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  • “The past is filled with incredible mysteries; the clues to solving them all around; hidden in plain sight. But these stories begin with some of the most famous vanishings in history."

    Join attorney Jennifer Taylor and investigator Chris Williamson as they re-open some of the biggest disappearance cases in all of history.

    Chasing clues, witnesses and new information Jennifer and Chris will take you on the ride of a lifetime and uncover new evidence in some of the biggest historical cold cases ever; some of which the world won't be ready to believe.

    "Vanished" is a ChrisEvan Films production, and part of the Straight Up Strange podcast network.

  • Vítejte u podcastu Gilmorky, kde rozebíráme vše, co se týká seriálu Gilmorova děvčata.
    Připomeňte si kouzlo městečka Stars Hollow a naše rychle mluvící duo Lorelai a Rory. V podcastu probereme lásky, přátelství, hudbu, filmy, jídlo - prostě vše, co naše Gilmorky milují. Navíc k tomu přidám zajímavosti z natáčení, rozklíčujeme některé z mnoha pop kulturních referencí a zjistíme, kdo je team Dean, team Jess nebo team Logan.
    Pozor, podcast obsahuje spoilery.

  • Hosted by Skye Jethani and friend (and former Big Idea employee a long, long time ago) Josh Lindsay, "The Movie Proposal" is a deep dive into movies from two thoughtful Christian guys. Check it out and tell us what you think!

  • Proper Full-On Gay Podcast is an original LGBTQIA+ podcast which draws inspiration from Alice Oseman's novels and Netflix adaptaion HeartStopper. Guests from the UK & Irelands leadings LGBTQIA Youth Organisations join the show to relive their favourite Heartstopper moments, explore the challenges that Queer Youth overcome and talk to young people about their lives. We also explore the work that our partners do to support queer young people across the UK & Ireland.Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @properfullongaypodcast Produced by Shut Up & Listen Podcasts

  • "The Potterverse: A Harry Potter Podcast with Mary & Blake" is an engaging and immersive journey into the enchanting world of Harry Potter. As the executive producers of this original podcast series, Mary and Blake bring their deep love and commitment to preserving the magic of J.K. Rowling's iconic books to the forefront.

    This is a SPOILER PODCAST. If you are spoiler free, this podcast is not for you.

    This podcast series is a captivating journey that takes you deep into the mesmerizing wizarding world, leaving no aspect of Harry Potter unexplored. Mary and Blake, the hosts of this immersive experience, are dedicated to delving into the rich tapestry of this magical universe.

    Prepare to embark on an intellectual adventure as they meticulously analyze the profound themes interwoven throughout the Harry Potter saga. Through thought-provoking character studies, they uncover the complexities and nuances of beloved and lesser-known individuals alike. No stone is left unturned as they embark on chapter-by-chapter breakdowns of the books, unraveling the hidden depths and symbolic brilliance meticulously crafted by J.K. Rowling.

    But their exploration doesn't stop there. With a keen eye for detail, Mary and Blake provide comprehensive analyses of the films, including the captivating Fantastic Beasts series. Additionally, they eagerly anticipate the forthcoming wizarding world television show, promising to provide insights and speculation into this highly anticipated expansion of the magical realm.

    Amidst their scholarly dissections, the hosts weave personal anecdotes and stories into the fabric of each episode. Through these heartfelt and relatable experiences, Mary and Blake offer a unique perspective, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of J.K. Rowling's sprawling adventure. Their commitment to sharing lesser-appreciated perspectives ensures that no corner of the wizarding world remains unexplored.

    As the Harry Potter TV series is being developed by Warner Bros Television for HBO Max streaming service, this podcast serves as a companion for fans eagerly anticipating the Max original series. This series will dive deep as It offers a degree of depth and exploration that complements the on-screen adaptation, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the world of Potter.

    So whether you're a die-hard fan who has read the books multiple times or someone discovering the wizarding world for the first time, “The Potterverse” is your gateway to a magical journey that celebrates the rich and captivating world of Harry Potter.

