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  • The first UK podcast about all matters of bone health.

    Prof David Armstrong (MD) and Dr Richard Abel (PhD) will discuss bone health, bone disease and how we and our bones can live longer happier, and healthier lives.

    Patients, clinicians and scientists alike will all love the cast!

    Jingle by Jonny Fitch BMus
    Cover art by James Armstrong

  • I'm Nico. Welcome to the Stupid Hearts Club Podcast. Allow me tell you a little about the show....

    In Summer 2021 after having such lovely feedback from Matt Morgans gorgeous Patrons I decided to start my very own podcast. It started out exclusively here on Patreon, but now it's out in the wild for everyone to hear! I initially called it GSOH and I (usually) delivered one podcast per week. It has become a really cool thing in my life and my community of patrons are legends who give lots of me ace feedback and love. And it helps me support my creative endeavours during the peaks and troughs of the TV comedy world, (script writing is my main 'job').

    Since then I have doing lots of music with the name Stupid Hearts Club, and as I am going to be out and about trying to pull people into enjoying all of 'my stuff' I thought I would re-brand (puke) my podcast as Stupid Hearts Club too in the hope of pulling in the odd new listener. Is that YOU? If so Hello, come in, sit down.

    You might be wondering what having a 'Stupid Heart' is. Well it can mean many things. It might mean you have a silly sense of humour, and like titting about and being naughty. (which is what this show is) It might mean that you are a hopeless romantic fool despite all the terrible evidence that love is a cruel joke that pokes you in your stupid heart (which is what all my songs are). Either way everyone with a stupid heart is welcome here.

    The podcast itself will still be me having a laugh with another person I have met along the way, whether they are funny, interesting, daft, or just plain adorable. But I won't just chat to comedy people anymore. And I will *usually* put a little Stupid Hearts Club tune or cover at the end of the episode.

    I'll shut up now. But whatever you are here for, thanks for coming along!

    Stupid Hearts Club Forever Baby!

  • We are Clear Mind Events, a non profit organization dedicated to providing spaces within music venues and festivals for people who struggle with sensory overload/anxiety/depression/PTSD/Autism/Addiction.
    Festivals and venues have a strict no re-entry rule that they abide by for safety reasons. Our goal is providing an area to decompress and then re-join the show/fest to enjoy the music and the experience.
    Covid really stopped us in our tracks- insert podcast here! We are on a mission to find individuals who encounter these types of challenges to help us prepare Live Events post-pandemic.

  • IAPMD is a lifeline of support, information, and resources for anyone, anywhere affected by Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and Premenstrual Exacerbation (PME) of underlying disorders.

    Our mission is to inspire hope and end suffering for those affected by premenstrual disorders through peer support, education, research and advocacy.  

    To learn more, visit iapmd.org.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Il nostro progetto è semplice ma non per questo meno complesso: speriamo di abbattere lo stigma che ruota attorno alla salute mentale. Come? Be', parlandone e spiegando che una vita con un disturbo mentale non è una vita in bianco e nero. Ha tante sfumature di colore e, certo, anche delle ombre. Ed è proprio lì che vogliamo fare arrivare la luce!

    Ci troverai online con un nuovo episodio ogni Martedì alle 7:15, pronte a tenerti compagnia con qualche chiacchiera tra amici. Se vuoi, puoi trovarci anche su Instagram (@atrabile_podcast) e puoi anche scriverci per email ([email protected])

  • بودكاست وعي يتضمن قصص وراويات حول الصحة العامة

  • Добро пожаловать в Fire and Honey — пространство исследования всех граней женственности: сексуальности, внутренней силы, красоты, глубины, наслаждения, эмоциональности, любви, отношений, самореализации и всего, что важно для каждой из нас. Здесь я говорю на все важные женские темы без фильтров и отвечаю на вопросы слушательниц.

    Оставляйте вопросы здесь: https://t.me/+rw_AzlQL8VQ5Mjdi

    Или здесь: https://www.instagram.com/lyalya_shanti/

    Другие ссылки на мои ресурсы:

    Официальный сайт: https://lyalyashanti.com/

    Мои курсы: https://lyalyashanti.com/workshops/

    YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/JivanSheri/

  • NUDE is changing the narrative around vulnerability. Being vulnerable and sharing our authentic selves leads to connection and fulfillment; however, those processes aren’t always easy. Tyler uses NUDE as a public diary with the intention of liberating herself and her listeners from limiting beliefs and behaviors. Be well. Be real. Be NUDE. Keep the positive vibes going by donating to NUDE via Cash App $tythewordsmith. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thenudepod/support

  • The podcast by accountants and for accountants where we talk about our ubiquitous professional and personal struggles. You are not alone.

  • Want to achieve your goals and pursue a life of purpose? The Everyday Warrior is more than a podcast – it's a no-hack, practical approach to living a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life. We feature dynamic conversations with high performers and subject matter experts from various professions, covering your favorite topics and giving insight on how to tackle obstacles and challenges to live a better life.

    We feature candid, dynamic conversations with high-performing leaders from the world of sports, business, the military, entertainment, and more. We discuss your favorite topics, including health and fitness, adventure, travel, and style. We also look at today's hottest gear… often before it even hits the streets.

    The show's host, retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille, built The Everyday Warrior concept to help you overcome life's obstacles and challenges.

    No matter who you are or where you're from, you've come to the right place. The Everyday Warrior will help you achieve your goals and develop the mindset to live a better life.

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  • We know how difficult it is for patients to attend patient meetings / workshops / conferences etc. So, we have found a way to bring the information right to their laps, via our #AwareAboutRare series.

    Topics are varied, from disease specific discussions with key opinion leaders, to supportive talks aimed at helping patients and families cope a little easier.

  • A podcast about teaching chair yoga to older and less able adults. With lots of chair yoga teacher training insights from my courses.

  • Welcome to the Parris Hodges podcast, a space for conversations rooted in curiosity of the these divinely created bodies we’ve been given and this human experience as a whole.

    This is a space where we will explore all the complexity and nuance of existing on this spinning rock, while I share story and dialog with some individuals I consider to be great investigators of our bodies, many of which have had profound impact on my journey and understandings.

    I am grateful you are here. Let’s dive in.

  • All things running, strength training, nutrition and mindset with physical therapist, mom, runner, strength and fitness coach, Carey Adam.

  • Hey Girl Hey!

    A melting pot of spirituality, relationships, weight loss, and all the selfs (care, worth, love, esteem and respect) with some tears and laughter thrown in.

    Please send questions, comments, or concerns to [email protected]

    CashApp: $Latreyathelifecoach

  • Get inspired about starting and growing your nutrition business with your host of the Next Level Nutrition Biz Podcast, Stephanie Long.

    Join Stephanie and guests as she explores the top ways to grow your nutrition business, work with clients, get super clear on your offerings, and master your mindset around running a business!

    Intro/Outro Music: Scott Holmes

  • Welcome to the Nik and Ant - PTMA Podcast. All things fitness, business, personal training, etc.

  • This podcast is a conversation with Dr. Rob Cook and Matt Hayman, LPC regarding topics on personal well being.

  • Here, we discuss all of the stories that keep you stuck, blocked from manifesting the life you really want, and away from your authentic self.

  • Toxic - What is it? How is it? When is it? Do we really know the real meaning of toxic??? Or is it just the textbook knowledge...!