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  • When two Black sprinters raised their fists in protest at the 1968 Olympic Games, it shook the world. More than 50 years later, the ripple effects of their activism are still felt. In this new series from Pushkin Industries, get to know the runners who took a stand, and the coaches and mentors who helped make them fast enough — and brave enough — to change the world. Hosted by Malcolm Gladwell.

  • The Grimshaw Podcast is focussed on the City – and those who shape our cities. The podcast presents engaging and insightful interviews with architects, city planners, developers, strategists and change-makers. These conversations take place between international guests and your host, Tim Williams, Grimshaw’s Cities Group Lead. Organised into series which reflect a specific overarching topic or theme, the podcasts examine how are cities are evolving, how they have dealt with unprecedented recent growth and how they will adapt to change and regenerate for a better future. The complexities and issues facing our cities have never been so topical and the podcast showcases ideas, experiences and strategies for a contemporary world.

    Series 1, the inaugural Cities Series features such diverse voices as New York’s urban innovator, Jonathan Rose; Sue Lloyd Hurwitz from Mirvac, one of Australia’s biggest and best developers; Dan Labbad of The Crown Estate; the Hon. Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning in NSW Australia in the Berejiklian Government; Wei Yan, President of the Royal Town Planning Institute; Greg Clark of HSBC; Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney Jess Scully; Lisa Havilah, CEO of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, The Powerhouse; Lance Jay Brown from the Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization, NY and Selina Mason of Lendlease, London. An impressive and balanced list. 

    Series 2 presents Culture & The City: culture both high and low and culture as a catalyst for renewal. Some of the featured conversations are with Melih Fereli of Istanbul’s Arter; Tim Jones of the City of London, Cultural Mile and Sara Hamka who founded and directs a wildly popular poetry slam in Western Sydney. Other voices will join this group of thinkers and doers as the series rolls out here.

    About your host 

    Tim Williams, prior to joining Grimshaw, was formerly Head of Cities for Arup. Between 2011 and 2017 he was CEO of the Committee for Sydney, Australia’s leading urban policy thinktank and capital city business advocacy group. Prior to coming to Australia in 2010 Tim had been special adviser on urban policy and planning to five consecutive UK Ministers and helped to create the Homes and Communities Agency, now Homes England. He advised Lendlease on the London Olympic Village. He is an independent advisor for both Cardiff and Canberra, on the future of their cities. He leads Grimshaw's Cities Group providing advice and strategic urban directions for global cities.

    About Grimshaw

    Grimshaw was founded by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw in 1980 and today operates with studios in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne employing over 650 staff. Grimshaw's international portfolio covers all major sectors and has been honoured with over 200 international design awards. The company's work is characterised by strong conceptual legibility, innovation and a rigorous approach to detailing, all underpinned by the principles of humane, enduring and sustainable design. The practice is dedicated to the deepest level of involvement in the design of its buildings in order to deliver projects which meet the highest possible standards of excellence.

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  • On Broad Ideas, Rachel Bilson is joined by long-time best friend Olivia Allen to talk about sex, mental health, their belief (or lack of) in ghosts, and so much more. They’ll be joined by old friends, young friends, and some friends they haven’t met yet to have fun, casual conversations about the same kind of broad topics you'd find yourself discussing with your girlfriends.

  • Welcome to our Podcast! Join us on weekly episodes of crochet conversations with us, Inez and Mell, as we discuss all topics relating to crochet; from the commonplace to the controversial. Hosted by the founders of Crooked Crochet.

  • O kultuře i popkultuře. Jonáš Zbořil a Jana Patočková každé úterý probírají nejdůležitější události ze světa filmů, hudby, literatury, umění a všeho, co by vám nemělo ujít – v Kulturáku, novém podcastu Seznam Zpráv.

  • Did you ever realize that improved sexual health is a key ingredient to happiness and general wellness? I’m Dr. Kanwal Bawa, board-certified physician and founder of Bawa Medical, but I am better known as “Dr. Sex Fairy.” I have devoted my career and my medical practice to the rejuvenation and re-invigoration of my patients - from the inside out. I have worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of a life, improving their aesthetics, confidence, and most importantly, their sex lives. My passion, and this podcast’s mission, is to change lives; we will tackle the tough topics and delicate dilemmas with insight, expertise, and even a bit of humor. This show is a safe and fascinating conversation where all are included, nothing is off limits, and we embrace life’s challenges head on. So join me on this journey, and let Dr. Sex Fairy work some magic towards sexual satisfaction, renewed vitality, and a real sense of you can live life to its fullest.

