開發左右腦,在演奏時腦內多處亮起。這解釋了為什麼演奏家可以有精彩的斜槓人生,也為我解惑了長期以來做音樂節目曾經接觸過各種不同類型的全方位音樂家,為何同時能擁有超級無敵霹靂多斜槓的才能。

    節目將以古、今、中、外四個系列來介紹全方位以及具備多項才能的音樂家;穿插音樂家的訪問和現場演奏,或是分享特殊才華的影片來曾加節目的多元豐富和趣味性。歡迎跟隨研究員 高晟,一起進入音樂家的大腦研究室,探索當中的樂趣吧!

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