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  • This show is a personal diary and exploration of how to cultivate a deeper, more powerful way to attract more by using the power of the sacred feminine.

  • Authentic conversation about the Human Design experiment. How real people use this tool to get closer to who they truly are. I hope you enjoy!

  • Podcast/kanal informativne narave.

    Predvsem bo sestavljen iz videov/podcastov/vlogov, kjer bom skozi pogovor s prijatelji, znanci, strokovnjaki, ali z monologom, govoril o raznih tematikah, ki me zanimajo (prehrana, treningi, psiha, substance, filozofija in vse pod rubriko razno).

    Sam sem končal študij na Fakulteti za šport, sem prehranski svetovalec in osebni trener, moj cilj pa je ljudem pomagati pridobiti si optimalno zdravje in počutje, ki vodi v dolgo in kvalitetno življenje.

    - Smo le duše, ki skrbijo za plovila, ki smo si ga izbrali, da bomo lahko čim več energije delili z bližnjimi, za čim daljši čas. -

  • Welcome to battling childhood obesity.Hosted by sejal arora.This podcast explains about my story as I am the one who has battled obesity for most of my childhood life.

  • Are you tired of the diet roller coaster of losing weight and gaining it right back? Are you sick of the one size fits all diets that leave you feeling like your body is broken? Are you ready to get results, maintain them, and maybe even enjoy it?

    In this podcast, you will find solutions to your weight loss and fitness struggles, as well as be equipped to ”gird yourself with strength and make your arms strong” as a Proverbs 31 woman. My mission is to get you to your personal fitness goals using health and fitness tools coupled with renewing your mind while being rooted in Christ.

    Hi, Im Alayna. I’m a wife, boy Mom, beloved daughter of the King and lover of all the ”C” words: healthy competition, coffee and of course chocolate 😂 After giving birth 3 times in 3 years to my beautiful boys, I tried to lose weight, get healthy, and get strong by following generic restrictive diets hoping that I’d finally find the golden ticket. My fitness journey struggles led me to learning how to create a customized plan for myself using macros, because just as God created me to have unique DNA and fingerprints, my plan should also be unique and tailored to me. I also discovered how to address the root of my fitness and weight loss woes. And mama, I am thrilled to be able to share these truly transformational pieces of the puzzle with you!

    If you are ready to create a plan that is effective while still enjoying your favorite foods and if you are ready to experience true transformation in your fitness journey, then this podcast is for you!

    So sis, go heat up your coffee, set the kids up with a snack, grab a notebook and pen, and get excited for the transformation that’s about to begin!

    Learn -----> https://transformationalweightlossformoms.com/
    Connect -----> [email protected]
    Community -----> www.facebook.com/groups/transformationalweightlossformoms/
    Instagram -----> https://www.instagram.com/transformationalweightloss4mom/

    Looking to work together? Check out my coaching offers on my website and contact me for info on my current client openings or to get on my waitlist, so you don’t miss the next round. Limited spots available.

    Available coaching options:
    1:1 Coaching Program
    Group Coaching Program
    1 Hour Coaching Call

  • Health is about so much more than just food and fitness. Sleep, stress management, community, values, and so much more all factor into a holistic approach to authentic health. Join us each week as Claire Siegel offers practical tips and hosts insightful conversations to help you sustain healthy habits and nourish your body so you can Flourish in life. Claire offers information from an evidence-based, non-diet, weight-inclusive perspective. If that sounds good to you, subscribe to the Flourish podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

  • The Fit Fun Macro Mom + Buys Mom Life Hacks + Diet Phasing for Weight Loss + Sustainable Nutrition + Fitness for busy moms + Work from home motivated mom

    Fitness and food made easy for busy moms to get the results they desire while living life with no food restrictions!

    Are you tired of fighting with food 24/7? Are you tired of always dieting, only to lose the weight and gain it back? Do you wish there were easy steps to follow to achieve your goals through lifestyle nutrition, no food restrictions and that was family friend that set you up to crush goals and feel confident and healthy?!

    Are you hoping there is a simple system that you can fit into your busy mom life day?
    Do you want your pizza and your salad too?
    Do you wish that you could move your body or work out in 20-30 minute increments instead of 2-3 hours at a gym where you feel lost and or are not getting the results you desire!

