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  • A weekly podcast from Ben Lee and Ione Skye about being eccentric, married, artists.

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  • 你好! 我是九龍

    專門分享 — 我感興趣的題目,從「日劇」介紹 ~ 「歐美小黃遊」介紹... ...等等


    最後,希望我們能在同興趣的範圍內,產生更多的對話空間 & 交集

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  • From opening shots, to long takes and epilogues – we explore our favorite scenes from cinema. Drop us a line at [email protected], or follow us on Instagram, Threads, and TikTok @scenecraftpodcast!

  • Housebound is the world's only House MD podcast made by sickos, for sickos. We talk about the intricate rituals, which cast members look particularly sexy this week, and occasionally, the medicine.

  • 聊一聊我喜歡的影集、電影和角色。完全主觀,個人興趣,常常跑題,哈!
    All about the TV shows and movies I like. A 100% subjective and personal passion project, and I am often off the topic :D

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  • Hosts Andrew and Vieves talk TV commercials with their listeners, the Ad Council, in this weekly podcast. As the slogan says, they've got "hot takes on commercial breaks." Find them at [email protected]

  • 電影|影集|電視節目


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  • 三個曾經同居嘅on9文青,圍繞文學、電影、音樂、藝術、哲學等話題吹下水,希望同你一齊9 start art。
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  • Join me, Kassy Amoi giving you all reviews of movies or television shows distributed by Netflix, Hulu or other major streaming platforms. I give you the honest rundown on what’s worth your time or a waste of your time, give you a short brief review why and I leave it up to you if you want to watch it or not.

  • A podcast from Brian Keiper and Michele Eggen about the movies that mean the most

  • TV Talk with Dominic Patten and Pete Hammond brings you weekly discussions during Emmy voting season about the acting contenders... as well as interviews and analysis. Brought to you by Deadline Hollywood.

  • Hello and welcome to 10 Rs Ki Pepsi, Humara Shah Rukh Sexy! We're so glad you found your way here (we know you're probably close friends and family but let's cosplay as famous and discoverable for a moment) (also we tried coming up with better names but we are not the most creative trio).

    Do we have any sort of film credentials to be making this podcast? No. But are we here to critically analyse films? No. Will we at least take an objective approach to reviewing them? Also no. <3

    So who are we and what are we doing here? We're just 3 friends, who went to college together. Who like to play word games sometimes. Who love wine. And gossip. And films. And Shah Rukh Khan. And we simp for him all the time, so we figured, why not invite folks to listen in?

    We have Digvijay, aka Diggi, who is our certified simp #1 (he literally married Anjali Sharma you guys). He's the one who's seated for a first day first show viewing of Zero, who has iamsrk post notifications on, who goes to Mannat on occasion to seek blessings.

    Next up is Preeti, our Bollywood nightingale, expert on all things music (seriously tho do yourself a favour and go listen to her cover songs!!) Preeti is a romantic at heart, and her romance blooms from years of Bollywood, music and SRKisms.

    Lastly we have Deeksha, who has probably 30% of the knowledge of the other two (she is hoping no one catches on to her noob-ness) but can 100% match the energy. She is anti-male-gaze but pro-srk-gaze cause we are all just simps after all.

    Join us as we watch SRK films from the past three decades and get together to talk about them. Zyada kuch expect mat karna this is meant to be 80% simping and 20% film commentary. Just a way to run through his filmography and have some fun with it!

    This podcast channel has no connection with any other organisation/entity or person other than the owner. Views and opinions are our own.

  • Podcast ini menceritakan segala hal tentang film yang pernah saya tonton dan bagus menurutku,
    Sayang banget kalau tak menceritakan biar kamu juga ingin menontonnya

  • The Untitled Female Driven Podcast is hosted by Jess Chou, Hannah Rosner and Erica Schreiber. It covers what we wish we'd known about Film and TV writing when we were getting started.

  • 透過輕鬆有趣的方式談論熱門影視作品、經典電影、專題探討、跨界人物訪談


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  • ここはとある路地裏の喫茶店

    ▶︎開店日:毎週金曜日 夜19:00〜
    ▶︎コメント:Twitter @RinaAraiLevia まで

  • Good or bad, a film can open many doors, and Open Door Films is all about that for anyone curious to know more than just the cast or plot of a movie. This podcast was created to promote a greater awareness of Film and the ideas many of them generate to a wide audience. This podcast includes my discussions with filmmakers, film lovers, and unique individuals from other backgrounds. You don’t have to be a moviebuff to see why the ideas from a film you saw matter. You just have to be open to learning once a unique idea comes around. Wanna talk movies and sh$t?! Email: [email protected]


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