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  • The Life Tonic podcast is a resource for empowerment for anyone on their journey of personal growth. Created in the beginning of 2020 with the intention to provide a space where inspiring leaders, seekers, healers, visionaries, creators, entrepreneurs and disruptors in their space, could share their stories of success, failure and journey towards awakening their higher selves.

    The content embodies the fun, the unknown and out-there aspects associated with how we can thrive in our bodies and minds and aims to cover all aspects that contribute to making you the best version of yourself possible. Trust that each episode will push you to rise beyond limiting beliefs, challenge your thoughts, answer questions and unpack different concept around mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

    Get ready to be inspired and join a growing community of like-minded individuals who want to thrive, create and live their dream life! 

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  • Start a movement of speaking your truth and justice maybe create change and having your messages heard do not be afraid

  • Espresso with Erin & Sarit is a podcast dedicated to encouraging women to transform their lives for the better. Specifically those who have struggled with their weight, body image, and yo-yo dieting.
    Hosted by nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaches Erin and Sarit, the show is an avenue for open and very honest discussions on how to overcome the battles we face on our weight loss journey, be honest with ourselves, and find the power you have within to create a life you're excited to wake up for.
    Each episode is a journey towards gaining new perspectives, inspirations, and insight from Erin & Sarit themselves, along with different successful people and how they got from point A to B.

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  • Matters about your NUTRITION can never be overemphasized. LEARN, UN-LEARN, RE-LEARN with Lily Chiamaka.

    (Disclaimer: All content in this podcast is generic and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Use of the information contained in this podcast cannot replace a doctor-patient relationship.)

  • Anxiety sleeplessness depression overthinking...You need nothing else to ruin your life. Through this podcast I will help you stay away from these negative behaviors and discover your SELF.

  • The Relaxing Rain Sounds Podcast is a collection of carefully crafted 1 hour rain ambiences. Enjoy!

  • Welcome to awesome sleep music. Our videos are designed to allow you to block out noise and let you find peace and tranquility. The videos on this channel are varied in length and sound to help guide you with sleep, good studying, relaxing, or working at the office. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/awesomesleepmusic/support

  • Meditating On Self Love podcast is a place for those on the road to self-acceptance. All about affirming your personal power.Join host Ya Rose, if you are starting a self acceptance journey or just want to hear some great affirmations. This is the podcast for you. Join Membership: iamyarose.comTake Self Love Quiz: https://iamyarose.com/selflovequiz/Shop My AMAZON Self Love Starter Kit Favs: https://iamyarose.com/amazon-self-love-starter-kit/Follow On Instagram: @iamyarose + @meditatingonselflovepodcastThanks for listening!Rate This Podcast On iTunesVisit Website: iamyarose.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/meditating-on-self-love/support

  • “Good. You?” Is hosted by Samantha, a counseling student wanting to educate and share the importance of mental health.
    Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. I cannot provide professional services. Please reach out to your local mental health professionals for services near you!

  • We've all heard the familiar saying that a smile can light up a room. Here at Mouth Mechanics, we've made it our mission to help you ensure that the bright smile in question is yours! Join us in exploring the ins and outs of oral care, including why healthy teeth are so important for our overall well-being, what to do when teeth fail, and how to achieve a glorious winning smile at any age.

    Drawing on resources pooled over 20 years of practicing dentistry, together we will take a deep dive into the questions that many patients are eager to ask about maintaining their pearly whites. Whether you are the proud owner of a perfect set, or your smile could use a little repair, Mouth Mechanics is here to assist.

    Discover an online destination that provides the latest information and tips on all things tooth-care-related. Allow Mouth Mechanics to illuminate the nuts and bolts of dentistry, taking the mystery out of radiant and healthy smiles once and for all!

  • Neighborhood Therapy is the intimate conversations you have with your best friends and closest people discussing everything and nothing, from relationships, mental health, and self-development, it’s the place where I will be expressing myself freely, giving my modest inexpert opinion from the comfort of my couch about different topics. And from time to time I will be having my closest people on the podcast sharing their stories as well.

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  • Welcome to the Renaissance Bodybuilder Podcast where I am coming to you with many different perspectives on many different topics. This podcast will follow the highs and lows of my mental health journey in hopes of everyone listening to begin the process of looking inward. Think of this podcast as your private insider look into my personal journal entries. With that said, you may or may not know this, but...journal entries can go anywhere! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this epic adventure into this decorated world we all call "A Brain".

  • Welcome to the FCB podcast!

    I am so excited that you are here!

    My goal through this podcast and all the episodes is to inspire, encourage, empower and educate you on how to change your story that is no longer serving you and where you want to go.

    We will be talking about all things mindset, nutrition, and training and how to make all of them work for you.

    A true transformation has to come from within before it can be sustained without. trust me ive learned the hard way time and time again.

    I will share through my own personal stories, teach you will all my background in fitness and nutrition as well as have some guest speakers that will inspire us both!

  • Hey there! My podcast is basically about everything Med school and my experience. Taking you with me on this journey filled with roller coasters.

  • A weird corner of your life where you get to listen to the ramblings of me, MacKenzie Bates. A boudoir photographer, self love motivator, and sort of adult with a potty mouth and a lot of big feelings.

  • Mental health affects every single one of us as we each move through this journey called Life, yet we don’t talk about it enough.

    Each episode of the brand new Mind Brew Chats podcast will bring you honest conversations and stories about mental health, emotional well-being, and life. Listen to the stories of ordinary people and learn how to manage your own mental and emotional well-being from mental health professionals. Grab your favourite brew and tune in now!

    The Mind Brew Chats podcast is brought to you by Mind Brew, Kuching.

  • A Wellness Wahala Warrior is a WINNER, WORLD-CHANGER, WISE, and WINSOME. They are dedicated to tackling Wahala (which means issues/problems in Nigerian Pidgin) for the good of humanity. Our tribe of subject matter experts in our VILLAGE are a VOICE to the VOICELESS.

    Oya, join Diplomat & Ambassador for Christ, Dr. Tomi Ademokun (OmoOba)-a Public Health Advisor, as she gives you the best Public Health Wellness and Wahala gist with wonderful people using their compassion to take action to put us on the pathway to a Wahala free life. **All views & statements represented are her own and guests.

  • Trauma and Social Work takes an in-depth look at systematic challenges, an integrative approach to clinical social work, and challenges ones perspective on mental wellness. Each episode will provide education, resources, suggested practices, and much more.

  • The WHOREsome podcast is a podcast about vibes,sexuality,life stories/experiences “from a horny perspective”