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  • “Koučingo podcast'as” sukurtas siekiant padėti entuziastingoms ir drąsioms asmenybėms atrasti ir geriau pažinti koučingą bei jo kuriamą vertę.

    Jame dalinsimės patirtimi ir praktiškomis idėjomis, kurios padės daug pasiekusiems žmonėms tapti geriausiais koučingo specialistais, kurie prisideda prie sąmoningos visuomenės kūrimo.

    Mes esame komanda ir mūsų Vizija - Sąmoninga visuomenė, kurianti vertę bendradarbiaujant, dalijantis žiniomis ir patirtimi.

    Būtent koučingo pagalba jos mes siekiam.

    Koučingo podkasto įrašuose išgirsite, ką iš tikrųjų reiškia būti vertę dialogo partneriui kuriančiu koučingo specialistu ir kaip Jūs galite tokiu tapti.

    Dalinsimės savo patirtimi tokia, kokia ji buvo ir yra iš tikrųjų: su visais parklupimais, noru viską mesti ir atsitiesimu bei darymu ne tai, kas pavyksta, o tai kas reikalinga drąsiems ir ambicingiems tikslams pasiekti.

    Čia kalbinsime ir kitus savo srities ekspertus, kurie žino koučingo kuriamą vertę ir taiko koučingo pasaulėžiūrą savo kasdienėje veikloje.

    Jei tik pradedate domėtis koučingu - čia rasit daug vertingos informacijos be pagražinimų;

    Jei jau esate koučingo profesijos kelyje - tai bus papildomas resursas Jums ir Jūsų klientams;

    O jei esate komandos dalis ar komanda seka paskui Jus - čia surasit būdų, kaip koučingo taikymas Jūsų veikloje padės tapti dar geresne asmenybe.

    Leiskitės kartu su mumis į šią įkvepiančią kelionę geriau pažįstant ir labiau praktikuojant koučingą.

    Pasauliui reikia daugiau šviesių lyderių, užsidegusių aistra kurti pokyčius. 
Ir mes raginame tais lyderiais būti Jus.

  • Dividend investing for weekly and monthly cash flow. Using only pre-qualified dividend paying stocks to capture unprecedented, safe and predictable returns.

  • Este es un portal diseñado para compartir con todos información útil para hacer negocios en el siglo XXI. Entrevistas a empresarios, herramientas para ser mejores en el trabajo, finanzas personales, emprendimiento y mucho más.

  • Whether it’s Arizona's housing market, car buying tips, cheap family vacations, how to avoid scams, or just saving money, Gary Harper, Susan Campbell, and the Arizona’s Family On Your Side team are here to make you a more savvy consumer.

  • Every agency has a bottleneck or constraint.  And we want to get on-air and find it.  Everyone talks about how to scale.  But we want to know what's stopping you.  Tune in as we brainstorm live, how to get already successful agencies to the next level.

  • Подкаст про карьеру, образование и психологию

  • 6 Figure Wedding Planner is for wedding planners who want actionable steps on how to grow their wedding planning business. Join your host, Halima Hanemann, as we dive deep with wedding industry insiders on how to increase your sales, and up level your wedding planning business. 6 Figure Wedding Planner Podcast is part of The Lively Wed Academy. To be a guest: [email protected]

  • Leadership tips, real conversations and relevant tools to unleash your potential.

    Join our host Jeff Tetz for exclusive conversations with world-class thought-leaders, authors, and leadership experts. For more information visit

  • If you’re a Creative spirit who has an idea they want to share with the world, but don’t know how or are too discouraged to get started then the HiiiDeas Podcast is for you. Join your host, Mary LaTreece, a budding entrepreneur and creative spirit as she shares her hiiideas and experiences navigating the small business world. We'll also hear from other creatively inspiring and fearless entrepreneurs who share their goose bump, "AH HA' moments and testimonials on how they got started and where they are today.

  • Andriaus Gudaičio ir Dariaus Radkevičiaus diskusijos [email protected]

  • AI Podcast Network is your top insurance podcast network with many unique series that let you hear from both agency owners and industry influencers. Learn from real agents in real agencies, get the latest and greatest that thought leaders in the industry have to offer, and more!

  • Do you want to make a ton of money doing what you love without following soulless marketing strategies that feel inauthentic to you?

    Then you have come to the right place!

    The Wild, Sexy, Abundant Podcast is the place for female entrepreneurs who want to make a great impact and a sexy income at the same time. It’s your place to step into the most wild, sexy, abundant version of yourself so that you can lead the life and business of your dreams.

    Each episode is here to infuse you with soulfelt ecstasy and a feeling of “Anything is possible”...because it is. In this online business podcast, we chat about all things money, pleasure-based business expansion, manifestation, feminine leadership, and so much more.

    Your host, Christina Arntz, has built a six-figure business through selling with joy and playing with pleasure - a way that, unfortunately, isn’t talked about enough because the truth is: building an online business does not have to be hard.

    It does require serious amounts of commitment and determination, but you truly do not have to hustle or ‘word hard’ to play hard. If you crave to live a wild, sexy, abundant life and run an online business that fully turns you on and helps you live your best life, this podcast is for you.

    Listen, marinate yourself in Christina’s energy and follow her on Instagram for more behind-a-six-figure-business content (@christinaarntz).

  • The Podcast for YOU, the Woman who is pushing the boundaries, expanding your consciousness and doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

    This podcast will help you:
    1. Reduce the overwhelm
    2. Tune back into you
    3. Take back control of your heath
    4. Embrace your most authentic self
    5. And show up as your most confident, aligned and powerful YOU.

  • Talk Fragile X Podcast exists to provide a platform for families and Fragile X experts to share their knowledge, resources, and experiences, all in the hopes of creating more awareness, advocacy, and support of Fragile X Syndrome! Even if you don’t know what Fragile X Syndrome is, this Podcast is for you! I want everyone to know what Fragile X is and understand it’s genetic prevalence in individuals lives.

  • Join experienced leaders and coaches Dana Williams, Dr Gary Crotaz and Wendy Willard in the Coacharium, where coaches go to grow. It's the pocket-sized podcast for leaders who coach to gain skills and confidence. We break down big questions into tips, tricks and answers you can put into action straight away as you develop yourself as a leader. Tune in, get inspired and discover how Dana, Gary and Wendy's corporate and coaching experience has helped thousands of leaders to transform and grow. Whether you're an experienced leader, a budding entrepreneur, have a coaching side-hustle or trying to bring more coaching into your leadership style, you'll find an episode of the Coacharium that will bring you enlightenment and clarity.

    Welcome to the Coacharium!

  • Join Dr. Lauren for insightful conversations with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders as we explore what makes up the psychology of success. Topics include mental health at work, executive leadership, entrepreneurship, team dynamics, retention and hiring, burnout and stress management, self care at work, corporate professional development, anxiety and more.

  • On this Podcast I speak on Leadership. One thing I hate in most leadership resources is the "fluff". I am a "meat and potatoes" kinda guy when it comes to learning. I want and I chose to deliver "boots on the ground" information that you can immediately put into action.

    So join me if this is what you are looking for!