    Hey! I am Jessie Vandeberghe and I am so excited that you are here on The Fit Fun Macro Mom Podcast! I remember what it felt like working out at the gym hours each day and living on caffeine and sugar then to binge on dinner at night only to feel tired, exhausted, not getting results and being totally over it!

    I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I wasn‘t taking the extra time for my own nutrition! I thought I could out exercise my poor nutrition, but eventually that wasn‘t working anymore for me! I was frustrated with food, binge eating on the weekends and then back to a restrictive low calorie plan on Monday! Barf! It really wasn‘t working for me at all! But I discovered the secret to my success in Macro Tracking the easy way, using a low pressure system that I like to call Macros 101!

    After falling in love with my results and the way I felt with tracking, I went and got Certified in Nutrition and as a Macro Coach. I was a busy Personal Trainer who was over exercising and not eating enough for my body and learned how to turn it all around and have food freedom in the process with absolutely no food restrictions and I am here to help you! I am here to teach you everything I know about simplifying food and fitness as a busy working mom.

    Inside this podcast you will find
    + How to‘s on macro tracking
    + Macro tracking tips & tricks
    + Fitness Tips & Tricks
    + Expert guests from busy moms just like you to awesome Nutrition Coaches that have been in the field with me for decades.
    + Food hacks to help your kids eat healthier and feel good as well as
    + Ways to boost your energy, improve sleep and brain power using simple food hacks that taste amazing!

    We are going to simplify and demystify food for you once and for all!

    Lean in and grab that jug of water and let‘s dig in!

    Learn: www.mybodybyjess.com
    Connect: [email protected]
    IG: www.instagram.com/bodybyjess

  • Kevin Davis is a dedicated physician assistant that uses an integrative approach to medicine. He employs his Four Pillars of Health- a Healing Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Prayer- and extensive labs in order to effectively treat current complaints while simultaneously uncovering long-term problems. This allows everyone to live extended, healthy lives.

  • Are you ready to heal your life naturally? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Our Health is in our Hands. My name is Matt Ludwig and my life was threatened by severe psoriasis, a chronic skin condition that consumed every square inch of my body. For seven years now, I have been developing skills and a natural healing practice that has saved my life and shown me my true purpose. To heal myself and the masses. We will find a way to make natural healing sustainable for you! I will talk about all kinds of chronic conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema, and many more and how to heal. I will interview many Warriors and Experts across the globe to talk about their trials and successes so you can connect with them on relation points. Get ready to be inspired and take ACTION! Welcome to Healing Warrior Radio with Matt Ludwig. If you love my show and it's helping you heal and change your life, consider a contribution of any amount through my Donation page: https://phwarrior.com/donate

  • The goal is to train and support parents and children with their health and wellness choices regardless of where they are in their journey. This podcast is designed to compliment and provide information for the curious kid and busy parents who are active and aware but just don't realize the impact of diet choices on their overall health and wellness.

    Perhaps the parents are concerned their child isn't getting enough of the right nutrients and they are interested in bringing more whole foods in on a daily basis but they feel defeated and fear their kids just won't eat them.

    The podcast is here to help support and encourage every family to focus on what matters most: being happy and enjoying life!

  • Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian

    Hi, I’m Melissa Groves Azzaro, an award-winning integrative women’s health dietitian. I’ve helped thousands of women struggling with hormone-related issues and helped them identify and address the root causes of THEIR hormone imbalances, so they can have regular, symptom-free periods and optimize their fertility naturally.

    My mission is to be the no-BS hormone nutrition education resource for smart, busy women struggling with hormone imbalances.

    Most of the women I work with are bosses in every area of their life except their own hormones. And they appreciate learning the science and wanting to understand they WHY behind their symptoms… but what they don’t have is TIME to do their own research. And there’s so much misinformation out there around what actually works. As a licensed healthcare practitioner, my hope with this podcast is to dispel some of those myths and give you the information you actually need to feel better and thrive by living a more balanced life.

    A little disclosure – the information I share on this podcast is for educational purposes only and not intended to be taken as medical advice. Yes, I’m A dietitian, but I am not YOUR dietitian. Always consult with YOUR healthcare provider before implementing diet, exercise, or supplement changes.

