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  • This podcast is a fun podcast it is about nature please subscribe to our podcast thank you

  • Welcome to The Sporty Dietitian podcast! My name is Sara, and I'm the host around here. I am a Board Certified Sports Dietitian and personal trainer with my Master's degree in sports nutrition. I like to consider myself a happy medium between pro-health and pro-donut with the desire to share my nutrition knowledge with the world. Here you will only find evidence-based information as I set out to try and make your life and health aspirations a little less complicated. Here I make it easy to know the truths about nutrition and health. Here we go!

  • Helping others overcome the damage caused by being brought up by toxic parent’s.

  • Fr. Mark and the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Word are back. Interviews, spiritual insights from the friars, music videos and much more.

  • What really is yoga? Where does it come from? What are the benefits? Dip your toes into the world of mindfulness as we explore these questions and more in this short podcast.

  • Încă de la început, Universul ZU a depășit granițele unui program de radio. Am adunat alături de noi nu doar ascultători, ci oameni mereu deschiși și mândri că iau parte la ceea ce constuim împreună. Am unit destine și deschis oportunități.
    Nouă Aventură pe care o generăm acum se numește ZUnivers. O rețea de podcasturi variate care pleacă de la numitorul comun pe care îl regăsim la toate acțiunile de succes desfășurate în primii 14 ani de emisie: atitudinea ZU. Toate Podcasturile se vor găsi pe canalul de youtube ZUnivers Podcasts și pe nouă aplicație mobilă Radio ZU.

  • C'era una volta O Rei torna per i Mondiali 2022 in Qatar con un format dal titolo: C'era una volta il Mondiale d'estate. Tommaso Lavizzari (RIS8lifestyle), Enrico 'Dj Henry' Lazzeri, Marco D'Avanzo (Soccerdata, database statistico UEFA), Francesco Menichella (premio Massimo Troisi 2018), Alessandro Polenghi (Bootleg Pub) accompagnati da molti ospiti raccontano le partite e le emozioni dei Mondiali, tra passato, presente e futuro.

  • Podcasts for intermediate students of English to help with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

  • hello there i'm kevyn i'am 13 years and i always have a love for english and in january,2020 i start to learn english and on this channel i give you some "secrets" for to learn british english and i'm sorry if i'am wrong about something because i'am not fluent i'am learning with you =)

  • Being Different is a podcast for creative, unique, beautiful minds to get us through life.

    Hi, my name is Steven. I am different. Being different, my life has had a much more “interesting” path, than someone who is not so different. I have a lot to say about this topic. Through my 35 trips around the sun, I’ve gathered some wisdom that I’d like to share to help other different people cope with all the challenges that can bring when you don’t just settle for a life like everyone else’s and dare to make a real change and presence in the world.

  • Podcast com dicas e micro-aulas para brasileiros, em especial estudantes negros, jovens e adultos, iniciantes em língua Inglesa, o popular inglês, ou o Inglês popular!

  • What was it like to go to the theatre nearly 2500 years ago? Greek theatre has survived through the ages as a powerful and influential art form. This album introduces what early Greek theatres looked like and the kind of audience they attracted. Using the Theatre of Dionysus as a starting point, experts discuss the significance of attending the theatre as a civic occasion, associated with the political and cultural achievements of Athens. Through archaeology and analysis of contemporary art forms, such as decoration on pottery, a picture is built up of ancient Greek theatre. The album reveals how precious Greek texts have survived, and how Aeschylus’ tragedy 'Persians' has been interpreted in modern theatre. This material forms part of The Open University course A219 Exploring the classical world.

  • Sounds I hear throughout the day

  • Dirt Sailor the Podcast features a father/daughter duo who are both Navy veterans. Mark worked as aGunner‘s Mate attached to a Seabee Battalion before finding his way to the airline industry where he currently works as a base supervisor. He was born in Southern California and lived there for 15 years before his family moved to the Central Valley.

    Shannon was born in the Central Valley after Mark completed his first enlistment. Following in her father‘s footsteps, Shannon enlisted in the Navy in 2004 and was stationed in Pensacola, Florida, before a bad surgical outcome left her unable to continue her service in the military. She finished her bachelor‘s degree and began working for the U.S. government in the immigration field. She spent over a decade adjudicating cases, working in the fraud department and working as a supervisor.

    Mark and Shannon are 2nd and 3rd generation born Americans. They come from a long line of agricultural workers, where Shannon is the first in her family not to have worked the fields. Unfortunately, she also has a black thumb. Mark and Shannon have been shaped by their time in the military, time working for the government and in the airline industry. Join them as they discuss topics relevant to society today, and provide commentary and the perspective of the everyday person on important news topics.

  • Just a podcasts that I am doing for fun. I hope you enjoy.

  • Jean Claude Chalhoub is Senior Partner at Risk Management, a worldwide provider of insurance solutions. With Jean Claude Chalhoub at the helm, Risk Management insurance has expanded since its inception in 1987 and now has a presence on every continent. Jean Claude Chalhoub has worked in insurance for all of his life and worked for a number of major insurance organizations around the world before joining the family group of insurance brokerage operations in France.

  • As we all know influencing people and gaining friends are one of the most important part of our life ...We fails to do the above things because of lack of self confidence, communication, motivation, depression...
    So I will make sure if u will be with for entire book , your mindset will change for sure....

    Goodluck ❤️

  • Devotionals to inspire you to be a doer of the Word this week and not just a hearer on Sunday.

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