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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • TritonLake, as primary sponsors of the Ireland Sevens programme, brings you TritonLake Perform – a podcast series that will explore the intersection of sport and business, and in particular, the necessary ingredients when it comes to creating and maintaining a dynamic high-performance culture. Hosted by TritonLake founder and CEO, Conor Smyth, guests on TritonLake Perform will come from the world of sport and business, with particular focus on businesses operating in the countries where HSBC Sevens World Series Events take place - many of which are key markets for TritonLake.

  • Great minds have goals, others only have desires.

    If we read the stories of people who have done their serious
    If we overcome the inability, then it will be clear that there is a strong desire
    He had inspiration. He had a purpose in life. They themselves
    Wanted to assure that success can be achieved against all odds
    She could, and she did it.
    Wilma Rudolph (Wilma) paralyzed by will
    Rudolph), the fastest race in the 1960 Olympic Games, won three gold medals.
    "It was a will" by Glenn Cunningham
    A boy with burns holds the world record in a mile run
    Power to do. "


  • Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is something we actively pursue. At other times it is driven by events that are out of our control. Every day, leaders from across the public sector are embracing the opportunities that change can bring. In the Work That Matters series, Accenture will share these stories of transformation, the experiences of the people leading them and what they have learnt along the way.

  • A podcast dedicated to climate action across Europe. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe hosts inspirational guests from civil society organisations working on the ground to fight the climate crisis. Each episode dives into a different climate change or energy transition topic giving you the what, who, why and how from specialists across the continent and beyond. So sit back, relax and enjoy critical conversations that hope to spark a change!

    More information about CAN Europe via and you can follow us on Twitter @CANEurope

    This podcast was produced with the financial support of the European Union through it's SPARK project. Its contents are the sole responsibility of CAN Europe and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union

  • From locking in tech vendors to booking high-impact speakers to ensuring the cocktail hour goes off without a hitch, planning meetings or events can be a daunting task, and the likelihood of something going sideways is inevitable. No matter your experience level or the number of events you've planned.

    Brought to you by eSpeakers, No More Bad Events is the professional event planner's best resource for navigating this tenuous universe towards event perfection every time.

    Hosted by Scott Bloom, No More Bad Events provides an inside look into the world of flawless event execution, insider secrets, non-traditional approaches, and must-have tactics, as shared by legendary event organizers and contributors. Each episode also provides key insights to ensure your next event is met with rave reviews and resounding success.

    Tune into No More Bad Events on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

    No More Bad Events is produced and presented by eSpeakers.

  • Do runners make better leaders? Host Anthony Gay is on a quest to find out. Run The Business is a new podcast that explores the place where running and leadership come together, and how the relationship between the two could be mutually beneficial to your success in both.

    Each week, Ant chats with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world who share their story and personal relationship with running. Every guest offers a unique perspective on how running has helped them raise their game and achieve their goals.

    Run The Business is engaging, fun and inspiring and will appeal to anyone interested in running, people and personal development.

    First episodes hit the trail on August 30th!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Get into the heads and hearts of retail's leading figures. Hosted by Sorcha O'Boyle from more2, this podcast brings you the inspiring and sometimes surprising stories behind amazing brands who each have a unique connection with their customers.

  • A blue-collar business owner podcast; helping blue-collar businesses by talking through real life stories on overcoming struggles, celebrated wins, and using mentorship to grow a business.

  • Welcome to The Edge: the podcast from Paint & Panel Magazine that truly gives collision-repair specialists the edge.

    If you’re a business owner or manager, you can’t afford to miss out on the latest industry chat. Is the new equipment on the market worthwhile for your business? What are the best practices and inspiring stories in your industry? Do you want to keep up with what your competitors and market leaders are doing? Paint & Panel will answer all of these questions and more. 

  • News and information from the industry association for the wood and interiors sector in Ireland.

  • A Podcast Talking About Forex, Crypto, Business Ventures, Eating Ass and Absolutely Anything Else. Featuring Many Big Names in the Scene, This Podcast is a Platform to Dive Deeper Into The People Everyone Knows and Learns From!

  • A Podcast version of my Malayalam Career Video Channel. I have worked in India, US, UK and the Middle East over the past 28 years and this is a way I can bring my learnings to mentor and help others. Stay Tuned

  • Real Estate Fight Club is a podcast for realtors, hosted by Jenn Murtland from Team Synergi Real Estate and Monica Weakley from My Coach Monica. Tune in to hear two different viewpoints about topics agents face every single day! Jenn’s direct, ‘no holds barred’ approach is in opposition to Monica’s softer, 'more relationship-based' approach, and when the two get together… it is a battle for the ages! No matter who you align with, you will walk away with solutions for today's real estate challenges from experienced real estate professionals.

  • Michelle Zeitlin is a creative catalyst for conversation, a TALENT & LITERARY manager, producer "who wears many hats," and director/choreographer. She's a guest panelist and judge for events in the ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, BOOK PUBLISHING and ORIGINAL CONTENT spaces, currently developing multiple original shows and attractions. Michelle is also conducting one on one coaching sessions, workshops in the mind & body wellness space, and master classes in dance, fitness and career strategy. These conversations are with #bigshots in tech, television, film, stage. Listen, share, repost #passiontopower.

  • In this thrilling podcast series featuring senior Accenture executives and partners, we dive into the evolution of functional transformation across industries and organisations. From supply chains to customer service, we learn how new technology and enterprise transformation are reimagining organisations for opportunities and challenges for the future.

    Produced by EI Studios, a custom division of Economist Impact.

  • Tales From The Hook is hosted by Katie Kelleher. Each week, Katie sits down with construction executives to discuss industry insights, trends, and stories that help shape the construction sector.

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  • We're on a golfing quest of sorts, looking to increase our golfing I.Q.'s in the process. Our aim is to speak to expert guests at the intersection of golf design and construction, green keeping and the history… name but a few topics.
    This podcast is not about us, it's about the guests, what they know and how that can influence the sustainable future of the game of golf that we all cherish.
    Suspend what you know about the game of golf for a moment and join us on this journey, we promise great guests, different takes and a few laughs along the way.
    Many thanks for considering us for a listen!

  • My name is Sharon Gutierrez and I am building an empire. I've been a full time entrepreneur for over 10 years and I've had a lot of successes and learned a lot of hard lessons. I created this podcast to take you on the journey, the pretty and the ugly, of building empires. This is how I build my momentum in life and in business.
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  • A series discussing the future of work with a number of thought leaders in Perth , Western Australia as well as exploring the reality of practically implementing some of the theories and papers published to date.

  • From the minds of Leslie Mosier (creator of Doug The Pug) and Marissa Mullen (creator of That Cheese Plate) comes Diving In, a podcast aiming to explore the deeper themes behind the entertainment and content creation industries.

    By leaning into vulnerability, Diving In touches upon themes of success, setbacks, impostor syndrome, comparison and all that comes along with creative exposure to a large audience.

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