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  • Everyone knows Jackie Kennedy Onassis was married to two of the 20th century’s most powerful men, but lesser known are the five incredible years between those marriages when she was on her own. "Jackie: Her Transformation from First Lady to Jackie O," the spectacular new book from Paul Brandus of West Wing Reports, is now a podcast that tells the story of this often-overlooked yet deeply formative era.Find more information on the book and purchase it here.

  • Join Aaron Ironside as he tackles the issues of the day and brings you, the viewer, to a deeper understanding of both sides of significant social debates. Active Intelligence is a place where you can find balance not bias. No one will tell you what to think or dismiss you if you have concerns about social trends. This show has been created to engage people from all points of view to make up their own mind.

  • The Soul Doctor Podcast is spiritual food to renew our mind, nourish our body & feed our soul. The knowledge & wisdom provided is to reconnect us back to our inner divine being. Through guest collaboration our goal is to share personal spiritual experiences through the journey to that reconnection. Our host Dr Yano Kelly is a healer, transformation coach, international spiritual mentor guiding others back to their divine self. Her mission is guide us into the enrichment of being & living. Support this podcast:

  • Jack Pattillo & Geoff Ramsey lead an audience through their love of theme parks, theme park news, and a focus on a new ride every week. Jack is a superfan of theme parks, and Geoff is an up-and-coming theme park fan in the making.

  • Carla and Antonella invite guests from a diverse range of backgrounds to discuss their area of expertise, celebrate the Italian language, and share the music they love.

  • A podcast about culture and fashion brought to you by three opportunistic one-time nymphets.

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  • After finishing their degrees, Saumya and Ellie have a typical quarter-life-crisis. Instead of wallowing through the usual mundane activities of adult life, they decide instead to pack their bags, leave New Zealand, and live in Tokyo! The culture is different, the sites are amazing, and they don't know the language, so they'll have plenty to share with you each week. If you relish travelling, have ever wanted to live abroad, love Japan, or are just confused about what to do in life, this podcast is for you. Follow on TWITTER (@teaintokyo): | INSTAGRAM (@tea_in_tokyo): | FACEBOOK (@teaintokyo): | WEBSITE:

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  • Where do your opinions come from?

    Do we ‘think’ our world views, or ‘feel’ them? And what do our beliefs mean for politics and society?

    In each episode of On Opinion, Turi Munthe asks thought leaders to share their perspectives on why we think what we think and what it means for the world today, discussing everything from the war on truth to how to argue with people you hate.

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  • The Tracking Wonder podcast, hosted by Jeffrey Davis, is all about helping agile creatives and curious entrepreneurs advance their most important ideas even amidst inevitable challenges. Each week brings you in-depth conversations with leaders, stories from change-makers, and provocative ideas from artists and scientists - all designed to inspire you to shape your best work with more possibility, impact, and - yes - wonder.

  • Lifestyle podcast. A follow on from my previous blog. Everything from motherhood, fashion, marriage, business and bits between. Number one tattle trender of 2020 (fuck knows why it's all bull shit & I'm great) winging life with 3 babies, a Shar pei, full time job & a 16k insta following. Find me at @sophiewatkins7 on the gram to see what the fuss is about. P.S please please like, share, subscribe & download, I got mouths to feed. ❤️

  • Renegades: Born in the USA is a series of conversations between President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen about their lives, music, and enduring love of America—despite all its challenges.

  • New to an environmentally friendly lifestyle? Considering beginning your low waste journey? This podcast is for you. Our weekly podcast follows Lesley (founder of Farm Finds Candles) as she begins her journey toward an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our resident sustainability expert Jodi answers ALL the questions and helps us overcome the challenges and celebrate the wins along the way. Fun eco guests make this podcast entertaining and informative. Come join us!!

  • Where life is explored through the insights of the butterfly effect, and how the smallest changes made by an individual can change the outcome for the collective. Hosted by designer Melody Ehsani and medical intuitive Julie Burns Walker.

  • Deb Morgan, The REAL Relationships Expert, hosts this podcast full of interviews, hints and tips discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of relationships and how to create strong, healthy and robust relationships in the future.Life's Not A Rehearsal and it's too short for bad relationships. Listen in to hear about real life relationships from real people and learn how you too can redefine your relationships and create your blockbuster life.Occasional explicit language and topics covered. Support this podcast:

  • Just over 25 years ago in a speech in Louisville, Kentucky, farmer, poet, critic, and theorist Wendell Berry sought to restore love, healing, wholeness, and health to the lexicon of modern American health care. It is perhaps less remarkable that he did this than that the words themselves had been lost to health care systems at all and replaced with words like efficiency, value, specialization-- words that have more to do with business management than with the tasks of healing and care to which health systems are dedicated. Our task in this series is to probe and understand the relevance of Berry’s thinking for health, healing, and healthcare 25 years on from this speech. As we face an America that spends increasing sums on health care with poorer outcomes, Berry’s thinking might just have something to say that can reorient us and help us all flourish.

  • Envisioning the future is a daunting yet exciting task. Annalee Newitz profiles fascinating people considering the next century (or even the next millennium). Escape into the distant future to learn what’s coming.

  • Life in lockdown: Nine oral historians head (digitally) inside 25 unique New Zealand bubbles to capture your Aotearoa as you made history. Produced by Manatū Taonga, Ministry for Culture and Heritage and Auckland Libraries with the support of the communities of Aotearoa.

  • I am beyond proud to present you with my new podcast, ‘Outside the Lanes’ partnered by Westpac New Zealand.

    To take on any challenge successfully, first you need to take care of yourself. As a Westpac Ambassador, I’ve been exploring specific areas of growth to inspire you and I to achieve whatever we set our sights on.

    Outside the Lanes is a podcast that focuses on key themes that are very personal to me – such as leadership, values, balance, health and more. I have carefully selected mentors who are successful in their field to have beautiful conversations with. In every episode I will be asking a new interviewee about them; uncovering their learnings, their challenges, their wins, their journey – ultimately getting under the skin of what it takes to be in their lane.

  • Having more firsthand experience of death than the majority of their peers hosts Zoe and Lizzie discuss all aspects of death, dying and life after loss all while maintaining a sunny disposition and a sense of humour. Subscribe to hear all the details you were dying to know but are too afraid to ask