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  • Kalder alle digitale iværksættere 👋 Kom med ind i maskinrummet på en digital virksomhed der (selvfølgelig!) skal vokse og tjene penge, men også skal være rar at være chef i. Følg med når vi laver iværksætter-jackass og tester markedsføringsformater, kampagnetricks og business-bullshit af på egen virksomhed, så du ikke behøver at gøre det på din egen.

    Lidt dagbog. Lidt lærebog. Rigtig meget digitalt iværksætteri.

  • Smart Society Sweden explores the innovative solutions, technologies, and collaborations that are coming out of Sweden. How are public and private sector actors working together to pioneer the possible? We’ll hear from the experts on what makes Sweden such a smart society, and gain insights on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

    Smart Society Sweden is hosted by Elizabeth Walentin and is a project of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation and Business Sweden.

  • Hello and welcome to Chips Out Loud. In each episode we'll discuss emerging technologies in the Memory and Storage space. We’ll also focus on the customer needs that shape evolving modern client devices as well as next generation data centers.

  • I Optrin taler vi om digitalisering af sport, events og attraktioner, teknologi og hvordan du kan optimere din forretning ved at være innovativ. Vi taler med nogle af de dygtigste mennesker fra sportsverdenen, event- og attraktionsbranchen når vi vender top akutelle emner.

  • Hvad ved vi om at bygge med genbrug og genanvendelse og hvad mangler vi at vide? I denne podcastserie kigger vi nærmere på både udfordringer og konkrete løsninger i forbindelse med omstillingen fra lineært til cirkulært byggeri. Serien er udgivet af VCØB Community - et partnerskab af virksomheder og institutioner, der arbejder for at udvide markedet for cirkulær økonomi i byggeriet.

  • Following the structure of Nick’s Football and the Law published in 2018, the first episode explores the existence and growth of Football Law. In the Sports Law Podcast, Nick speaks with leading personalities in sport to share their experiences and discuss topical legal issues around the law in sports. Learn about the life of a sports lawyer, the different career paths taken, and the next big legal issues in the future of football.

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    Host, Nick De Marco QC
    Nick De Marco QC is ranked as one of the leading barristers in Sports Law and is a member of Blackstone Chambers. He regularly acts for sports governing bodies, players, clubs, sponsors, broadcasters and agents. Nick is recognised as one of the leading sports lawyers in the UK by all of the legal directories and is acknowledged as having particular expertise in all aspects of football and has been involved in most of the recent high-profile cases in the sport.

  • Insight, knowledge and opinion on challenges and opportunities of bringing AI & Computer Vision from the realm of research to real business.

    The podcast will be released once a month - don’t miss out and subscribe to be updated as they’re live.

  • If you have a vegan business, or are thinking of starting one, then Vegan Business Tribe is here to support you, inspire you, connect you with other vegan business owners - AND give you the knowledge you need to build a successful vegan business.

    Hosted by Vegan Business Tribe co-founder, David Pannell. Lisa & David have worked with some of the largest high-street brands and food manufacturers to help them understand and connect with the vegan marketplace. David is also the official UK agent for The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark and Lisa writes the monthly business column in Vegan Food & Living - the biggest vegan print publication in the UK.

    Vegan Business Tribe is where they give back with weekly content, seminars, business clinics, networking events, mentoring and online courses to help you create a successful vegan business. If you want to go beyond the podcast and connect with our community of like-minded vegan entrepreneurs or get support from Lisa & David, then head over to where you will be welcomed with open arms!

  • Giving you the best business building advice today. Helping new and inspiring entreprenuers build and grow a business from the floor up

  • Whether it's pizza, business, or life, my guests and I are always talking about ways we can level up.

    I am a dough lover who started this podcast to learn about pizza and starting a pizzeria. So far, I have learned that there is so much more to it than just making pizza. On this show, we interview a range of guests- From 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, to the lesser known apartment baker who makes eye-catching pizza on Instagram, the conversations we have with our guests allow you to learn from their successes and avoid their failures!

    [email protected]

  • I denne podcast serie tager jeg traverskoene på og går en tur med en række personer, som hver i sær jagter sine mål og drømme i livet.

    Music by Laust Foged -

  • The E-commerce Content Creation Podcast takes a broad look at the impact of creative production in retail and e-commerce — focusing in on specific creative production functions and roles and how they collaborate with other e-commerce functions to achieve their respective organizational goals.

  • The show that interviews entrepreneurs, uncovering the moments of fear and doubt that even the most successful founders face.

    On Founders Uncut, you'll hear how they deal with these moments.

    If you're an early stage startup founder and the going is tough, listen in. You are not alone - being a founder is just hard!

    Host Maria Palma, General Partner at Kindred, an early stage venture capital fund, is here to shine a light on the parts of the startup scaling journey that often go untold and never make the headlines.

    You'll hear about:
    - How to hire a senior leadership team
    - How to successfully raise a venture capital funding round
    - How to motivate a team and operationalise company values
    - How to personally grow with your startup scaling journey so you can be the leader your company needs at every stage and stay sane in the process.

  • En podcast for og med iværksættere, der ønsker at gøre en positiv forskel i verden og samtidig leve godt af det. Jeg hedder Carolina Björk og jeg er din vært. I den her podcast deler jeg redskaber, inspiration og eksempler, der hjælper dig med at skabe en bæredygtig forretning ud af det, du brænder for og er god til.

  • Hvis du drømmer om en profitabel email marketing strategi i din webshop, så er det her podcasten for dig.

    Du kommer KUN til at høre om tips & tricks der vedrører emails og ecommerce.

    Siden 2015 har jeg arbejdet med ecommerce og email marketing. Det er blevet til adskillige millioner afsendte mails og mange millioner i omsætning, via selv samme kanal.

    Som e-købmand og konsulent gennem flere år, og adskillige kunder som jeg dagligt hjælper, har jeg derfor en dyb indsigt i, hvad der virker og ligeledes ikke virker.

    Mine erfaringer med e-mail marketing deler jeg her med dig.

    Følger du mine råd, tør jeg næsten garantere dig at du vil opleve vækst:
    Øget vækst ift omsætning på email marketing.
    Højere kundetilfredshed.
    Øget kundeloyalitet.
    Besparelser på dit øvrige marketingbudget.
    Og meget mere.....

    Så abonner på podcasten, del den med en ven og smid nogle stjerner efter den.

    Din vært er: Bjarke Petersen, email marketing -og ecommerce specialist ved

  • Ever wondered whether you are doing the job you were destined to do? Do you even know if there are other jobs that exist that you may excel at?

    On the Career Couch, people from many different industries with varied career journeys will be interviewed every 2 weeks, hoping to inspire you to choose a career path that you were always meant to follow. We will also learn the best piece of career advice they were ever given and whether Covid has been a catalyst or a challenge to their working world.

    New episodes every 2 weeks, please follow!

    See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Sundhedsstyrelsen arbejder med at fremme folkesundheden. Vi fortæller om emner som trivsel hos unge, global sundhed, nærhospitaler og meget mere - sammen med spændende gæster som har noget på hjerte.

  • This podcast is dedicated to teaching you how to use the tool of Human Design to attract money into your life. I use guest interviews, the Human Design body graph and spiritual psychology to help you learn how to align to your own personal energetic frequency of financial abundance.

  • Boliglejernes Podcast informerer lejerne om nogle af de problemstillinger, som mange lejere ofte spørger om og giver mulighed for, at problemstillinger bliver belyst ud fra et lejerperspektiv.Boliglejernes Podcast er lavet til lejere af lejere!

  • Marketing nerds Jen and Casper share their experiences (and mistakes) in all things Marketing.