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  • Kuo daugiau sužinome, tuo daugiau suprantame ir atrandame. Žinių ir patarimų reikia visiems – ar tai būtų žmogus, dirbantis iš namų laisvu grafiku, ar studentas, galvojantis apie įmonės kūrimą ateityje, ar sėkmingai veikiančios smulkios įmonės vadovas.
    Kaip susitvarkyti su iškilusiais sunkumais versle? Ko imtis stojus į akistatą su krize, kaip tvariai valdyti finansus? Atsakymus į šiuos ir kitus klausimus atrasite tinklalaidėje „Rimtai – nerimtai su „Luminor“, kurią moderuoja Algis Ramanauskas, kaskart kalbindamas vis kitus, įdomius savo srities ekspertus.

  • Welcome to Free Time, your home for heart-based business. How can we earn twice as much in half the time, with joy and ease, while serving the highest good? Join Jenny Blake, author of Pivot and co-creator of Google's Career Guru, for conversations with authors, friends, and fellow business owners as we explore ways to free your mind, time, and team to do your best work. Subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode! If you're enjoying the show, the best way to thank us is by leaving a review :) View show notes and keep in touch by subscribing to the Time Well Spent newsletter at 

  • Our team is comprised of extremely talented and successful dental professionals who are all still working in the trenches in dentistry.

    We are incredibly unique in that we approach every aspect of the practice: hygiene, administration, clinical and even the doctor.

    We offer programs of all shapes and sizes, from online courses or in-office sessions, to private seminars and coaching programs.

  • Selling on Amazon is one of the most enjoyable and challenging businesses. Dustin Kane and Kris Gramlich discuss all things related to selling on Amazon and discuss topics like Amazon FBA, Private Label, Wholesaling and much much more! This podcast is a journey of learning and evolving as an Amazon seller.

    Stay up to date with fresh content, advanced strategies, and in-depth interviews with some of the most knowledgeable people in this space!

    Both Dustin and Kris have been amazon sellers since 2013. They also currently work at Sellozo, where they help sellers optimize amazon advertising.

  • All things cryptocurrency & DeFi brought to you by Rob & Andrew!

  • This podcast is an extension of Orion's From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Blog, and is dedicated to supporting military job seekers throughout your transition process by providing valuable insight and guidance from other Veterans and business leaders.
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  • The First Close is Carta’s podcast about the people who are building next generation venture capital firms. We interview new voices in venture about their ambitions and challenges as they aim to redefine the industry. At Carta, we help VCs build enduring venture franchises, starting with fund one, and that's why we're excited to spotlight their journeys.

  • If you work in online fraud prevention, chances are you've caught the "bug". The bug that makes you passionate about identifying & preventing cybercriminals from getting away with stealing from your company, or your client's companies. Most people who have made cyber-fraud their career have the perfect balance of analytical and social skills, a strong sense of justice and the curiosity that will drive you to go down every path of information until you "crack the case".

    Just like sociology is the study of social behavior, and psychology is the study of human behavior, Fraudology is the science and study of fraud.

    On the Fraudology podcast, long-time online fraud expert, Karisse Hendrick will dive into all areas of Fraudology from the perspective of a fraud-fighter. With guests ranging from former cybercriminals to fraud-fighters at Fortune 500 companies to law enforcement and others, you will no doubt be entertained, while learning a lot about fraud & other forms of abuse prevention!

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  • How They Did It Business Podcast is focused on discovering the great minds behind diverse businesses, founders, and VC’s to learn about their journey and how it can supercharge your own life. Support this podcast:

  • ‘Let’s talk data’ is a podcast for enterprise technology professionals by Proact, the data management specialist. Follow us for updates.

  • Enfocado hacia profesionales del sector inmobiliario. Con Daniel Rossainz, Periodista especializado, Manager de producción y agente de Housing & Colours Properties.

  • A podcast to help motivate & educate others thinking of entrepreneurship.

  • The TOGCHAT Photography Podcast hosted by Joe Edelman is the only podcast that focuses on the HOWS and WHYS behind creating consistently great photographs.

    Regardless of your skill level, if you are working to improve your photography, this is the show for you.

    I am an award-winning photographer and photo educator with over 45 years of professional experience and I love to share what I have learned along the way.

    Join me each week for exclusive interviews with renowned photographers from around the globe. Also, discussions about photographic techniques, photo news and even the occasional gear conversation.

    TOGCHAT is a great way to learn while you are editing, shooting, exercising, cleaning — well you get the picture!

    I do hope you'll join me for the next episode of TOGCHAT and let me help you — improve your photography, because your BEST SHOT - it's your NEXT SHOT — and I want to help you make it a great one.

    -- Joe Edelman

  • As employers in major metro areas wrestle with how and when to reopen their offices during the pandemic, many are seriously considering the various benefits of relocating to or adding satellite sites in smaller, less dense cities.

    Downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania, a newly revitalized tertiary city, has already attracted Fortune 500s ADP, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and more, and is poised to become a smaller-city solution for commercial tenants in the New York and New Jersey markets and beyond. With its close proximity to Manhattan, Philadelphia and New Jersey, lower cost of living and off

  • Because it turns out there's no such thing as struggling entrepreneurs-- only business owners operating from an employee mindset.

    From a coach who organically scaled to half a million dollars in her first two years. Tune in for all things mindset around entrepreneurship, money, and business for launching your first business into full-time.

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  • IATA is an international trade organization, created over 70 years ago by a group of airlines. Today, IATA represents some 290 airlines comprising 82% of total air traffic. The organization also represents, leads and serves the global airline industry. IATA's Director General is Willie Walsh.

  • On the Building and Scaling Online Courses Podcast, I (David Young, aka Davey Gravy) talk about what I'm learning day to day as I continue to build my 7-figure online course business in the drone training niche.

    This podcast is for anyone who wants to build an online business, is curious about what it's like to run a business in the "new economy" (aka - work from anywhere, do business online, etc), or just wants to spy on my day to day life and thoughts.

    Listen in! And feel free to email questions to

  • Actionable ideas from paradigm shifts. Macro ESG is a research startup that integrates the analysis of markets, politics, and technology for a sustainable future to invest in and trade liquid global markets. We believe that our edge is identifying paradigm shifts that result in dramatic market change such as correctly forecasting the Biden election and its implications, China’s yuan rally, and the crude oil and COVID crashes.

  • Ką tiria rinkos tyrimai? Ar tikrai jų reikia? Ar galima jais pasitikėti? Norime demistifikuoti šią sritį ir nusprendėme, kad atėjo laikas apie tyrimus kalbėti(s) paprastai. Todėl mes trys rinkos tyrimų entuziastės – Rita Klebonaitė, Diana Žardin ir Dovilė Končak – pradėjome tinklalaidę „MR Hackers“ (angl. Market Research (MR) Hackers) – erdvę, kurioje galime atvirai diskutuoti apie tyrimus bei jų pritaikymą versle, kalbinti pašnekovus ir ieškoti paprastų atsakymų į sudėtingus klausimus, o klausytojas galės įsitraukti į mūsų kuriamą turinį, siūlant temas ir keliant klausimus.