  • It’s a cruel irony. 55-year-old sex and relationship journalist Bibi Lynch can’t get a second date! Now she’s looking to take back control of her love life, with her new comedy-meets-self-help dating podcast “Let’s Get Frank.” In each episode Bibi meets with a different “Frank.” Bibi explains: “My friend Max isn’t a dating expert – or in any way psychic – but one day I called him to moan about my tragic love life and Max described to me the man he saw as my future husband – a tall, dark and handsome human rights lawyer named Frank.” With the help of her sex, relationship and dating coach Annabelle Knight, Bibi searches out and dates numerous Franks all in the hope of finding the one. Each episode, Annabelle acts as a fly on the wall: listening in on Bibi’s date, pointing out any mistakes Bibi is making, and providing both Bibi and the podcast’s listeners with invaluable dating dos and don’ts.

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  • 帶您走入中華文化的精髓,領略修煉的世界。


    ☆ 每期的節目內容包括: 傳統文化故事、修煉故事、天音淨樂、大型歷史紀錄片……等不同的音樂與故事內容。

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  • 关于南洋有意思的人事物

  • Subliminal Universe discusses reprogramming the subconscious mind for wealth, success and happiness using
    subliminal audios and the affirmations to change your life.

    The author Triple A Tanzanite founder of BWE MP3 subliminals hosts this informative personal development podcast about all things subliminal audio.

  • Join host Joanne Peh in this bi-weekly show that features intimate conversations with personalities from different fields as she uncovers truths, deepen understanding, and peels off layers of the hardest topics. We don’t have all the answers but hearing someone else’s story can help shed light as we embark on this journey to heal our minds and connect our hearts. If you think the more you learn, the more you know, think again. You’ll leave each episode knowing there’s always more to discover. 'What Do I Know' is made in partnership with Zodapop by ZYRUP Media.

  • Menisms is an Urban Popculture Podcast that deals with all things Men. African men in their most vulnerable and completely honest state. Conversations on masculinity, navigating women, emotions, behavioural characteristics and sex amongst other topics. The podcast that answers the age old question, What do men really want?!

    Menisms is a "Madeaux Podcasts" Original!

    You can watch to our Visual Podcast on YouTube:

  • Twin Flame Truth is dedicated to helping listeners sift through all of the myths, misconceptions and untruths about the twin flame journey. Once you resonate with the truth, you will be able to advance along in your twin flame journey, so you can achieve true self-love and abundance and, ultimately, reunite with your twin flame. Your soul led you here for a reason. You are ready for the truth.

  • This podcast assist people who are going through a challenging romantic relationship Journey via Q&A,share useful knowledge & help from Twin Flame Goddess Collective (TFGC) and the host. New Episode on air in every Friday! Do you have love problems? Book a free call you want have a free diagnostic call with [email protected]://

  • Meet Aleena and Sarah, two unlikely friends who disagree more than they agree. Join them every week as they dive into a variety of topics and see how their friendship unfolds.

  • LOVE 972 《好运一周》助你掌握好运 !

    玄学专家每周分析、揭晓“好运排行榜”- 财运、健康运、 好桃花、事业运等等,看哪个生肖“上榜”,如何加强、怎么化解。实用建议供你参考,好运常在你身边! 

  • The Alchemical Tech Revolution explores the ancient roots of technocracy and seeks to find the true metaphysical underpinnings of our modern society. The state of our society and technology plays a key role in understanding the science of social engineering and how it has been leveraged against us by a small group of elitists who run our world. The occult history and teachings of the various secret societies is frequently discussed to give context to things happening in our world. Current events and conspiracy theory meet esotericism and the synchromystic in this eye-opening broadcast... Support this podcast:

  • A podcast for fun and philosophical discussions and achieving meta-cognition through the lives of guests (my friends) discussing their cognitive journeys through life.