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  • 15 countries. 15 true crimes. Ashley Flowers takes you on a wicked world tour, exploring notoriously high-profile cases and the cultural details that make them unique. International Infamy is a Spotify Original from Parcast. New episodes every Tuesday. Listen free on Spotify! 

  • When Afrikka Hardy was strangled in 2014 it seemed completely random, but it wasn’t. It was part of a pattern.

    Four years earlier, reporter Thomas Hargrove had created an algorithm to detect serial killers and flagged Gary, Indiana as the site of an unusual number of strangulations.

    But when Hargrove reached out to warn local police, he was ignored -- until Afrikka Hardy was murdered, and those cold cases suddenly didn’t look so cold.

    Algorithm follows the investigation into Afrikka’s murder, exposing the warnings that police ignored, and uncovering more than anyone expected -- that a serial killer was strangling women in Gary, Indiana could've been stopped. And that Afrikka Hardy should be alive today. 

    This podcast will explore how technology can be used to identify and track serial killers, and how an algorithm can influence the way homicides are investigated all across the country.

  • A simple podcast about TV series Friends. For die hard fans. You're gonna love it

  • Dan Hörning (känd från Seriemördarpodden och Palmemordet) tar upp olösta mord, försvinnanden och mysterier i en podd som bara ställer frågor utan att ge några svar.

  • the podcast to discuss all the things we wish someone told us when we were in school!

  • 歡迎來到 Sex Chat 談性說愛,我是揚。
    這是一個平凡女子為了找個好藉口學習性知識同時探索自我而開的 podcast 節目。

    KKBOX Podcast 第一期育成計畫開放報名囉!聽了這麼多節目後是不是手很癢,也想製作自己的頻道呢?

    聲動台北為你帶來北台灣最堅強的導師陣容:「Sex Chat 談性說愛-Yang 楊」、「聽新聞學英文-賓狗」、「吃宵夜造口業-Simone」、「喬西咖啡沙龍-喬西」




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  • We can start this introduction like they do on most websites. Vusi Thembekwayo is an acclaimed business mogul and global speaker. It is true. But that is not Vusi.
    Vusi is many things. From a maverick, a leadership genius, a petrol head, a family man, a self-made millionaire to a dragon.

  • Join Jonathan Youssef for a candid look at the Christian faith. Each week, Jonathan will tackle tough issues, answer the hard questions, and will host thought-provoking conversations with respected Christian leaders. Topics include theology, Biblical parenting, healthy sexuality, world religions, engaging a post truth world, and so much more.

  • The Language Tutor Spanish podcast series allows the listener to practice Spanish on-the-go! The episodes practice information learned on the Spanish lessons of The Language Tutor on YouTube found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GFwrcNlXh92xA8iKFT2WA Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/danny-evans/support

  • அமரர் கல்கியின் பொன்னியின் செல்வன்

    முதல் பாகம்
    இரண்டாம் பக்கம்
    மூன்றாம் பக்கம்
    நான்காம் பாகம்

  • Advent As We Go is a six-episode podcast series that you can listen to while you decorate your tree, bake Christmas cookies, or travel for the holidays to hear conversations that will anchor you back into the peace-filled hope of Jesus. You can also study with IF:Gathering this season by grabbing a copy of Hope is Alive, a four-week study for Advent.

  • Welcome to A Shot of...!
    You may know us as a true crime podcast, but we're adding a little more to the show!
    Grab a drink, sit back and listen to us spill it all...
    (for true crime, join patreon! www.patreon.com/ashotofcrime)

  • 獨居在香港的台灣女子,與她腦子裡的小宇宙。many random things here!
    find me: imclumsycynthia@gmail.com

  • What do assassinations, cyber hacks and disinformation have in common? They’re all weapons used by states against each other in a grey zone of harm that sits - deliberately - under the threshold of war, but could be just as dangerous if ignored.

    Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Deborah Haynes explores this often invisible battlefield, where anything can be - and is - used as a weapon and anyone, anywhere can be a target.

  • Join retired police detective and private investigator Derrick Levasseur and true crime Youtube creator Stephanie Harlowe as they discuss the crimes making headlines while also taking a deeper look into cases that have fascinated them both personally and professionally. They’ll give plenty of insight and safety tips along the way to help make sure that no listener becomes the subject of the next episode….

  • Have you ever heard a great story and felt, wow I'm inspired and ready to take action? But then your time to shine in front of your audience comes and everyone loses interest.

    Why is that?

    In this podcast you'll learn how to confidently craft stories that makes doing business with you a no brainer while feeling emotionally connected to your tribe that leads your audience to a positive change in their lives.

    Here you'll learn from the experts who are currently crafting compelling stories that persuade and influence others to take action in a way that creates a ripple effect of positive change.

    If you're a coach, consultant or course creator struggling to get people to notice your message and persuading people to commit to change that will transform their lives, Storytelling Secrets is the podcast for you.

  • The Trio of Project AD CEO Joe Binley, IFBB Pro/Coach Justin Compton, and IFBB Pro/Coach Dominic Cardone break down the business of bodybuilding, supplements, health, and nutrition with the occasional razzing now and again! Tune in and enjoy this dynamic bunch!

  • TasteSpotting網台
    直播節目: 《懸疑未決》/《迷離夜話》/《獵奇物語》/ 《今晚出POOL夜唔夜》/《喂喂喂 肯瞓未》/ 《驚天動地9up過》
    特製節目: 《蝦米的油》/《南洋中心夜總會》
    逢星期一至五 10:00-11:30pm

    《懸疑未決》- 「生要見人,死要見屍」。但現實往往不是那麼完美... 《懸疑未決》將會為聽眾講述許多林林總總的懸案。
    《蝦米的油》- 由另一角度,看不同電影
    《星期二幹線》- 星期二,有時有點寂寞,但港味會將會為你帶來不同生活驚喜……
    《今晚講戲夜唔夜》- 【港 味 會】呈獻影評節目 (第一季已完)

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  • 生活苦悶嗎?光良和朋友們Cool Talk,輕鬆閒聊生活大小事。讓我們用聲音陪伴大家。想聽什麼都可以在光良的 Facebook | IG | YouTube | Telegram  跟我們說唷!
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