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  • Velkommen til Aktier på hjernen. Vi har tre spor her på kanalen: 'Bliv klogere' til dig der er ny i aktier, 'Bliv opdateret' til dig der er klar til næste skridt eller blot nysgerrig samt 'Bliv inspireret', hvori vi zoomer ud og snakker om de lange megatrends. Podcasten udkommer hver onsdag og varer 15-30 minutter.

    Disclaimer: Podcasten er alene ment som generel information. Podcasten udgør ikke et tilbud eller en opfordring til at købe eller sælge nogen af de nævnte produkter eller ydelser, ligesom den ikke skal betragtes som investeringsrådgivning.

  • Future Work Lab har sammen med syv virksomheder eksperimenteret med nye og anderledes måder at arbejde på, der alle gerne skulle gavne trivsel i det digitale arbejdsliv.
    I denne serie fortæller eksperterne på projektet om hvert eksperiment og om de erfaringer vi har gjort os på tværs af eksperimenterne.

    Podcastene er for dig, der er interesseret i arbejdsliv, forandring, trivsel, stress og new ways of working - og som samtidig holder af konkrete idéer, som det er muligt at bruge i egen organisation.

    Projektet er skabt på initiativ af Finansforbundet og udført sammen med Forsikringsforbundet, Finanssektorens Arbejdsgiverforening og primært finansieret af Velliv Foreningen.

  • Host Steve Sanduski, CFP® is the founder of two financial services companies, a New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, executive coach, and speaker. Through interviews with top achievers and visionary voices, Between Now and Success brings you the strategies, tips, and tools you need to succeed at the intersection of business and life. In each episode, Steve's guests open up and share their journey and the lessons they learned on their road to the summit. So rope up and get "On Belay" as we climb the summit to success together.

  • Michelle Marki and Signe Lonholdt are on a journey of investing like the best investors Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. We seek to inspire and encourage people, especially women, to become their own investors. Even though we are not financial professionals and none of this is investing advice, we hope you enjoy! Visit our websites: and

  • I’m here to totally disrupt the legal industry and how lawyers exit their law firms. I want to crush the old notion that you can’t sell your law firm or that it is not worth anything. You absolutely can and … There is a Better, Much more profitable way.

  • The “Lunching with Lawyers” podcast asks the question, what motivates someone to study law? The responses might surprise you.
    Loretta Kreet, lawyer, podcaster and consumer advocate explores
    her guest’s pathway to law which is often a function of personal circumstance, idealism and serendipity, her guest’s greatest achievements and what represents success and how to achieve it.

  • Master the proven strategies to sell your unique strengths in a job interview or change the direction of your career. Sandra Laws, Career Coach puts you in the driving seat of your career and reveals everything you need to know to land a job offer. As a highly experienced coach and mentor, Sandra has combined her expertise in recruitment and from working with clients in her coaching practice to bring a 360° perspective to the career journey. If you would like to know more, please visit

  • Brooke is a career coach who supports attorneys in defining their version of success, and achieving their goals. She works with lawyers to develop skills in leadership, communication, confidence, building a book of business, and work/life balance. Brooke also specializes in legal recruiting - making recommendations regarding hiring and retention, firm culture, benefits, on-boarding practices, firm structure, and roles and responsibilities.

  • The 'Think Global: Careers in International Law' Podcast series is brought to you by the Global Law Students Association. In this series we chat with international legal professionals to discuss their pathway to the legal profession, their current role and advice they have for law students interested in an international legal career.

  • Law Career Informative, Educative, and Inspiring Podcast. To give you a fresh perspective, tips, and tricks to navigate the legal profession.

  • A podcast for women lawyers. Join Stephanie Williams for a series of conversations with women lawyers discussing career and personal challenges unique to women in the law.

  • On The Lawyer's Edge podcast, attorney and professional business coach Elise Holtzman sits down with successful lawyers, legal marketing specialists, business leaders and authors to talk about how lawyers and law firms can grow and sustain healthy, profitable businesses.

