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  • Hosted by Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and Dave LipsonJoin us, and uncover where "bro-science" meets "real-science"Here we discuss all things:FitnessHealthHormone replacementBody transformationPoopy diapersRelationships, and STERIODS Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thundrbro/support

  • Healing Minds Center podcast is about self-improvement with life coaching, hypnosis, mindfulness, and spirituality. www.healingmindscenter.org

  • Health and fitness tips. My own journey from fat to fit. Business tips for the fitness industry.

  • Welcome to Simply ASMR and Sleep. This podcast aims to give you an auditory experience that can stimulate your ASMR tingles, calm you, or ease you into sleep. ***Please like, subscribe, and leave a review if you enjoy Simply ASMR & Sleep.***To make episode suggestions, or inquiries please contact us:[email protected]***Visit our YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/simplyasmr

  • Our mind and body can be transformed through the simple act of walking. That’s why Dr Alex George has made this new, ambient podcast.

    It supports his mission to get us all out stomping, so whether you’re taking the dog out, hiking up a mountain or maybe you simply need some fresh air, Dr Alex and his guests will be here every week as your loyal stomping companions.

    In every episode, you’ll hear Dr Alex George out on a stomp with an exciting guest, in a location of their choice, to take a meander into their lives.

    You’ll wind through uplifting and thought-provoking conversations with a soothing backdrop of birdsong, crashing waves or the breeze gently rustling through leaves.

    Each episode is split into three parts, designed to be listened to on three short stomps, or one long one.

    So put on your headphones, follow @thestompcast and join us on a good old stomp.

  • Sami Rae explores the evolution of self through conversations around what it takes to release resistance and step into our authentic selves as well as our full potential...whatever that means, however that looks. The Caterpillar Soup is a podcast modeled after the transformation a caterpillar must go through in order to become the butterfly it was destined to become, and the ways in which our human lives mirror that experience. Podcast music written and recorded by Andy Hall of The Infamous Stringdusters and each episode is recorded at Sami's home in sunny Southern California.

  • My name is Cindy Garza, and I am a multi-passionate individual, also known as a Manifesting Generator. This podcast is about me following whatever hobbies excite me at the moment, whilst interlacing each episode with vulnerability and raw emotions. My overall purpose for this channel is to give you the courage to follow your own passions and joy, connect with you gifts, and create a safe community!

  • Психология и биология человека.
    Мои знания:

  • Психопатология обыденной жизни - разговор, который научит глубже разбираться в себе и в действительности.

    О сложных понятиях простыми словами и о переводе языка бессознательного в сознательный расскажет психолог и психоаналитический терапевт Марина Нахалова.

  • Operation Karriere unterstützt Medizinstudierende und junge Ärztinnen und Ärzte im Studium und beim Berufseinstieg. Seit mehr als zehn Jahren sind wir dafür mit unserer Kongressreihe deutschlandweit unterwegs. Dabei bieten wir den Teilnehmenden die Möglichkeit, sich im Workshop- und Vortragsprogramm umfassend über Karriereoptionen und -strategien in der Medizin zu informieren und mit spannenden Arbeitgebern in Kontakt zu kommen.

    Begleitend zu unserem Kongressprogramm stellen wir in diesem Podcast einige Expertinnen und Experten kurz vor, die bei unseren Kongressen mit dabei sind.

    Worauf muss ich beim Berufseinstieg achten? Wie finde ich einen Arbeitgeber, der zu mir passt? Und welche Facharztrichtung ist die richtige für mich?

    Das sind nur einige der Fragen, bei denen wir von Operation Karriere dir gern helfen möchten – mit unserer Kongressreihe, regelmäßigen Online-Veranstaltungen, den Informationen auf unserer Website, in den Sozialen Medien und jetzt auch in diesem Podcast.

