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  • The Third Eye Wellness Podcast (formerly Nutrition for the Soul) is where soul meets body. Hosted by Nia Carrillo, MS, both a Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Healer, she marries the physical and metaphysical to support your healing in every sense: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    If you find yourself frustrated and constrained by Western Medicine, curious about alternative forms of therapy, or on any type of transformation journey...Welcome! You're in the right place.

    It's not always kumbaya circles and kombucha around here -- Nia will serve it to you uncensored and from the heart. Prepare to view your life, body, and everything around you through the lens of your third eye.

  • Welcome to the Jacob Fetty Podcast. Here, we will pull the curtain back on the conversations around coaching high-performing people and showcase the comprehensive and tactical approach in helping athletes to be their best selves.

  • New babies are difficult. Don't you wish they came with a manual? Well, now there is one! Hosted by a pediatrician mom, The Baby Manual will help guide you through everything you actually need to know to take care of a baby. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, I bet you’ll hear something helpful in here that you didn’t know. Enjoy The Baby Manual podcast, and enjoy your new baby!

  • A podcast discussing research in biomechanics and motor control.

  • Do you struggle from anxiety? In this day and age so many of us have resigned to anxiety ridden lives. If you want to join the brave community of those who want more out of life, listen! The roadmap to fulfillment is available for you!

  • Dobro došli na Myfitworld podcast, vaše mesto vrednih saznanja iz oblasti fitnesa, rekreacije, sporta, kondicije i zdrave ishrane!
    Subscribe-ujte se na naš Youtube kanal (MY FIT WORLD TEAM), čekaju vas vrhunski sagovornici iz oblasti fitnessa, sporta, sportske medicine, nutricije - svega što je vezano za zdrav i fizički aktivan život..!
    Pišite nam komentare, kritike, želje za nove goste i teme, sve ćemo rado pogledati..!
    Instagram: myfitworldteam; myfitworld_app
    Facebook: myfitworldteam
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: https://myfitworld.net/
    Veliko hvala našim domaćinima @impacthubbelgrade i @podcast.rs , koji su nam omogućili realizaciju MyFitWorld podcast-a

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  • Hair loss is a topic that intrigues many- from patients seeking the cure for their challenge of losing hair to doctors trying to help their patients. Hair on Air is a project that provides information and clarifies many misconceptions about hair loss, hair transplantation, hair research, hair therapy and hair industry with world greatest experts in these fields. The host and the author is Gorana Kuka Epstein, physician and hair loss expert.

  • Widow We Do Now is a podcast created by two young widows, Anita and Mel. Through humor, authenticity, and empathy, they address topics related to grief, death, bereavement, and moving forward through the inescapable pitfalls of young widowhood. They also love cheese.

  • This podcast is about my journey with endometriosis over the last 15 plus years including my present day. I will talk all things endometriosis-symptoms, surgery, medical appointments, medications, natural methods, products, eating habits and more. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/journeytobutterfly/support

  • Date tiempo para ti, consiéntete, lo mereces, ve los beneficios que tiene ir a un spa, no solo son los que se te vienen a la mente.

  • Finally understand the underlying causes of persistent skin diseases such as acne and rosacea with rosacea expert Dr. Tara O'Desky and nurse practitioner Kristin Cunningham. Learn simple ways to start the process of healing internally and reversing these chronic health conditions with diet and lifestyle changes.

  • I'm Lexi Wolfe and I rather recently found out I've had undiagnosed BPD my entire life. Here, I explore some of what the condition actually means for my life, how it impacts it, and what I'm doing to learn about and manage it.

  • This podcast explores a long term healthy lifestyle for women without dieting. It also addresses wellness and mental health. My motto is weight loss without dieting, in other words, no fad or constantly dieting - see episode on Why Diets fail.
    I share my personal experiences, nutrition approach as a Certified Health Coach. The Show is a mix of solo chats, interviews (more like chats) with expert guests including people with stories to share and encourage others.

    I will in the future have interactive sessions. You can find out more about me by visiting my site; www.healthyvibesforwomen.com

  • Hello World! My name is Marcel! I am a retired US Air Force veteran of 20 years, and my next mission in life, is to FEED your MIND & BODY with the seeds that will allow you to HARVEST into the best version of YOURSELF! I am a motivational speaker, fitness artist, and a certified resiliency coach. My goal is to discuss the benefits of leading both, a HEALTHY body & mind during these challenging times that our World is facing; While providing daily tips on how to live a positive, abundant, and fulfilled life despite the chaos that surrounds us each and everyday. I am here to be your RAY OF SUNSHINE, while teaching you about the 5 pillars of resiliency, to include the following: Mental (inner drive) resilience, physical resilience, faith based resilience, emotional/well-being resilience, and community relations resilience. May you enjoy the SUNSHINE that I will bring to you in order to MAXIMIZE your fullest potential, and also to exercise your MIND and BODY each and everyday to become the GREATEST version of you!!!

    If you feel that this content has inspired or motivated you in any way, my CashAPP is below for donations towards my show. Thank you for your support!!

    Cash App Info: Marcel Thom

  • Heal Anxiety, Depression, Hormones, Gut Issues, Inflammation, Low libido & Poor Sex, Trauma, Liver Toxins, Adrenal Burnout & Health Issues Faster with Herbs, Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Emotional Trauma Healing Therapies & Family Constellations Therapy Voted top 43 worldwide, Dr. Ameet is one of the only naturopathic doctors who combine naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR, family constellations, and homeopathy to heal your mind, body, and family trauma together for your optimal healing.Start your free health course on https://www.drameet.com.

  • I help ladies achieve a clear, even toned skin through good nutrition & a great skincare routine. Im Zodwa Mokgele & I'm a professional skincare therapist. You will get tips on foods that are great for skin, products ingredients & how to build your skincare routine.

  • Here's a space dedicated to the unique minds that are all around us—a series of stories that will challenge, inspire and stimulate your being.
    My life is driven by a constant search for meaning and purpose, full of curiosity and a deep thirst for knowledge. I have always felt there is more to explore and understand. I reach out onto the edge of the universe, searching for the unknown unknowns.
    That curiosity led me to seek out unique minds with unique perspectives which reveal something new about the reality we inhabit. This podcast is a dedication to those minds, and I hope it will challenge your beliefs and present new ideas about how we live our lives.

  • 20-minute episodes summarize key information you need to prepare for labor, birth, and the early days of parenting. Host Janelle Durham, co-author of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn is a mom, doula, parent educator and childbirth educator. She pulls together research-based recommendations with realistic advice from her experience with thousands of families. Episode transcripts and links to more resources available at transitiontoparenthood.wordpress.com.

  • A lifetime of insights - patient care, philosophy, history, and grappling with how evidence based medicine (EBM) should impact the practice of medicine.