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  • "By African Founders, for African Founders".
    It takes a little extra to win on this continent so we share stories, lessons and truths about building businesses in Africa.

  • Real life stories by amazing people from across the world. Be inspired, educated and positively entertained. #cta101

  • Marketing Made Simple in episodic releases of just under 20 minutes that can help level up your marketing expertise. Learn about the latest marketing trends, tools and insights on how you can outperform your competitors and achieve your marketing goals.Join me as I document my process and also interview the best of marketing professionals in the industry.

  • Social Impact Storytelling is a podcast that celebrates our successes and challenges as non-profit content creators. Communication professionals working for the UN and NGOs share storytelling strategies to boost your content creation and marketing skills. Whether you’re looking for in-depth expert advice or curious about the behind-the-scenes approach in pulling together compelling campaigns, you’ll discover knowledge you need to make you grow in your storytelling safari.

  • Ahmed Darwiish waa maalgaliye, Qoraa, Bare, garaad hoggaamiye iyo Ganacsade dhisay noloshiisa haddana ku hawllan horumarinta iyo hiyyi-dhisidda dadyowga uu wax baro.

    Waxa uu barbaariyay maanka boqollaal dad ah isaga oo dhisay hab-fikirkooda una horseeday madax bannaani dhaqaale.

    Koriye Podcast wuxuu ardaydiisa iyo bulshada ku xidhan kula wadaagayaa aqoon,aragti, jihayn iyo jidmarin kasta oo u horseedaysa horumar dhaqaale iyo mid nololeed labada.

  • A UK based podcast for any one who wants to hear about the career journey's of black psychologists who have followed varied routes after qualifications in psychology. The podcast will also showcase careers and stories about applying psychology to a variety of different settings from people from Asian and underrepresented groups. It also offers analysis of social issues including, race, ethnicity, gender and class.

  • A common term in the financial industry, “aggressive balance” is used to describe the optimal investment portfolio. Dennis Morton, a Certified Financial Planner™, entrepreneur, and former U.S. Army captain believes the same can be said for life and leadership. In his role as founder of Morton Brown Family Wealth, Dennis sees the transformative impact on financial lives when people become confident leaders. In this podcast, Dennis calls on his network of mentors and influential leaders to share how they cultivate the confidence to attain aggressive balance in both their professional and personal lives.

  • The Winning Ecommerce is for small and medium e-commerce entrepreneurs. There's no better way to learn how to build a great ecommerce brand than people who've done it before. We bring on merchants and experts and dive into how they built their businesses and their top lessons learnt.

    Your host Shahram Anver is one of those knowledge junkies always looking to learn more, join him for the ride. He's an ex-TripAdvisor optimization consultant and the co-founder of DataCue.

  • Finding Direction is a podcast where we help people who feel lost in life find direction. We interview the most passionate and fulfilled people and reverse engineer their life and get strategies, tactics and actionable steps our audience can apply to find direction.

  • A business podcast for product entrepreneurs in Africa. The eCommerce Unplugged podcast is hosted by Rashlin Bhachu the Founder of the Kenyan eCommerce brand Hekaya. This podcast is the place where I share the real behind the scenes of launching and growing a product based business in Africa. By sharing actionable insights, tips, strategies and inviting experts to join me, this podcast a must listen for ambitious product based business owners.

  • Carruurteenna is a new podcast hosted by Save the Children in Somalia, focusing on critical issues impacting the lives of Somali children. Through in-depth discussions, expert interviews, and storytelling, we will highlight key topics related to child survival, poverty, education, protection, and more.

    Hosted by Asia Abdirisak. Written, created, and produced by the advocacy, campaign, communication, and media (ACCM) team at Save the Children Somalia Country Office.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • A space where I share ideas and experiences to inspire young Somalis

  • Welcome to "Society Forward," the podcast that dives deep into the heart of social development. Each week, we explore the transformative ideas and actions that are reshaping communities across the globe. From the grassroots initiatives breathing new life into urban and rural areas, to the cutting-edge policies driving societal progress, we bring you to the forefront of social change.

  • PR 360 is a weekly podcast that brings together the brightest minds in public relations, communications, and media to discuss the topics and trends you need to know about. From C-Suite executives and social media experts to top tech innovators and award-winning journalists, PR 360 delivers engaging conversations that transcend traditional PR talk to explore the ever-evolving intersection of business and media. Get practical insights on topics ranging from AI and cybersecurity to crisis communication, brand reputation, and more. Join us each week as we uncover the diverse forces shaping the future of communications.

    Produced by Global Results Communications

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Building a fractional CFO firm is HARD - but now you don't have to do it alone! Join Michael King each week on The CFO Report to hear the biggest lessons, tips, tricks, and hacks that he has discovered over the past 7+ years while building his top-rated online fractional CFO firm. You'll get actionable, practical ideas that will help you successfully scale your business and your impact.

  • With each episode we bring you important news and relevant issues for early childhood educators, as well as the fascinating stories of education leaders from across the globe.

  • Welcome to the African Innovation Podcast, the African tech and innovation audio show brought to you by AfricArena. For those who don't know, AfricArena is a pan-African ecosystem accelerator whose mission is to help African startups access bigger markets and raise more capital. Each year during our tour, we scour the major capitals of the continent in search of the most game changing startups in each region which we then bring to our annual summit in Cape Town in Nov of that year. In each episode we chat to the the most interesting thought leaders, founders, investors and corporate change makers of our time, about their work, impact and ideas. We unpack their many insights around innovation, growth, challenges, mindset and investment because our mission is to accelerate the rate at which our ecosystems are growing throughout this amazing continent.

  • Evolve Lactation Podcast was created to inspire, inform, and engage current and aspiring lactation care providers. So glad you’re here! I’m Christine, an IBCLC and trained childbirth educator based in the US. I created Evolve Lactation after years of practicing clinical lactation care and providing professional lactation training to other health care providers to serve as a resource for learning and connecting over all things lactation-related. Whether you’re seasoned or studying, I hope this show will make you think and inspire you to act.

  • The Profit Talk is for entrepreneurs who want to maximize profits in their business no matter what shifts happen in the economy. I’m Susanne Mariga, a Certified Public Accountant and Fractional CFO specializing in high net worth tax strategies for 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs using the Profit First System. I have helped hundreds of small business owners for almost two decades create the cashflow in their business that allows their business work for them and not the other way around. Guest experts will be featured regularly to cover anything from life and mindset to growth and scaling.

  • The Chefpreneur movement is all about Chefs who have taken a risk to put their future into their own hands. Join Chef Andres as he wants to educate, motivate, and inspire Chefs to start their own Personal Chef Business and put the Restaurant and Hotel industry on its back.

    Tune in and Join the Movement!