    As readers follow Harry's journey, they are immersed in a rich tapestry of themes and emotions. Friendship, loyalty, and the power of love are central elements that resonate throughout the series. Harry's unwavering bond with his friends Ron and Hermione showcases the strength that comes from unity and the importance of standing together in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, his ongoing battle against the dark forces of Lord Voldemort explores the complexities of good versus evil and the sacrifices one must make in the pursuit of justice.

    Rowling's meticulous world-building adds layers of depth and authenticity to the story. From the bustling streets of Diagon Alley to the haunting halls of Hogwarts, every detail contributes to a vivid and immersive experience. Readers become invested in the intricacies of the wizarding world, with its magical creatures, spellbinding spells, and intricate history. The distinct houses of Hogwarts, such as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, offer a sense of identity and belonging, resonating with readers as they reflect on their own unique traits and values.

    The Potterverse: A Harry Potter Podcast From Mary & Blake Media

  • A podcast about all things sapphic hosted by Rachel & Ivy (may include sharp objects).

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • ADHDers, Creators, Dreamers, Doers, Entrepreneurs and Neurodivergent Thinkers become the Mechanic of YOUR MIND!

    Here you'll tune up your heart and mind so your dreams don’t die in your hearts, heads, and hard drives so Clock in to Shift YOUR MIND its Tuneup Time!!

    Let's Rock and Roll!!

    Becoming aware of ADHD and getting diagnosed at 36 has brought so much CLARITY to the last 16 years of my adult life. Most of the content out there on the topics of ADHD and Neurodiversity is for parents, kids, and helping people in the workplace. I wanted something for the Dreamers, Doers, and Entrepreneurs! I believe we are the change-makers and fitting in the box just doesn't work for us!

    I ran a successful video production company for 16 years (worked with some of the big names such as Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins and more) and fell in LOVE with speaking/coaching.

    This podcast is designed for those who know they are different and trying to "fit in" is NOT working.

    This will help you build your confidence, clarity, understand yourself like never before, and create a business and life you LOVE!

    ⚡❤️ 🔧

    MORE info on one on one coaching at

  • The characters we can't forget. The movies and shows we love. Welcome to our conversation with some of the best actors on earth about the art and craft behind their iconic roles. Plus bonus episodes with some of the pros behind the scenes.

  • Welcome to the Skam Reviews Podcast series! In this series, we will be re-watching each episode of Skam. why? because why not. or because we're f*cking bored and need some Skam. so we decided to get some Skam and are now feeling much better. and then breaking down and discussing everything. also, the many, MANY remakes; Skam France, Skam NL, Skam Austin, Skam Espana, etc. its a big universe, and we plan to get through it all. hope you stick around!

    📨[email protected]
    ⏯Youtube: deeeliatalks

  • František Fuka (Fuxoft), Ilona Fuková a možná i jiní lidé mluví o filmu, o hrách, o životě a vůbec.

  • From the IMDb-addled minds of Jo Hylton and Rhiannon Cates, IMDbitch Fest is a podcast that takes you deep into the heart of Hollywood's most (and least) acclaimed creations.

  • We are a group of friends that all work on a youtube channel together. So obviously the best thing to do was to add a podcast to the roster! Talking Normies is a place were we talk all things nerd! Join us live at

  • TV shows, movies, video games, the occasional true crime segment, even album reviews, Time Out with Tony!, is a podcast for all to enjoy. New episodes every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • A rib-tickling takedown of our favorite adventure TV show from the 80s, MacGyver! Join Sam & Jeff as they dig unnecessarily deep into each episode of the series and - perhaps - learn a little something about friendship too.

  • A semi-monthly podcast where host Olivia Norquay and guests discuss horror films through an intersectional feminist lens

  • Podcast Pitch spojuje české filmové tvůrce. Bavíme se s nezávislými a televizními producenty, kinaři, distributory a tvůrci o tom, jak dělají svoji práci. Moderují Martin Jůza, Juliána Silvie Kamas a Klára Jůzová.

  • Váš čtrnáctidenní český podcast, v němž se parta dobrých kamarádů neformálně baví o příbězích - čteme Harryho Pottera a Zaklínače, hodnotíme TV seriály a mnoho dalšího!

  • A Filmtett - Erdélyi Filmes Portál podcastje, ahol öt filmmel járunk körbe egy-egy témát. Házigazda: Jakab-Benke Nándor.