  • The Law Society’s Women Lawyers Division brings you this podcast from our committee members, Amandeep khasriya, Lucy Lewis and Mollie Ferguson to discuss some hot topics during the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope you enjoy and watch this space for future podcasts.

  • If you are a young lawyer in Texas looking for ways to help you achieve your career goals, this podcast is for you. We'll talk with some of the top attorneys in Texas and find out what has been the key to their success. As a bonus we'll have fun by taking deep dives into our favorite legal movies!

  • The Lawyers Rising podcast features Founder and CEO of BCG Attorney Search, Harrison Barnes, in conversation with BCG Recruiting Manager, Brie Mills. In each episode, the two will share their expertise through in-depth discussions on issues affecting the law profession and those that work in it. Drawing from over 20 years as a legal recruiter and attorney, Barnes will explore the culture and character of law firms, how to move in and out of them, and how to rise, thrive, and sustain a career. Their discussions will offer advice for both Partners and those still on the path.

  • Counsel to Counsel is a periodic podcast produced by Stephen Seckler of Seckler Attorney Coaching ( It addresses important career, marketing, and leadership issues facing attorneys. The target audience is associates, counsel and partners at law firms of all sizes; but the podcast also addresses issues that are relevant to in-house counsel, law students or any lawyer who is looking for career insights inside or outside of the law.

    Counsel to Counsel is aimed at individual lawyers who are looking to increase their own career satisfaction and build their marketing and leadership skills. The podcast features interviews with leading consultants, career professionals and marketing experts who advise attorneys on careers, marketing, law firm management and related issues. The guests are also a roster of successful attorneys who have found career satisfaction inside and outside the law.

    Counsel to Counsel is a direct outgrowth of the blog Counsel to Counsel which Stephen Seckler has been publishing since 2005.

    Since graduating from law school in the late 1980s, Stephen Seckler has been advising lawyers on career and marketing issues and working with a broad mix of law firms and corporate law departments. He began blogging when legal blogging was in its infancy and his blog Counsel to Counsel was named to the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 in 2007 and 2008 (the first two years that list was in existence).

    Steve has written extensively on career and marketing issues and he has spoken at many law school, law firm and bar association events. He served on the Boston Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Work Life Balance and was Vice Chair of the Law Practice Management Section of the Massachusetts Bar Association. He is active in the Senior Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association, the ProVisors business network, and has been quoted frequently in the legal and business press.

  • We grabs drinks with prominent members of the legal community and talk about their career path to success. These conversations then become podcasts so listeners can soak up their wisdom and hear their varied journeys to professional accomplishment after law school.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Facilitating groups can be a minefield and a joy. In Facilitate This! members of the Groupwork Centre community share stories and experiences exploring their craft.

    This new fortnightly podcast, launching on June 21, offers something for everyone interested in facilitation and collaborative leadership.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Podcasten Tag Magten er en udførlig guide til, hvordan du skaber et stærkt og engageret elevråd på din erhvervsskole.

    I seks afsnit taler vores vært, Nanna fra EEO, med en række forskellige elevrådsrepræsentanter, der kommer med deres bud på, hvordan man kan løse nogle af de udfordringer, der kan opstå i et elevråd.

    I podcasten kommer Nanna og hendes gæster blandt andet rundt om, hvordan man kan få flere elever med i elevrådet, hvordan elevrådet bliver et fedt fællesskab, der er sjovt at være en del af, og hvad man kan gøre, når nogle af elevrådsmedlemmerne skal ud i praktik.

    Podcasten er produceret af for Erhvervsskolernes ElevOrganisation med støtte fra Tuborgfondet. Lyt med og få inspiration og gode råd til elevrådsarbejdet på erhvervsskoler.

  • Το podcast του group "Our Career Goals" της Womanlandia.