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  • ¡Bienvenida! Soy Kathia Fanárraga, Nutricionista Holística - Health Coach, Instructora de Yoga y Meditación, Comunicadora Creativa; experta del mundo de Bienestar. He creado este espacio para compartir contigo herramientas funcionales para que empieces ese hermoso viaje hacía a ti: Conocerte y re - conectar contigo. Visita mi página web : kathiafanarraga.com / o sígueme en Instagram/ TikTok / Facebook como @kathiaholistica y únete a mis programas, cursos, asesorías.

  • Strong Voice Podcast includes conversations between me, Kate Strong, and individuals who have unlocked their potential.

    Each week, I chat with fascinating people who stepped up and away from the ordinary to pioneer some pretty amazing feats.
    Expect the unexpected as you hear from experts, adventurers and leaders pushing through what is normal towards the common goal of bettering their lives and positively impacting others.

  • Get ready for a mind-expanding exploration of what it means to lead a life full of joy and purpose! This podcast provides practical wisdom for everyday so that you can be more open to life in all circumstances. Here, we discuss everything from philosophy to literature, art, sociology, and spirituality with one mission in mind: to understand what choices we need to make to lead a fulfilling life. Drawing upon the timeless wisdom of some of the greatest thinkers of the past and present, our goal is to provide a little something to guide you ask the right questions and reflect on what would be the best kind of life for yourself. In each session, you will be given practical tools and techniques that will encourage you to keep going to create the quality of life you desire with passion and enthusiasm. If this sounds like what you've been looking for, hit follow and subscribe!

  • Plugged In To Nursing is the podcast that celebrates and informs the profession of Nursing. Plugged In to Nursing is a podcast led by nurses, for nurses, and it’s all about helping nurses stay informed about current nursing issues, and to provide an “on-the -go” resource for your clinical and professional learning and growth.

  • Buenos queridos oyentes en mi podcast podran eschuchar consejos de motivacion y superación personal . Esto con el fin de que aprendar a valorarse y a quererse a ustedes mismo.

  • Meditaciones guiadas sanadoras, afirmaciones positivas y frecuencias curativas.

  • Have you battled your weight your whole life?

    Are you sick and tired of losing and gaining the same 30, 40, or even 50 pounds over and over again?

    Do you wish there was a biblical solution to help you get unstuck?

    Are you ready to find victory and freedom from food once and for all?

    Far too many Christian women are stress-eating, doubting their self-worth, uncomfortable in their own skin, and feeling alone and worried that being overweight is something they will always battle.

    They don’t believe in the identity of who God says they are or that victory is for them.

    In this podcast, you will find biblical and healing solutions to set you free from the chains of emotional eating, obsessive thoughts around food, and the lies that have been keeping you stuck in the cycle of shame and hopelessness.

    My mission is to equip you to lose weight fast while healing your relationship with food and restoring your identity in Christ. If you’re ready to redeem the time wasted on worldly solutions in exchange for biblical weapons for weight loss and a closer walk with God, then you’re in the right place!

    Hey Beloved, I’m Heidi. A Jesus-loving wife, work-from-home mom, daughter of the king, and sister-Christian friend. I totally gave up during my 4th pregnancy after a lifelong battle with my weight. Years of effort, discipline, money, and energy went down the drain.

    I was sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and the obsessive thoughts about food and my body image, and losing and gaining the same 40-60 pounds over and over. Shame didn’t care that I was pregnant four of those times. My body was morphing and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

    Having success only to gain it back throughout pregnancies or during stressful seasons of life had done a real number on my self-esteem and my confidence. I wasn’t taking risks in my business, I wasn’t living out my true calling and owning it, and I was stuck in relationships because I was being so protective with my heart.

    After so many failed attempts and no motivation to try again, I was seriously doubting my ability to create lasting change in my life. I knew I would not be able to rely on my own strength and honestly, I didn’t even want to. I knew I couldn’t do it by myself.

    BUT GOD.

    He is my redeemer. He’s been recovering my heart, restoring my soul, renewing my health, and rebuilding my identity in Him. After years of giving up, He exchanged my sorrow for joy and freedom with food. I’m grateful to be able to share my experience and process of releasing almost 50lbs of excess weight with others so they too can journey with Him and access the blueprint He’s laid out before me.

