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  • Dzień dobry, cześć

    Tu Marek Szymaniak, jestem dziennikarzem i reporterem. Od lat opisuję mechanizmy rządzące rynkiem pracy. Przyglądam się jego bolączkom, zawsze w centrum stawiając człowieka.

    Wiele razy słyszałem pytania: co zrobić z tymi wszystkimi problemami, jak je rozwiązywać, czy kiedyś będzie lepiej? Ten podcast jest właśnie o tym: jak naprawiać polskie firmy i sprawiać, aby świat pracy był lepszy. W końcu wszyscy jesteśmy pracownikami.


  • On the Rethinking Supply Chain podcast, Venzee Technologies CEO John Abrams discusses the future of supply chain as well as all aspects of supply chain management. John invites a variety of industry leaders to offer their experiences in supply chain and discusses new and exciting trends in the movement to digitize the global supply chain.

  • In this podcast, Professor Yvonne Cafik, PhD explores the efficacy of performance assessment with boards of directors around the world that used an online research intervention known as Board Checkup. Each podcast profiles a different board, highlighting the key characteristics of each organization and board, the governance context as well as motivations and trends in the external environment driving the practice of performance assessment.

    This podcast will be of interest to board chairs, CEOS, and directors looking for accessible and affordable research-based tools and resources to measure, track, and develop in leadership and governance effectiveness. It will also be of interest to consultants working with boards as well as regulators and funders concerned about board accountability and impact. Finally, it will be of interest to faculty and students of nonprofit leadership looking for case studies that explore the complex nature of governance, the governance context in different cultures and countries, and the range of leadership roles and responsibilities boards and directors play in the organizations they govern.

  • Based on sports analytics, host GaryTheGent shares his sports picks, betting stories and views on recent sports topics in an entertaining way. Join the inner circle and be ready to be a better bet maker with Life's a Parlay.

  • Hear from top industry leaders as they share their experiences and their journey in the investment industry.

  • Подкаст про работу в 21 веке – как в условиях исчезающих профессий и автоматизации найти призвание и деньги. Поговорим про создание пассивного дохода, профессиях будущего и проблемах настоящего.

    Привет 👋 меня зовут Саша и я веду блог Создавать источники дохода – моё хобби, деталями которого я делюсь в блоге, а теперь и в этом подкасте. Добро пожаловать!

  • Привіт! Мене звати Олег Хороший, я власник групи компаній STAR TIME GROUP, до якої входять мережа дитячих садочків та таборів в Україні. У цьому підкасті я спілкуюся з популярними батьками про фінансове виховання та просто виховання дітей. Підпишись, щоб спостерігати за цим проектом!

  • What does product-market fit look like? When should you go all-in on a given channel? How to think about churn and lifetime value?
    Welcome to Product Market Fit — a podcast all about startup growth.
    I'm Mosheh Poltorak and I'm thrilled to bring to you this series where I'll be speaking with top founders and growth practitioners about their startup growth stories; sharing practical tips and strategies that can help your company grow. We'll cover: SEO, CRM, influencer marketing, funnel optimization, content strategy, branding, hiring, fundraising, sales ops and much more.

  • We dive deep into the tools, tactics, and hustle that was required to get those first 100 customers.

  • Seit vielen Jahren lade ich die zahnmedizinischen Examensjahrgänge der Charité Berlin, der Uni Leipzig sowie seit neuestem auch der Ernst-Mortitz-Arndt Uni Greifswald zu meinen Berufsstarterseminaren ein. In 90 Minuten gegen ich meinen Zuhörern einen Überblick zu den ersten Schritten im Berufsleben. Dieser Podcast versteht sich als akustisches Skript zu diesem Format und soll meinen Zuhörern aus meiner Sicht relevante Informationen für die auf sie zukommenden Entscheidungen liefern.

  • The CEO — ті, хто приймає рішення та стоїть за кермом свого бізнесу. Що відчувають керівники компаній? Як вони мислять, чим надихаються, про що жалкують? Що допомагає будувати життя та компанію за власним сценарієм? Запитуємо, аналізуємо, та ділимось інсайтами у подкасті The CEO.

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  • A weekly 10 min round-up of key start-up deals in UK Tech including Funding Rounds, IPOs and Acquisitions.

  • Welcome to Late Boomers, the podcast that is your guide to creating a third act with style, power and impact! Join your hosts, Cathy Worthington and Merry Elkins, as they bring you conversations with successful artists, entrepreneurs and entertainers who have set themselves up for an amazing third act. Everyone has a story, and Cathy and Merry take you along for the ride on each interview, recounting the journey each guest has taken to get where they are, and inspiring you to create a path to success as you look toward your own third act!

  • 'Fuse' is a PR and Marketing podcast from the world’s largest body for PR professionals - PRCA. Broadcaster Dan Gold hosts with a rotating crew of PR, Communications, Marketing and creative professionals from around the world. Listen to cutting edge insight focused on influence and innovation.

    We also recognise that you're busy, so no episode is longer than 15 minutes.


  • Owning a franchise is a big-time investment. Empower yourself with the right research and knowledge to make it a smart and safe one. Welcome to The Franchise Scout Podcast with Grant Bullington, a long-time franchise specialist covering Western Canada. Listen as Grant interviews guests who share their expertise and insights about investing in a franchise. If you’re new to franchising, want to learn more about franchising in Canada, or you’re looking for a fresh perspective on franchising, this podcast is for you. Gain insight on how to research, learn from professionals, and hear franchisees share their best insights. Episodes can be listened to in any order, so feel free to jump right into the ones that interest you most. Subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode.

  • Подкаст дважды дипломированного психолога Антона Тарасова, создателя коучинговой программы по увеличению дохода х2-х20 раз через работу с мышлением. Автор канала на YouTube.

    В своих подкастах я делюсь пользой о том, как повышать качество своей жизни, по-новому смотреть на мир и в радость развивать своё дело.

  • Подкаст, в котором эксперты рынка Владимир Барабаш и Константин Акаёмов откровенно говорят о коммуникациях, маркетинге и digital

  • The Evolution of Confidence serves as a medium to inspire young, hopeful entrepreneurs in their path to success. Mari Juliette dives in with fellow business owners, CEO’s, non profit owners, motivational speakers, creative geniuses, etc. to find out exactly how they gained the confidence to go after their wildest dreams and unconventional ideas. Confidence is earned over periods of success, failure, and everything in between. Enlighten your value within by hearing how it’s done by the greats, and gain a new perspective on just how simple it can be to cultivate the life of your dreams.