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  • Support Heroes by Kaizo is a podcast made to celebrate Customer Support and develop the industry by sharing high-level insights in weekly, long-form discussions with expert guests. We want to shine a light on the contributions made by our brothers and sisters in the industry, and share best practices from some of our most trusted and talented colleagues. It's not very widely understood how tough it is to provide exceptional Customer Service, nor how much of an asset it is to companies looking to dominate the market. We'd like to change that misconception by putting Support Heroes from world-leading companies in the spotlight and connecting them to you- our dear listeners.

  • В этом подкасте я, Денис Павловский, приглашаю профессионалов работающих в маркетинге, продажах и бизнес девелопменте, чтобы выведать их секреты.

  • Smart Reading — крупнейшая библиотека саммари нон-фикшн книг в тексте, аудио, инфографике. Подпишитесь на сайте и пользуйтесь в приложении

  • Подкаст для тех кто чувствует, что стоит на месте ...и хочет перейти на новый уровень

  • Я расскажу вам о 10 ошибках новичков в сфере создания инста-масок.
    Речь будет идти об образовании, чужом интеллекте, о сообществах, о элементарных знаниях, а также почему продажи - это хорошо.

  • Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

  • Welcome to the Generosity Path Podcast – a space for global conversations with people from different walks of life, about the impact generosity has had on them. It’s a place of inspiration, encouragement and – hopefully – joy, as we hear about the transforming power and potential of generosity to change the world.

    Recorded over Zoom calls, the podcast features interviews between Generosity Path’s Founder, Daryl Heald, our Field Relations Director J.Paul Fridenmaker, and members of our global network. These conversations are full of stories which are set to excite and challenge our audience as they consider their own walks of generosity.

    To find out more, visit, check us out on LinkedIn or join our Facebook group of generous givers from around the world. Together, let’s make the world a better place.

  • On the go and on demand, The Maritime Podcast, brought to you by Seatrade Maritime, delivers news and updates on shipping's most pertinent topics and conversations. With a focus on the leading trends in the industry. Hosted by a team of highly experienced correspondents across, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, The Maritime Podcast has a focus on operational, regulatory and technology related topics, including interviews with key executives – all free to listen to.

  • Подкаст о том, как думать нестандартно и смотреть на задачи по-новому. Ведущие подкаста креаторы Александр Козлов и Анна Ягода разбираются, что же такое креативность на самом деле, и приглашают в гости людей творческих профессий.

    Подкаст от студии «Послушайте!»
    inst: @listen.podcasts

  • Fistashki — агентство Full Digital Service с офисами в Москве и Минске. У нас более 10 лет опыта работы на российском рынке, ежегодно мы входим в топ-10 лучших digital-агентств России.

  • Throughout this series, you'll hear from legal leaders and specialists who are spearheading legal tech at their firms, legal departments and for their clients. Hear their success stories and experiences for legal tech inspiration.

  • The Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast covers the startups that develop and sell legal tech products and services. Through interviews with legal tech startup founders, investors, customers and others with an interest in this startup sector, the podcast's host, Charlie Uniman, and his guests will discuss such topics as startup management and startup life, startup investing, marketing and sales, pricing and revenue models and the factors that affect how customers purchase legal tech. In short, the Legal Tech Startup Focus Podcast will focus on just what it takes for legal tech startups to succeed.

  • Коронавирус, карантин, пандемия - эти слова в корне изменили условия ведения бизнеса во всем мире. Повсеместный уход в онлайн, рост роли лидеров, перекройка годами нарабатываемых стратегий за считанные дни…

    Издание The Page совместно с инвестиционной группой «Смарт-Холдинг» начинает цикл подкастов "Smart Talking", в которых тьюторы ведущих бизнес-школ вместе с топ-менеджерами известных украинских компаний будут говорить о том, как новая реальность сказывается на бизнесе. А еще о лучших стратегиях и практиках выживания, роли лидера и команды в условиях нарастающей неопределенности.

  • Історії креативного класу Харкова та України

    Розмовляємо про інновації, креативні індустрії та тих, хто їх створює.

  • True Buds Show is A Podcast for Cannabis Lovers, and Hustlers. Join Jack Woltering every Wednesday to talk with Growers, Artist, Business Owners, Creators, Influencers, basically anyone who Hustles and loves to Smoke Weed!

    The True Buds Show is also available in video form on our site:

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  • Welcome to Dr. Amazon podcast, the emergency support channel for Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers.

    We invite top Amazon experts, and they share the most effective tips and tricks for your business. We try hard to deliver you only clear, tried, tested, and actionable info.

    My name is Vitaly Khyzhniak, I’m the CGO of Profit Whales. I'm obsessed with scaling brands beyond their expectations and building tools that will help Brands on Amazon to scale faster more efficiently.

  • Welcome to the MicroConf Podcast!

    Featuring two episodes per week, we take a look back at the archives from MicroConf's past and publish the audio of some of the best talks delivered from the MC stage and host a weekly live streamed conversation with founders and geniuses supporting the non-VC track startup community.