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  • Physicians and other experts help you reverse disease and reclaim your health; we explain, and teach, you how. If you are trying to prevent or undo a chronic illness, this is your podcast.

    For more information: cprhealthclinic.com

    Your genetics are not your destiny.
    80% of chronic health problems can be reversed, or prevented- this includes conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and on and on. Join specialists in disease reversal and prevention on a journey that will show you how to take control of your health back into your own hands. The way you live can save your life.

    Columbus Prevent and Reverse focuses on helping you change your behavior so that you actually do what you say you will.
    We only use methods that are supported by good evidence.

    For more information on our services, check out cprhealthclinic.com and make a free appointment.

    (we do not provide medical care)

    Disclaimer: While we give evidence-based information on this podcast, your personal details and situation are not known to us. Make sure you‘re discussing health-improving strategies, including what we talk about on this podcast, with your physician.

  • Beneath the Briefs is brought to you by Prism Health North Texas. Listen to our host, Natassia discuss sex, culture, and other lifestyle topics with special guests!

  • Eden Harmony Meditation Studio in La Jolla, San Diego offers meditation classes in intimate small group settings and via personalized one-on-one guidance.

    Learn how to meditate so that it becomes the most natural thing in the world for you – a chance to rest deeply, release tension, and emerge refreshed. Classes are grounded in the ancient yoga tradition and the latest scientific research on meditation.

  • So, you need glasses? Well, step on in and take a seat at our dispensing table. Lets chat about all the questions you may have while discussing issues you never knew existed. We peel back the curtain on everything from your prescription, to lenses, to glasses and more every Friday. Don't forget your coffee! We're your Opticians, Iris and Lucia; we're unhinged and we're doing this all for the love of glasses.

  • "Everyone in the world deals with their mentality consciously or unconsciously, but not everyone takes the time to learn and develop themselves based on the good and the bad experiences they live. Join Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) Andrew Toce and NCAA Hockey Coach Zach Perkins as they discuss tips, tricks and mental skills to help you, your child or your athlete continue to be the best versions of themselves in every part of life. Join us for a short 20-30 minutes weekly to gain a mental spark to keep you refreshed and productive!" 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • We talk abiut therians and some life stuff and every once I awhile get a call from somone over from therian amino!

  • Welcome to the Martial Arts & Crafts Podcast. As Your "Adulting Coach," when you need motivation or direction, I show you how to play in your passions and own your future like a BOSS! In this podcast, I talk about how to get your mind right, deal with anxiety and overwhelm, change your perspective and make empowered choices honoring your unique strengths and creativity. My guests are experts in their fields with valuable wisdom for Gen Z and future leaders looking to MAKE an Impact!https://saradeacon.comhttps://instagram.com/mymartialartsncraftshttps://facebook.com/mymartialartsncrafts Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mymartialartsncrafts/support

  • Врач акушер-гинеколог, автор книг и медицинский блогер Дмитрий Лубнин приокрывает кухню гинекологии - увлекательно и очень доступно описывает свой приемный день и клинические случаи.

  • Welcome to Sleep Sounds, the ultimate podcast for soothing sleep sounds designed to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. A carefully curated collection of gentle lullabies, calming nature sounds, ambient sleep sounds creates a tranquil environment perfect for the bedtime routine. Our sleep podcast offers a wide selection of soothing sleep sounds, gentle melodies, and guided meditations designed to help you unwind, quiet your mind, and achieve deep, restful sleep.

  • This podcast is a hub that connects you to thought leaders and those with embodied personal practices in a wide range of healing, spiritual- and self- development modalities. Featured guests share details about their personal practices and amazing gifts with you, in the hopes that you may hear something that resonates or assists you as you move forward on your Self Love journey.

  • The Ozaukee Family Wellness Podcast is your resource for family wellness in Ozaukee County, WI. Dr. Camille Berger will talk to wellness advocates and business owners to give you the information needed to live a wellness driven lifestyle.

  • High-level, comprehensive and authentic Ayurvedic and Yogic insights, so that you can truly level up your wellness practices and profession.

    Brought to you by Niv Rajendra, an Ayurveda, Yoga and Pranayama Practitioner and Educator. You can find her on IG @yourhealthcompass and more about her unique certification immersive here: https://nivrajendra.com/embodied-ayurveda-certification

  • In 2006 Richard Hammond broke his brain. The high-speed jet-powered car he was piloting crashed at 319mph… and the thing that stopped the car from rolling? That was his head. Richard’s been on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth ever since, and now, he’s on a mission to demystify and destigmatise conversations around masculinity, mental health, and the issues that affect us all, in a bid to discover who we are now. Joined by his co-pilot and grown-up daughter Izzy, they’ll dive into the worlds of mid-life crisis’, what makes a modern man, how to raise daughters, and even question what it means to be a little shorter than average... Join Richard, Izzy and Dr Jim, as they try to figure out Who We Are Now.

  • Лилит говорит - это подкаст о сексе и сексуальности. Его ведущая, Лиза Сагал, рассуждает о смысле и ценности секса в культуре человека. Многие вопросы здесь останутся открытыми, без одного единственного правильного ответа. Слушателям предлагается поразмышлять и поделиться собственным мнением о том, чем является секс и любовь для человека.

  • "SVEIKAS KAIP RIDIKAS" aprėps įvairias man svarbias ir įdomias, mane praplečiančias ir gydančias temas: sveikata, liga, terapija, kūnas, psichika, dvasingumas. Kartą į mėnesį kalbinsiu žmogų, kuris mane įkvepia, kurio norisi klausytis... Ir tai nebūtinai bus sveikatos, ar medicinos atstovas, pažįstų daugybę žmonių, kurie man yra puikūs sveiko gyvenimo pavyzdžiai, - tad su tokiais ir kalbėsimės😊

  • Amplified: Presented by Lurie Children's is a mini-series about growing up with hearing loss.

    Season 1:
    Katie Radasevich already demonstrated a speech and language delay when she was identified with a significant hearing loss at age two. Listen to Katie and her family share the journey from pre-diagnosis to Katie's current incredible accomplishments through anecdotes, tears and laughter - very loud laughter. This is a great resource for families who have a child with hearing loss, or anyone who enjoys uplifting human interest stories.

    Season 2:
    Dr. Katie Colella returns, now joined by Dr. Katie Farnsworth from Season 1, to co-host Season 2 of Amplified: Presented by Lurie Children’s. Laugh and cry as they unpack the story of Maria Perez, and her sons, Eduardo and Esteban Venalonzo, both diagnosed with significant hearing loss at a young age and the family’s subsequent journey with cochlear implants.

  • A podcast for parents and caregivers from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.