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  • Relaxing 100% raw natural sound from the mighty Himalayas to help you sleep, relax, work and concentrate.

  • Results May Vary is a podcast hosted by Lauren Andrews, where real people are the experts on sex, dating, and relationships. Through vulnerable and hilarious conversations, @resultsmayvarypod seeks to break down the taboo surrounding sexuality.

  • While life abroad is often amazing, it is not only rainbows & butterflies - as all experienced expats very well know. From the pleasures of drinking from fresh coconuts to dealing with a personal crisis, This Expat Life opens up space for all facets of life abroad. And more importantly: what you can do to thrive in it.
    Certified coach, former expat and forever globetrotter Amanda Maxime dives into the good, the bad & the ugly of expat life. Expect hands-on tips, deep dives, and relatable stories by fellow expats. Whether you're about to take off on your first international adventure or have been repatted already: This Expat Life is your place to find real understanding and to grow from the inside out.

  • 为什么大姨妈叫做大姨妈?第一次亲密接触是怎样开始的?你怎么知道自己是或不是同性恋?尴尬的性话题,爽快的说一说。

  • Welcome to the Wild Herbs with April Podcast where we unpack and uncover the healing properties of wild herbs so you can heal naturally with the plants beneath your feet.

  • This podcast is all about Health and fitness and we will discuss about mindset as well.i will relate with you guys with live example and some real life stories of mine so that you can easily understand and that will stay for a longer period of time in your mind.

  • Embark on a journey with Joan as she dives deep into the realms of fitness, health, nutrition, and holistic well-being. At JOANTalks, it's not just about workouts and diets; we're about inspiring positive lifestyle changes and empowering you to become the happiest, healthier version of yourself.

  • This podcast looks at mental health in pop culture, everyday life and of course my life since I do have a mental health diagnosis. In the Black and Lost Segments this podcast will highlight a black female who is missing or who died under suspicious circumstances.

  • Do you wish you had a caring guide to accompany you in the darkness of grief? You are not alone. Receive comforting, practical wisdom each week as grief coach and author Shelby Forsythia answers anonymous letters from people facing death, divorce, diagnosis, and other major life transitions. It’s possible to live a good life after devastating loss. This is your way forward.

  • The Wellness Prescription with Doctor Claudia is hosted by chiropractor Dr. Claudia Machiella.
    Every week Dr. Claudia shares her vision to integrate multiple healing disciplines and options to address the needs of patients.

  • I'm Aware That I'm Rare: the phaware® podcast is devoted to raising global pulmonary hypertension awareness with dynamic stories from PH patients, caregivers and medical professionals from around the world.

    Through this series of impactful, insightful and, most importantly, hopeful stories from members of the global pulmonary hypertension community, we hope to further the global #phaware conversation as well as to capture, engage and enable misdiagnosed and undiagnosed PH patients because early diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

    Topics range from the importance of early diagnosis and global PH awareness, to the impact of clinical trials to how patient support and advocacy are paramount to battling this disease.

    Learn more about PH at www.phaware.global

  • Candid. Credible. Curated. Listen in to learn how Beyond the Paper Gown, your women's health podcast, hosted by Mitzi Krockover, MD can inspire, empower, and inform women with the latest information about their health and healthcare choices. Join us in each episode to take a look beyond the health care system with doctors, scientists, clinicians, and policymakers.

  • Brought to you by the editors of Nursing, The Peer Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence, this podcast brings you discussions with clinical experts and thought leaders, including members of Nursing's editorial staff and editorial board as well as contributing authors.

  • Femtech and women's health podcast. We talk to leading experts in endometriosis, prenatal postpartum, pelvic floor, biotech and more. Join us weekly for conversations your OBGYN didn't even know existed.

  • Healthcare Superteams explores how the interconnected world of patient care can be reinvented and reimagined by incorporating team-based care.

    By having insightful conversations with both healthcare and non-healthcare experts who have already tackled the difficulties of mastering seamless communication and high-functioning teamwork, Healthcare Superteams gives insights into how to incorporate these changes into the field of healthcare.

    Learning from these examples and leveraging our many collective strengths, can provide the best care outcomes and make life better for patients and communities, while transforming the future of healthcare.

    The idea is that seamless communication and high-functioning teamwork between health care professionals improves patient safety, patient and provider satisfaction, health outcomes, and reduces health costs.

    The future of health care depends not only on highly skilled and passionate providers and clinicians but also on their ability and willingness to collaborate across their professions. This transformation begins with one commitment: interprofessional education and practice.

    We don't need superpowers to transform health care. We need super healthcare teams.

    Healthcare Superteams is presented by the USF Health Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice, hosted by its Assistant Vice President, Dr. Haru Okuda.

  • The First Line of Defense is a 4-part podcast specifically created for primary care clinicians on how they can recognize symptoms and risk factors of pancreatic cancer – including what the future holds for diagnosing patients using ever-developing technology, including AI. Kenner Family Research Fund and Entertainment 2 Affect Change have partnered to share the stories of pancreatic cancer patients, primary care physicians, leading researchers, and specialists in the field.
    The goal of this podcast is to educate an informed, but not expert, medical audience on the current state of pancreatic cancer diagnostics, and provide usable tools for clinicians to walk away better equipped to detect a potential pancreatic cancer diagnosis. We want to raise awareness and provide tools for clinicians.

    For More Information and Resources:
    Visit our website at pancreaticcancerpodcast.com

    Meet the People Behind the Microphone:
    Jon Hallberg, MD | Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH | Suresh Chari, MD
    William Hoos, MBA | Chris Sander, PHD | Steve & Scott Nelson

    Learn More About KFRF:
    Visit our website at kennerfamilyresearchfund.org

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  • The Anton Show features conversations with the greatest visionaries and leaders of today. Join us every week as we explore the realms of philosophy, culture, spirituality, and ultimately, what it means to be human in the calculated chaos we call our universe.

    Yearly Events:
    • Mid-season break - August
    • End of season break - February

    Please see YouTube channel for more information.

  • 'Go Live' is a podcast brought you by the AMIA Clinical Informatics Fellows (ACIF) which discusses the intersection of Medicine and Technology, while bringing you entertaining interviews from experts in the field.

  • Lifelong Learning is a series dedicated to the history, current state, and future of medical education, where thought leaders discuss pressing issues and novel solutions related to methodology, effectiveness, funding, measurement, emerging technologies, and other aspects that make the field so vibrant. Tune in to empower your lifelong learning journey and apply new educational strategies into practice.