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  • О том как строить бизнес и быть разумным СЕО в новой экономике.

    Рассказываю на примерах своих проектов SUPERLUDI, Unit School of Business, Drommel, Nextedo.

  • Throughout this series, you'll hear from legal leaders and specialists who are spearheading legal tech at their firms, legal departments and for their clients. Hear their success stories and experiences for legal tech inspiration.

  • The Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast covers the startups that develop and sell legal tech products and services. Through interviews with legal tech startup founders, investors, customers and others with an interest in this startup sector, the podcast's host, Charlie Uniman, and his guests will discuss such topics as startup management and startup life, startup investing, marketing and sales, pricing and revenue models and the factors that affect how customers purchase legal tech. In short, the Legal Tech Startup Focus Podcast will focus on just what it takes for legal tech startups to succeed.

  • Welcome to the MicroConf Podcast!

    Featuring two episodes per week, we take a look back at the archives from MicroConf's past and publish the audio of some of the best talks delivered from the MC stage and host a weekly live streamed conversation with founders and geniuses supporting the non-VC track startup community.

  • Product Pioneers is a student lead podcast powered by CODE University of Applied Sciences that helps spread awareness on Product Management-related subjects.
    Our topics are diverse - from exploring new technologies, tools or methods, talking to experts, and market leaders to showcasing our students’ semester projects!
    Why the name Product pioneers?
    At CODE, we identify ourselves as Digital Pioneers. We use critical thinking in our day to day activities, which helps us become more knowledgable of our roles and industries that we’re tackling.
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  • Не маркетологи, а креативна агенція «Kosmiqs».

    👄 Нам набридло обговорювати всіх за спиною, тому ми зробимо це через подкаст.

    💔 Говоримо про те, що любимо:
    діджитал, маркетинг, бізнес, smm — все, що веде до біполярки.

  • Are you growing a hyper-growth company? Maybe, it's not hyper growth yet... Do you have huge dreams for your business? Yes.. well then, welcome to your new must-listen community. On the Zero To 5000 podcast, we host deep conversations with the founders of America's fastest-growing companies, to unpack the secrets that are making them successful today. Forget about boring background stories, we are focused on what is making these hyper-growth leaders win now. Exciting, eccentric, and extremely insightful. Let's take you from Zero to 5000!

  • Join host David Bain as he interviews today’s top marketers and marketing technologists to discover what martech they use, which are their top tools, why they use the tools that they do and how they integrate everything together as part of their overarching content marketing strategy.

    To build and harness the power of the ultimate martech stack, tune in to MARTECH STACKED – brought to you by ContentCal.

  • Aged care in Australia is daunting and complex and a wrong decision can cost thousands. Every week in this channel we'll bring you the tips and traps of the aged care system and keep you from making the wrong decision at the wrong time. You'll be hearing from experts about everything from how costs are charged to what to do with the family home.

  • Всем привет! Мы снимаем бизнес-реалити-шоу WIN WIN SHOW, чтобы показать ошибки в бизнесе на РЕАЛЬНЫХ кейсах!
    Здесь молодые перспективные предприниматели борются за возможность построить большой бизнес вместе с Василием Хмельницким!
    В ходе шоу предприниматель из "ТОП-50 Forbes Украина" и основатель UFuture — Василий Хмельницкий делится своим опытом в развитии и построении бизнеса.
    Участники проекта борются за smart money от Хмельницкого и выполняют интересные задания.
    Василию Хмельницкому помогают разбирать ошибки участников профессионалы своего дела: CEO Unit.Holdings — Константин Евтушенко и кофаундер Unit School of Business — Влад Ноздрачев.

  • Effortless Business Analysis is a podcast for IT business analysts by IT business analysts. We share tips to advance your IT career and your analysis skills. Go to our YouTube Channel for more great content on skills and the Business Analyst career.

  • Another podcast for freelancers? Yea, I know, but let me explain. Podcasts are an awesome way to learn from people that are where you want to be professionally and have the experience you can learn from. One thing I found is that some of the advice was a little beyond where I was at in my journey to make the jump to a full time freelancer. That is where The Freelance Podcast jumps in and tries to bridge the gap. I have talked with a lot of people that are in the position I was before I made the leap, working a full time job and freelancing on the side. The target audience for this podcast is those who are looking for advice and motivation to finally quit their job and focus 100% on what they love to do and why they freelance in the first place. I have been in your shoes and know the inspiration that a good podcast can have. This is not meant to be the best podcast for all freelancers, but instead is meant to be the best for those just getting started by giving real world advice and information that can be acted on immediately. Not advice that only works if you have a huge network of people or huge email list.

  • Failure is the greatest Shifu. On this podcast, we dive into conversation with founders, VC's, and innovators to learn about their success through their failures.

  • Great customer service is the key to unlocking unparalleled sales growth. Customer Service Academy Radio features customer experience expert and award winning speaker Tony Johnson. Tony will share how to deliver the very best service to your customers and grow your business. Tony will interview leaders from best-in-class organizations and share his common sense approach to business success. Tony has led large and diverse teams in the restaurant, retail, and corporate spaces for decades and will share strategies and tactics that work in the real world on the front lines of service. Who's ready to IGNITE YOUR SERVICE!

    Learn more today at You can also email me at or call/text 606-356-7447.

  • Natasha, host of The Shine Online Podcast and founder of Sol Studio, interviews the brightest entrepreneurs she knows to bring you no-fluff advice; honest discussions about the mental health and lifestyle aspect of entrepreneurship; and actionable strategies and success stories of those who’ve mastered the art of shining online in this conversational podcast. Her goal is to empower you to do business in a way that feels real to you. Let’s shine together.

  • Customer Support Leaders have been there, on the front line with customers. They understand how things work, and the value of support. They understand the needs and foibles of their customer base. Unlike most other disciplines, there’s no training for this role. No two CS Leadership roles are alike. No two CS Leaders are alike. So this is our opportunity to hear from those leaders and learn from them. Whether you’re a CS leader now, or you aspire to be, this is the podcast for you! Hear different leaders discuss a topic with me, Charlotte Ward.