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  • Hi! We’re Ash, Angie and Dethna, and this is an 18+ podcast for nasty My Hero Academia shippers everywhere. Join us for weekly ramblings about MHA, insights on fandom events and trends, and discussions on fandom activities such as fanfiction or fanart. In the future we plan on interviewing fans, writers, and artists in the fandom to give us some diverse viewpoints. The podcast has an MHA fandom focus, but we will be talking about other anime, manga, and BL in general.

  • Just two guys from NJ reviewing movies and local beer

  • Программа «Тихий час» — рассказ о тех сладких минутах, когда мы добровольно впадаем в транс и смотрим сны о другой жизни. Сны, придуманные специально для нас другими людьми. Это программа о кино. Классика и новинки мирового кинематографа в программе «Тихий Час». Что посмотреть дома вечером? Стоит ли идти на премьеру? Прекрасные саундтреки и познавательные моменты из жизни «глобальной фабрики грёз».

  • Was Anderson und Arne zu erzählen haben, kommt direkt aus dem Leben: Meistens lustig, manchmal heißblütig, aber immer unterhaltsam.

    Dieser Podcast ist randvoll mit witzigen Anekdoten, bissigen Kommentaren und fragwürdigen Statements. Er sollte mit einer guten Prise Humor genommen werden.

    Optimal zum nebenbei hören, z.B. beim Zocken oder Autofahren.

    Steigt mit uns in einen Dialog ein und werdet Teil der Show: Erzählt uns, was ihr von den Themen haltet oder sagt uns, worüber wir diskutieren sollen. Gerne per Email: oder per PN auf Facebook oder Instagram. Feedback ist auch willkommen.

    Viel Spaß!

  • In each episode of this hilarious companion podcast to HBO Max’s cult hit neo-noir comedy Search Party, comedian Bowen Yang — a real-life fan of the series — sits down with a Search Party co-creator, actor or writer as well as a celebrity fan to dissect specific themes from the most recent season. Together, the three talking heads will humorously analyze the characters’ psychology, share behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and discuss the most insane moments of the critically acclaimed show, getting fans pumped for Season 4 and inspiring them to re-watch past episodes from a new perspective.

  • We are two girls who love movies, but mostly we love talking about movies.

  • Conversations with creatives and storytellers.

    Jay Marksman (That's not his real name, by the way. Shh, don't tell anyone!)
    is a game developer, artist and writer from Helsinki, Finland.

    Interested in various storytelling mediums — including, but not limited to games, movies, TV shows, books and comics — Jay talks with talented people about their creative processes, their relationship to different kinds of stories, art, and whatever they want to talk about, really.

  • The Bachelor Zone is the podcast for hard hitting Bachelor stats and analysis. Join comedians/competitive dating experts Michael Wahle, Zachary Pyke, and Daniel A. Duddy, as they break down each week's episodes and give a fresh, engaging take on all things related to The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.