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  • Kvalitu života máme ve svých rukou. Jak se ale orientovat v dostupných informacích a odhalit lži a mýty? Aktuální otázky z oblasti zdraví a životního stylu rozebírá Marie Makovská s předními odborníky a nebojí se kontroverzních témat. Je pravda, že jíme blbě? Má smysl očkovat se proti covidu? Stěhuje se sex a intimita na internet a uživí se naše děti bez toho, aby se vyznaly v IT a umělé inteligenci? Sledujte ON TOPIC.

  • It's Not You - It's Autoimmune Hosted by Dr. Jocelyn Eberstein and Anna Strong. Get inspired to live a stronger and healthier life with our two hosts leading each 45 min show! Dr. Jocelyne
    Eberstein, L.Ac., O.M.D. who is the head of the eCenter for Wellness and Comedian/Producer - Anna Strong who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Given her past experiences, Anna has now become a health advocate for all people. These ladies come together to battle the misconceptions about autoimmune diseases and to empower their audience to become immune competent. Good health is just a podcast away! These women will help you feel better so that you can live better. You've Got This America - It's Not You... It's Autoimmune with Dr. Joceylyn Eberstein and Anna Strong. They will be streamed on UBNGo Network (guests include Health Experts, Athletes, and Celebrities)

  • Jsme ryze česká firma z Ostravy. Vyrábíme 100% čisté a přírodní produkty té nejvyšší kvality. Podporujeme ty, kteří chtějí pomáhat sobě i ostatním k zdravějšímu a šťastnějšímu životu. Najděte svou Esenci a buďte s ní.

  • A place to chat, laugh, share opinions, experiences, advice, questions, etc.. A safe place to have a good coffee date, I mean honestly the whole point of this podcast is to be able to listen while you're driving, cooking, cleaning, taking a walk, waiting, tanning, and more... I talk about things I go through, things I see around me, and what I would have wanted to hear/know when I was younger.

    If you're going through a hard time, related to this podcast or not, just know that nothing is permanent, you can find ways out, it will get better, and you can take your power back.

  • Pořad o zdraví a zdravém životním stylu, kde se veselou formou dozvíte více o svém zdraví a jak funguje lidské tělo.

    Všechny díly podcastu Vesele a zdravě s Kateřinou Cajthamlovou můžete pohodlně poslouchat v mobilní aplikaci mujRozhlas pro Android a iOS nebo na webu mujRozhlas.cz.

  • Join Maeg and Donavan for laughs and insights on adult ADHD! With our guests, we talk about personal stories, explore research, and navigate diagnosis challenges and symptoms.

    Buckle up for fun! Where are those keys again?

  • Odborný podcast od společnosti CareComm, který se zaměřuje na zdravotnictví a medicínu z různých perspektiv. V každém díle se moderátor Jaroslav Vážný věnuje jinému tématu, kdy jsou přítomni i hosté z řad odborníků z lékařského i nelékařského prostředí. Diskuze se také věnuje aktuálním trendům a novinkám v medicíně a zdravotnictví.

  • Мы — Саша Мхитарян и Настя Бородкина — психотерапевты и ведем этот подкаст вместе. У нас на двоих 30 лет обучения психологии, из них 14 — Транзактному Анализу. В этом подкасте мы говорим на окейном языке о психологии и о том, как она может помогать нам чувствать себя ОКей в разных жизненных ситуациях.

  • Povídání dvou abstinujících (nejen) alkoholiků o tom, jak se jim daří i nedaří, o tom jak se jim žilo, když pili a i o tom, jak se jim žije dnes. Rozebírají různá témata související s různými závislostmi, a to na základě i vlastních zkušeností.

  • Have you ever felt lost, stuck, or clueless about where you are in your career or your life? I've definitely been there, and found myself running the rat race on the path to 'success', and going through the motions just to make it to the weekend only to find that there wasn't any 'cheese' for me at the end and that the feeling of emptiness lingered on. If this sounds at all familiar, I want you to know that you're not alone, and that this is the perfect podcast for you that will provide you with a sense of community focused on sharing ideas and stories around self empowerment, mindset, and fulfillment that will help you get closer to finding a true sense of inner fulfillment- no matter where you are in your life.

    I'm your host Karl Sona, and I believe that your free time is the greatest asset you have to help you take back control of your life so you can tap into your potential and discover what really makes you come alive. Every Monday and Thursday I share the conversations I have with other inspiring young professionals and sales leaders, who are really no different than you or I, and we discuss ways that we can all become more intentional with our time in order to win at life and at work.

    Facts are, we were all put here for a great reason. Aren't you curious about what yours is? Listen to The Free Time Podcast anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the show if you enjoy it. Remember, we're all on this planet to help one another level up, so go out, be kind, and lend a hand where you can.

    Follow me on Instagram @karl.sona

  • In this digital first world, the old ways of recruiting are becoming obsolete. Or are they? The talent demands on every business has put TA squarely in the hot seat.

    Welcome to Talent Acquisition In The Trenches, a real dialogue podcast with talent acquisition pro’s closest to the front line. We want to talk to our peers who are actually doing the heavy lifting day in and day out.

  • Host (Ryan Naylor) discussing all things strength with coaches, athletes, promoters and others from the industry.

  • Apex Karate Performance was founded as a means to provide specialized coaching to athletes who wish to compete at the highest levels of Elite Karate competition. Our methods and training are designed to help a karate practitioner or athlete of any level or style improve their technical abilities. Coach Hagen has been involved in martial arts since 1992, training in Shima-Ha Shorin Ryu, Yamanni Ryu Bojutsu and Shito Ryu. Coach Hagen is a former USA Karate National Team member and Pan American Karate Federation medalist. Coach Hagen is also the Chief Instructor of North Sun Martial Arts, RBKD.

  • A podcast where you can chill and listen to motivational advice and chill conversation.

  • A new podcast series brought to you by 3 small town gym bro's and their passion for all things fitness and bodybuilding. We hope to bring listeners some form of entertainment value and educational material with a mix of our own personal interests. Thank you for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the show!

  • If you want to transform your life with nutrition and fitness, there are no shortcuts. You need a sustainable plan: the right mindset, and the knowledge and inspiration to stoke the fire within. Just like the Phoenix, you can burn your old habits, never turn back, and emerge anew.

  • Jsem Terka a pomáhám ženám žít a trénovat se svou fyziologií a ne proti ní. Věnuji se aktuálně především těhotným a ženám po porodu užívat si své oblíbené aktivity bez nepříjemných symptomů a vrátit se k výkonovému sportu.

    Budeme si povídat o ženské fyziologii, psychologii a výkonu a dotkneme se i metafyziky a jak nám může pomoci s výchovou dětí, ale i s mezilidskými vztahy.

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    Budu moc ráda za sdílení podcastů a pokud máš návrhy na témata dalších epizod, napiš mi zprávu! :)

  • Vydejte se se mnou za příběhy, které píše staletími ověřený mysl a tělo osvěžující nápoj: kaf.. Čaj! Varování: u každého příspěvku se pil, podle toho to také vypadá. 😉