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  • This podcast if for anyone who has felt the sting of betrayal and is ready to find hope and healing. I will share my story as well as the lessons I have learned to help you navigate the minefield that is betrayal. Recovery is not some far off destination that one day you'll reach, but rather a commitment within yourself to find everyday. Start today and join me as we discuss the good the bad and the next steps. It doesn't matter where you are on your journey, all that matters is realizing that through small and simple steps, great things come to pass. I see greatness within you, all that is required is for you to have a desire to reach it. You can feel better, you can heal and peace is possible. Join me and let me show you how.

  • On A Good Day is the podcast delving into brain injury and its impact on all involved. Hosted by Elizabeth Callaghan and Julia Ajayi, our lives changed forever after our husbands suffered a brain injury. It also had a ripple effect on others in our wider family and community.

    We’ll be sharing our experiences to help others feel more connected, get inspiring stories from people affected by brain injury and learn more about the condition from our specialist guests.

    Expect honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors: the challenges and triumphs, the good days and the not so good days.

    Come join us as we aim to strengthen the communities of people impacted by brain injury and empower others in a similar situation to help them feel less alone and better equipped to take on any challenges - so we can all have more of the good days.

  • Hello beautiful people! The Helping Other People Elevate podcast is designed for anyone struggling with their mental health that desire a mindset switch. The objective is to energize individuals who are hungry for personal growth and success.
    The host, Kendra Kelly, believes that in order to live a fulfilling life we must uplift others. Kendra will share advice she has discovered through pushing past her comfort zone and dreaming bigger. If you want to connect you can find Kendra on Instagram @kendravibess

  • The Kula is a positive, welcoming and supportive Yoga focused community. It was set up by Adriene Mishler. This show focuses on a diverse range of community members to discuss their yoga journey, how they came across Adriene and the impact that being active in the kula, yoga and Adriene has had on their lives.

  • Are you a therapist or a space holder that likes to think deeply and creatively about bringing healing to more people? Do you want to build trust with your body so that you can live a life that feels aligned and amazing, and help inspire others to do the same? Do you hate small talk – your idea of fun is deep and meaningful talks about living more courageous and connected lives? If so, then welcome to the Innovative Therapy podcast where we cover topics like psychology, innovative methods for building body trust and healing, Internal Family Systems, weight inclusive approaches, and unlearning the many messages from oppressive systems that lead us away from body trust. I’m Dr. Shawn Hondorp, clinical psychologist. My goal is to create safe learning environments for those who want to explore innovative approaches to healing, one authentic conversation at a time. 🌈✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿🌳


  • Welcome to Tell Me Your Story. This podcast is an invitation to understand your story, your past, your family and make peace with it. It’s an invitation to bring back together what was once separated. It’s an invitation to reconcile with « what happened » in your life, in order to fully embrace « what is possible» in your present life. 

    It’s about reclaiming your freedom and your destiny, so you can begin to write the story that you are meant to live. 

    Let yourself be guided by Marine Selenee who is passionate about exploring family systems and offering her insights that might be the breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for. 

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  • Mi chiamo Simone Giovani e sono un Personal Trainer .
    In questo podcast rispondo ai classici dubbi che le persone hanno in palestra in merito al mondo dell'allenamento e del fitness!

  • An engaging exchange of ideas and information from the preeminent national membership association for health IT guidance and collaboration. Each week, join host Matthew Albright, Chief Legislative Affairs Officer for Zelis Payment, as he welcomes prominent healthcare thought leaders to discuss best practices, pressing issues and emerging trends within the health IT community

  • Kako je izgledao život i rad jedne medicinske sestre u Nemačkoj? Kako sam se pripremala za odlazak, zašto sam odlučila da se vratim i gde sam to sada?

    Ovim temama bavimo se kroz 10 epizoda podkasta ,,Sa obe strane granice”.

  • A podcast about growing up with a distant, narcissistic father. How did that impact my life, my perceptions, and relationships. In discussing my personal history and emotional work, I hope to give you practical skills and tools that I have learned to help support you in growing through those challenges, and become a healthier emotional human being.

  • Welcome to my podcast.

    I will be talking about all things fitness, nutrition, mindset, mental health, and self-development.

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  • Welcome to the Brown Noise Podcast, your sanctuary for discovering the grounding effects of brown noise on health and wellness. Brown noise, with its deep, rich textures, has been shown to promote better concentration, aid in sleep, and provide relief from tinnitus. Through engaging discussions, expert interviews, and immersive soundscapes, we delve into how this unique sound frequency can enhance your cognitive function and overall sense of peace. Tune in to the Brown Noise Podcast and let the earthy, comforting tones of brown noise support your journey towards a more focused and serene state of being.

    https://www.solgoodmedia.com - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection; hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of short stories, sounds for sleep/relaxation, and original podcasts - all ad-free!!

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  • Sleep Aid If you like my podcast, please follow me! !

  • Sleep Aid If you like my podcast, please follow me! !

  • The Defiant Spirit is Dr. Rabbi Baruch HaLevi’s podcast about discovering deeper meaning, cultivating greater resilience and realizing our true purpose in life - inspired by the work of Dr.Viktor Frankl, author of ”Man‘s Search For Meaning,” and founder of Logotherapy, (meaning-centered psychotherapy, together with Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition and the Enneagram, an ancient, psycho-spiritual roadmap.

  • Are you on the path to optimal health and looking for the latest breakthroughs in longevity and functional medicine? After her own struggle with an autoimmune thyroid condition, Dr. Amy Myers has made it her life’s mission to expose the flaws of conventional medicine and help others avoid the pain that she endured. More than a Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Amy Myers is a two-time New York Times bestselling author, wife, mother, and visionary founder and CEO behind the influential e-commerce wellness brand, Amy Myers MD®. Through this brand, and with a clear vision of creating a path to optimal health and wellness for all, Dr. Amy Myers is here to change the future of medicine and empower others to Take Back Their Health. This show will be a mix of solo episodes and conversations with world renowned leading experts on the topics of functional medicine, autoimmunity, gut health and empowering people to get to the root of their issues and offer solutions so they can thrive.

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  • A ground breaking, jaw dropping, look at the modern male and the warfare he faces in dating and relationships after a bad breakup or divorce. How the Modern man is being taught all the wrong things about being in his masculine. This knocks the wall down on all the BS and political correctness on how a man is suppose to act. It shows him how to take his balls back, be brash and fearless, break barriers, how to grow a spine, be indifferent and Channel their inner Braveheart for their women.

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  • Cheyne and Luis talk about their views on health and fitness, tips/advice plus plenty of anecdotes from years behind the name tag.

  • If you are into meditation, spirituality, self-development, mindset work and manifestation, this is your podcast love! Welcome!

    Imagine a world in which every human being is glowing in their full potential, completely aligned with their true nature. Untamed, true, raw, well intentioned and purposeful energy emanated from within out into the world. A vital vibration elevated at such a high frequency that it changes the world. This is Blisstopia.

    In this podcast you will find meditation practices, reflections and interviews that will guide you in your journey to Blisstopia.