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  • Menopause is a time in a woman's life that brings many changes. Our bodies are changing so much it can feel a little scary and upsetting. It affects our mental well-being and the relationships with our significant others. Many women also become empty nesters at this time, and we can be left wondering what kind of fulfillment this part of our life will have. This podcast's content is meant to build community and help women realize they do not have to go through this alone. I want to interview women who bring fresh perspectives and resources.

  • A show about life, laughter, inspiration, motivation, health, and being the best person you can be.

  • Do you find yourself standing on the edge of a high dive wishing you could cannonball with fearless exhilaration like you did when you were ten? But you're frozen. What's holding you back? Fear of the unknown? Procrastination? Self-doubt? Others judging you? Fear of failing? This podcast is about making connections and having conversations that will inspire you to action. Amy Schmidt is right alongside you on this journey, and you'll feel like you're sitting on the couch with her, as her guests share their incredible stories and their insight. Let's change the narrative around midlife. It's not a crisis, it's an opportunity. Let's #cannonballwithconfidence We haven't peaked yet; we are just getting started.

  • A podcast where we dive into pop culture from all angles and from all decades. Fangirl weekly with pals Elle Mills + Michelle Platti and feel the nostalgia come back to you through their sleepover-esque banter. Listen as they chat about their crazy fangirl stories, debate on pop culture topics, discuss current pop culture events, and chat with some exciting guests from the industry.

  • Veleno è il podcast che mette al centro gli ascoltatori.
    Ogni episodio ha un argomento differente scelto dagli ascoltatori su Instagram.
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  • The Dreamers Podcast - found by Larissa and Vlad, an actress and a comedian who moved to the UK to follow their dreams.
    Every month, they welcome guests who share their inspiring stories in their epic quest for adventure, career ambition and love.

  • Listen, you’re not crazy. It’s getting weird out here… allegedly.

    Join us every Thursday for our unsolicited opinions on our malfunctioning society at the intersection of spirituality, radical politic, astrology, our fave conspiracies, the collective, and everything in between.

    If you’re looking for entertaining social commentary, and you’re also tryna learn and evolve in the process, then this one’s for you.

    But remember, everything we say is alleged.

    Stay in our realm of the universe?! IG, Twitter, TikTok: @wesaidallegedly

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  • Boys just want to have fun. Have fun with the crew every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ig: @boystrippodcast

  • When I was in second grade, I had a lunchbox with Bert and Ernie on it. On the lunchbox, Bert was carrying a lunchbox, with Bert and Ernie on it. On that lunchbox, Bert was carrying a lunchbox...and I wondered: how far do the lunchboxes go? Am I in a lunchbox too??

    You're opening the Infinite Lunchbox for a *fresh take* on what's going on. I'm Stephanie Lepp — socially-engaged artist, producer, and your monochromatic host.

    Subscribe to stay tuned. If you're new to the show, start with the DEEP RECKONINGS playlist, How to Transcend Post-Truth, and How to Agree on Science. And if you appreciate the show, become a patron!

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  • Your mental health is your fortune
    Stay away from what can hurts you

  • It’s about life as a single mother, it will deal with issues of intersectionality and how these have influenced her way of life. It will be funny and sometimes serious and talk about some real issues

  • Les Papotages de C. est le podcast du blog Digressions et il est animé par C. Befoune. Ici on parle sans aucun froufrou, on apprend à naviguer dans la vie d'adulte et on brise les codes d'un monde où tout semble préformaté.

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  • In each episode we speak to brilliant business women at the top of their game about the rules by which they live.

    From love, to money, career to home, we want to know how they've designed their lives for success.

    The pandemic has hit women’s careers the hardest. This means that one of the greatest challenges we now face in the fight for gender equality is supporting women in the world of work. In tune with this year’s International Women's Day motto #choosetochallenge, the mission-led women's media platform, Her Hustle, has partnered with female-founded jewellery brand, Missoma, and youth mentoring charity, Prince's Trust, to launch a podcast series designed to inspire, lead and move-to-action young women in their careers and beyond.

    Produced by Her Hustle

    Sound engineered and edited by Linnea Kempe

    Music by Miraa May

    Design by Elsie Hoskin

    About Her Hustle

    Her Hustle is a media platform and production house that creates content driven by the female perspective. Their mission is to amplify diverse female voices in the world of work in order to inspire a new generation of women to occupy positions of power as they build careers they love, on their own terms. They do this by way of highly produced live and digital content centered on women's career stories and insights.

    About Missoma

    Missoma is the rapidly growing UK based jewellery brand on a mission to inspire a more confident, creative and collaborative world. The direct to consumer brand has not only survived a difficult year of the pandemic but thrived. Why? Because of their passion for people, the planet and product. Founded by CEO & Creative Director Marisa Hordern, who quit her job in the corporate world to go after something she loved, Missoma believe in empowering change – whether that’s championing up-and-coming creatives or giving women the tools to achieve their dreams, we’re all made up of many facets and layers that are there to be celebrated.

  • We consist of several individuals who finds our explicit-hang-out might be fun to hear for you. We are here to share and discuss about subject that are viewed as taboo by majority and of course, in a good viewpoint.

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    Instagram : Fridaywithbenefits

    If you have your own story and wanna share with us, you can contact us through our DM's or Email us at

    Thankyou and Enjoy the show.

  • Us Weekly gives you all the tea on what we know best: The Royals! From exclusive info on Harry and Meghan, to all about Kate and Meghan’s fashion, to inside Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s lives growing up Royal - we have everything you need to know about our favorite family across the pond.

  • Sifting for insights in an ever changing world

    Host Misha Saul

  • two female besties in their late 20s - one of whom is gay & the other is not - talking about... anything and everything !

  • How to Womxn: Buck the System. Live your Truth is a story based conversational podcast that explores what it means for womxn to break the chains of patriarchy and live their life the way they desire. Business Mentor and ex stay-at-home mom, host Deepshikha Sairam dishes heartfelt narratives from her life and those of her (seriously badass) guests on how they’ve re-defined “how to womx”.

    On How to Womxn, you can expect to hear raw and powerful stories of strength and survival from phenomenal womxn who’ve faced challenges, broken the chains of old narratives, shirked the story they’ve been told about what it means to be a womxn, and are living their extraordinary truth.
    It’s officially Wednesday. So, grab something pink to drink — it’s time to smash the patriarchy!