  • My podcast will go into the basics of findom and will answer every question anyone has about it. I will also talk about my experience in Findom. Everything will be unedited and raw so be prepared to get a earful and ask your questions. It is always great to as much information you need as well as share your own personal experiences! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mistressniko/support

  • Es nezināju kā meditēt, es nezināju kur meditēt, man nebija ne jausmas kā sākt, bet es ļoti gribēju. Esmu izgājusi caur vairākiem desmitiem veidu meditācijām līdz es atradu savējo. Jau vairāk kā 1000 dienas meditāciju praktizēju katru dienu.

    Mani sauc Monta un šeit Tu atradīsi meditācijas ikvienai dzīves situācijai, jo mana misija ir uzlabot Tavu labsajūtu un dzīves kvalitāti.

    Lielākais Meditāciju kanāls Latvijā!!!
    Seko līdz ikdienas video lekcijām Instagramā: Ommmsome vai meklē Youtube:

  • We provide mental training & sports psychology services for businesses, athletes, coaches, + nutritional guidance, and meditation techniques to improve by growing your higher mindset. Mental Mind Set services are now more accessible than ever. Join the movement of raising your MINDSET! Without the right nutritional guidance, it will always be a battle with health and fitness. Mental strength is as, if not more important then physical fitness. Your mental toughness will help you get up each day and take on new adventures. Start today and Raise yourself to a new level. www.high3rmindset.com

  • This collection is your gold source for relaxing sounds, ambiences and soundscapes. Just find a comfortable place, sit back and relax :) Hugs and Kisses.

  • Awareness Campaign about rare diseases. This campaign tries to show the disease from the patient angle in less than 90 seconds.

  • Let’s not reinvent the wheel- let’s replace it with the latest model and put a new spin on life! With a lack of male voices in the world of therapy, self-help, and parenting, The Dude Therapist Podcast will help fill the void and give men and women alike a safe space to have an open conversation and grow. As a trained therapist, I provide an informed, fun, and relatable male perspective on everything from mental health, men's issues, parenting, and just being a human. Whether you want to understand yourself or someone you know a little bit better, join me on this wild ride! Feel free to email or contact me at [email protected] or with topics, thoughts, or collaboration ideas! Follow me on Instagram @thedudetherapist and @eliweinstein_lcsw

  • Celebrate your Valentine's Day with romantic and relaxing ambiences! Its time to celebrate love in all its forms :) Hugs and Kisses.

  • The official Podcast of the Chase the Summit YouTube Channel. A weekly podcast covering the world of fitness technology, GPS Watches, and wearables along with endurance sports like Trail and Ultra Running, Hiking, Climbing and more!

    Visit the YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/chasethesummit or the blog at www.chasethesummit.com!

  • Fearless AF, hosted by Krystyna Lauren, is a podcast meant to inspire women of all walks of life, in hopes of turning the most difficult of situations into powerful experiences. Each episode is based on Krystyna's "Fearless" mentality which is designed to flip the script on your most victimizing situations in order to help you find your most empowered self. Life can be scary, but your mentality doesn't have to be fearful. Join her as she takes a deep dive into her own journey that brought her into her most powerful space in life and tune in to meet some of the people that were part of the process along the way. This podcast covers everything from the pretty to the not-so-pretty parts of the fitness industry, what social media can really be like behind the scenes, her journey into spirituality, awakenings, relationships, anxiety and much more! Ready to get inspired to live your best life and gain power from your most uncomfortable moments? Tune in for empowering conversations and stories that will uplift you and push you to get off the sidelines of your own life and start living your life FearlessAF with a complete mindset shift...we are about to get real about what it takes.

    "I'm Krystyna and I'm so excited to have you join my Fearless Collective + be a part of the FearlessAF movement. The day I truly stepped into my power and realized who I truly was, was the day my life changed forever... and I want to help every single one of your realize your true potential and rise with me. You only get one story in this lifetime and I want to inspire you to grab yours by the horns, reclaim your power and make it a story worth telling."

    You are so much more capable than you ever though you were.