    Join me each week as I share science-based information about PCOS, fertility, and other hormone imbalances, interview guest experts who specialize in this field and talk with women just like you. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review so you don’t miss an episode, and you can find all of the episodes & links at thehormonedietitian.com/podcast

  • The Lose Your Cravings Podcast...Taking a different approach to a seemingly endless problem.

    If you are joining me, then you are probably suffering and struggling with cravings. You have tried everything out there. Every diet, every pill, every shake, every workout program which leaves you in a yo-yo dieting cycle with your weight fluctuating. You lose some weight but are SO deprived and you run out of willpower, so you end up overeating or binging on the very delicious foods that you were supposed to be staying away from.

    In this podcast, I take a different approach to cravings that will help you break free from this cycle, feel in control around food, reduce your cravings, and feel amazing in your body all without feeling deprived or having to follow a strict meal plan.

  • My goal for this podcast is to break down the latest health topics and help clear the clutter in the messy world of nutrition and fitness. We hope to inspire, educate, and entertain all things wellness. We cut the bologna of the food shaming and keep the focus on making healthy habits that work for you! Join us as we talk with experts in their fields on how to feel our best in our own body and mind.

  • Welcome to the Candle In A Dark Room Podcast with your host Desi Garcia who is the President and founder of The Candle In A Dark Room Foundation. CIADR is a nonprofit organization that helps survivors of physical and sexual trauma, as well as mental health that stems from trauma. We help guide survivors through the healing journey so they never feel alone. We show survivors that regardless of your situation and the trauma you have experienced, you can still find the light, and be a light.

    I started this podcast to tell you the story of my life, how I survived physical and sexual trauma, & the mental health issues I've dealt with because of my trauma including PTSD and D.I.D (Disassociation Identity Disorder). But in spite of all of that, I talk about how I live in recovery today. I will also have discussions with experts in the trauma field as well as other survivors who will share their experiences with trauma & give advice on how they found light in their darkness. Survivors of all sexual violence, mental health, eating disorders, sex trafficking, & anything else trauma related. This is to help survivors take their power back by using their voices.
    We talk about all of the "off limit" subjects that society has taught us to feel shame about & ignore. We help survivors take their power back & find light.

    ***You can find our podcast on all podcast resources.

    Please show support by following our foundation on social media and subscribe to our website and Youtube because you will see all of the resources our foundation has to offer for survivors including coaching, support groups, group coaching courses, healing retreats and so much more.

    Desi is a 32 year old wife and mother
    •She is a survivor of physical & sexual child abuse
    •She is the podcast host and CEO of the C.I.A.D.R foundation
    •She is a sexual assault, trauma & mental health counselor
    •She has worked with adolescents and adults
    •She is a crisis worker and has worked in crisis intervention
    •She does court advocacy
    •She has 13 years of professional experience and a lifetime of personal experience
    •She is a motivational speaker
    •She is a trauma informed coach and offers 1:1 coaching with her unique program which is a mix of therapy and trauma informed coaching
    •She works with all forms of trauma; acute, chronic, and complex trauma

    [email protected]
    Instgram: @candleinadarkroom
    Faceboook: Candle In A Dark Room

    ✨Remember, you can ALWAYS find light in the darkest of darkness✨
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  • Join Felicia Porrazza, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, for tips on starting and building a private practice.

  • This is not your average physical therapy podcast and is not meant for medical advice! Are you an overworked/underpaid PT or PTA that has a student loan payment higher than your house/rent payment?!?! Then this is the podcast for you! In this podcast we will attempt to answer some hard questions about work/life balance, finance and PT re-imbursement, PT research, and how to find the passion for our profession again. OR...maybe we will just rant about everything PT for 25-35 minutes!

  • Each week we sit down for conversations with martial arts masters. All those interested in martial arts will benefit from being in the back seat of these chats.

  • Welcome to our podcast around the mental side of performance, both in sport and business. Your hosts are Greg Parry from Arcope and George Mitchell from FocusPerform. Here we will speak to a variety of guests such as sportspeople, sports psychologists, members of the army, businesspeople, so basically anywhere where psychology can be applied to mental health and performance. We are hoping to shed a light on what it is like to work in performance psychology and how it can be applied to the individual and the real world.