    If you’re ready to stop going through the motions and take your health and wellness next level…
    Willing to let God transform your thinking, heal your wounded soul and unlock your true potential…
    Ready to live a more fulfilled life... healthy, healed, and holy - then this is the podcast for you!

    Dust off your Bible and grab that green smoothie as we heal your way to weight loss so you can get back to doing the things you love!

    CONNECT >>> [email protected]

    COMMUNITY >>> facebook.com/groups/biblicalweightlossblueprint

    LISTEN >>> iTunes: tinyurl.com/coveredbeloved

    WEBSITE >>> heidibramm.com

    ESSENTIAL OILS >>> bit.ly/oilsmadeeasyworkshop

    INNER HEALING >>> bit.ly/innerhearthealing

    GOD’S GIRLS CARDS >>> bit.ly/godsgirlscards

  • Creando conversaciones para visibilizar y normalizar la salud mental

  • Ser del 1% de la gente que hace lo necesario por ser mejor y tener éxito en todas las áreas. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dayton-anderson8/support

  • A través de este medio quiero compartir contigo reflexiones para que puedas mirar dentro de ti, para que te des cuenta que no necesitas nada más para ser feliz.

  • The 38 Challenge was founded in memory of USMC Captain Matthew Brewer and former linebacker at The Naval Academy (#38), who died by suicide in 2021. Hosted by Captain Brewer’s brother, Brandt McCartney, this podcast allows influential warriors, athletes, business leaders, and other inspiring humans the chance to share their unique mental health testimonies to show society that nothing is stronger than showing vulnerability.

  • RAW is built for lads.

    A confident, bold, and assertive resource that dives into sex, dating, society, self-esteem, romance, and more.

    All information is educational and in no way promotes, or encourages any reaction behaviour from listeners. Includes sensitive themes, so proceed with awareness.

    In association with @iplaysafeapp; a secure and verified way to find out and share your STI status with partners, in-app. Head to iplaysafe.app for info.

  • Welcome to the Accessible Yoga Podcast, where we explore how to make space for everyone in the yoga community. This podcast is brought to you by the Accessible Yoga Association, a nonprofit organization focused on accessibility and equity in yoga. Hosted by Anjali Rao and Jivana Heyman.

  • Lima Saludable es un espacio donde hablamos de diversos temas como emprendimiento, estilo de vida saludable, maternidad en todos sus aspectos ¡y mucho más!
    Ale, hablará todas las semanas sobre sus propias vivencias y entrevistará a expertos en el tema.

  • Hablamos semanalmente de entrenamiento en gimnasio y nutrición con un punto de vista femenino.

  • NIRVANA acaso no todos queremos llegar a ese nivel, donde nos sintamos demasiado contentos y felices con lo que estamos haciendo #NIRVANA PODCAST es el espacio donde hablaremos no solo de creencias, consejos y amor propio, también compartiremos momentos graciosos y reflexivos nivel Einstein.
    Sígueme en Instagram, para historys random @steve_bohor

  • Two dads discussing baby loss, coping with life, and working their way through grief. In the aftermath of losing babies, Liam and Matt found there was no support specifically aimed at dads to help them process their grief, prepare for what was to come next, and help them to support their partners. So, they've teamed up to create this podcast for other dads (and families) which shows a bereaved father's perspective and provides the tools to help them on their journey with grief.

    If you would like to contact us you can do so via our social media pages (@dadstillstanding) or email [email protected]

  • ALFA制作番組「きくちあかねのシングルルーム」の公式ブログです。一人暮らしのきくちあかねが、独り言をぼやいたり、友達を呼んで騒いだりする、自由奔放なトーク中心番組!一度訪れたら何度も来たくなる?きくちの部屋へLet'sピンポン!

  • Aprende por medios de los audios a explorar tu cuerpo, calmar tu mente y a equilibrar tus emociones mediante clases de yoga, meditaciones y mantras y así descubras la dicha y la paz que está en tu interior.

  • Un espacio donde se abordará la discapacidad desde una óptica positiva, con la mirada de una madre especial. El #Autismo será un tema preferente.