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  • We can start this introduction like they do on most websites. Vusi Thembekwayo is an acclaimed business mogul and global speaker. It is true. But that is not Vusi. Vusi is many things. From a maverick, a leadership genius, a petrol head, a family man, a self-made millionaire to a dragon.

  • Are you a coach, consultant or info-marketer that’s looking to ramp up your sales & conversions with email marketing?

    If so, then you’re in the right place. This podcast is designed to help you with three core areas of your marketing.

    How to get more customers
    How to make MORE per customer
    How to keep them coming back

    And I’ll show you how to do this with the power of the pen…aka selling with your words.

    So who am I and why should you trust me?

    I’ve been in the trenches of freelance copywriting for 2.5 years. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I’ve made heaps of stupid decisions.

    However on my journey, I’ve also generated my clients over $15 million dollars in results.

    This is the place to learn from someone in the trenches every day...

    'How to make it rain with your email list'

    So whether you've just got a taste for list building...

    Or you're an established list owner that's curious how to profitably maximise the profit potential of every lead...

    Then stick around, because you’re in good hands.

  • Foreign Correspondence is a podcast that brings you hour-long interviews with journalists around the world hosted by Jake Spring.

  • Welcome to the Burleson Box podcast – your go-to resource for dentists and orthodontists seeking game-changing insights. Dive into compelling, evidence-backed guidance from renowned authors and experts who've shared their life's work in top-selling books. Join us alongside influential CEOs, CMOs, academic thought leaders, and savvy business investors as we unravel the intricacies of marketing, management, and leadership best practices. Uncover the impact of your decisions on all facets of your organization, and elevate your expertise with actionable wisdom. Tune in for a transformative journey in private practice success.

  • As I travel I have the chance to meet a host of very smart and accomplished people around the world. The objective of this podcast is for me to learn from them whether it is in business, investing, future and tech, or health. I welcome everyone to join my journey as we learn and grow together with this podcast.

  • 用白話但不失深度的方式跟你聊科技,著重在AI
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  • Your source for stock market analysis, global macro musings and hedge fund investment strategies. Hosts Julian Klymochko and Michael Kesslering aim to bring you the knowledge and analysis you need to become a more intelligent and wealthier investor

  • JC財經觀點 創辦人
    📙 著作:《美股投資學》
    📝 專欄:美股投資學:高速成長與穩健收息(
    🌐 網站:JC財經觀點(
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  • A 360 degree perspective of everything related to private equity.

  • Security Token news, innovation, and development. The future of finance is here! Hosted by Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings.

  • From growing up in the Midwest to leading Goldman Sachs and then serving his country as Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson offers a unique point of view and a life experience unlike many Americans. With Straight Talk, Hank brings this experience to his conversations with the world’s prominent leaders and thinkers, exchanging a lifetime of stories and lessons from both the private and public sectors. Each episode reveals compelling viewpoints, topical discussion, and behind-the-scenes stories.

    A podcast by the Paulson Institute

  • We interview founders of billion-dollar companies in a 60-minute deep dive to find out how they were able to build a business of this scale, to give our audience access to the knowledge that built their fortune.

  • Nira’s Hiten Shah and Paddle’s Patrick Campbell discuss tech through a product first mindset to inspire you to think differently.

  • 您好,感谢您听到我的声音,我是书田小匠,如果说音乐是心灵的避难所,那么书籍则是生命的强心剂。希望我的个人读书频道,可以填充您无聊的碎片时间,也希望我的声音,能时常陪伴你我在书香文墨之中,润泽生活的枯燥,丰满彼此的余生

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  • 全職Trader,分享政經大事/投資經驗/生活趣事

    📑雙週期刊: 每期五隻重點股票&大市分析




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  • 命只有一條,

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  • Welcome to 51%, a podcast hosted by Mable Jiang that explores blockchain's rapid development across Asia, with a particular focus on the perspectives, communities and operators based in China.

    This podcast will feature a mix of English and Chinese discussions. The goal is to bring Eastern perspectives to West and Western perspectives to East, so the audience can better understand the crypto's unique market structure and how these distinct communities think and operate.

    This podcast is proudly presented by Multicoin Capital.

  • Vietnam Rising là podcast về kinh doanh chia sẻ kiến thức và những câu chuyện truyền cảm hứng từ những cá nhân nổi bật trong lĩnh vực của họ.
    Mùa 3 đã quay trở lại với nội dung Tiếng Việt về Web3/ Blockchain và tại sao bạn nên chú ý đến nó.

    Vietnam Rising is a business podcast focus on inspirational stories and lessons from excellent individuals who are thriving in their industries.
    Season 3 is back with Vietnamese content about Web3/ Blockchain and why you should pay attention to it.

  • Wake your business Up!Vietnam is more than a major world exporter of coffee. Let explore the business potential in Vietnam with us and be up-to-date with the current business news, market development, investment opportunities and so much more. Welcome to our multilingual podcast! (for our German and English speaking audiences)#PartnerInVietnam#PartnerForGrowth

  • This is a student-run podcast dedicated to the mentorship of students pursuing a career in finance. This show is a conversational exploration of stories, career development, ideas, methods, and strategies used by leading industry professionals.