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  • Welcome to Happyly Hour with Caitlin Iseler, a corporate engagement and wellbeing podcast for people leaders who want to build a positive culture and highly productive teams. As the founder and CEO of Happyly, Caitlin spends her days talking to HR leaders across the country, many of whom she calls friends. Happyly Hour is your chance to listen in and learn from top industry execs who are passionate about taking care of their talent, supporting employee mental and physical health, and making work better for everyone. Thanks for being here!

  • You know that something needs to change- you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and annoyed. Moving further away from that lighter, goofier, fun mom you wanna be. Each short, 5-minute podcast episode gives you a strategy to use immediately and shift towards the confident mom who feels proud of herself and RELIEVED that you are finally figuring this out.

  • Get ready for transformation and to start living an empowered happier lifestyle in both your relationship and with your children. This podcast is for couples and parents who want more and who are ready to take ownership for a better quality of life. Amanda wears a lot of hats as a Mindfulness Parenting Coach, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, (specializing in anxiety and nutrition, and pregnant moms), Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher and Fitness Professional. The 4 pillars of raising independent, happy, successful children are: Owning Your Energy in ALL relationships, Parenting on the Same Page, Redesigning Discipline, and most of all Communicating Effectively in a loving way in ALL relationships. With Amanda's take charge attitude and high energy this will be a show you don't want to miss.

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  • Helping overwhelmed working moms create balance through healthy habits, organization and intentional living.

    Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle all the many hats you wear as a working mom? Do you long for quality time with your family without the distraction of work, and crave time alone to quiet all the noise and just take time for yourself and your needs?

    In this podcast, you will find simple ways to be more intentional with your time so you can free yourself from the chaos. My mission is to help you create balance in your life by implementing healthy habits, organizing your home and your schedule, and setting healthy boundaries. . I will teach you how to take control of your time, how to say no, how to be more present in the moment, and most importantly how to start putting your needs first because no one can pour from an empty cup.

    Hi, I’m Kerri and I’m a wife, mom of 3 and a recovering perfectionist! I spent years feeling burnt out, always saying yes because I didn’t know how to say no, allowing work to creep into my family time, and never take time for myself because I put everyone else’s needs ahead of mine. I finally realized that I’m never going to get this time back with my kids and my family and I needed to reprioritize and focus on what is truly important in life. I’ve spent countless hours looking for ways to make life simpler, easier and more fulfilling and I’m looking forward to sharing my years of research and trial and error with all of you!

    If you are ready to finally feel like you have more control over your life and your schedule, start your days with calm instead chaos, and feel like the best version of yourself, then this podcast is for you!

    Instagram : @mom.wife.career.life - DM me anytime!

  • A late-night talk show style podcast hosted by Dominic Burritos

  • Two young adults smoking ouid and talkin it up. Anything from random stories to meaningful talks about feelings all the way to us just being dumb as shit. Roll up spark up and enjoy.

  • Refocusing from the optics and horse race based political coverage in the mainstream media, the Explanation is a nuanced deep dive into the most important policies that affect people every day with the insights of an all star lineup of guests and policy experts.

  • 要讓孩子「越寫越快樂」並不是件容易的事,而長期耕耘讀寫教育的喜閱樹,透過各種閱讀和寫作課程,引領中小學生探索課本之外的讀寫風景。和孩子一起教學相長的旅途中,我們累積許多閱讀及寫作教育的心法和技巧,將透過【閱寫越快樂】這個Podcast節目陸續分享,邀請聽眾朋友和我們一起陪伴孩子,閱寫,越快樂!

    👉 老師暢聊篇
    👉 家長QA篇
    👉 好書介紹篇

    🔸 期待孩子能有更好的閱讀寫作能力之家長
    🔸 想學習更多閱讀寫作教學技巧的老師
    🔸 想認識更多有趣好書的讀者們

    🔹 了解養成閱讀習慣的小技巧
    🔹 學習累積寫作能力的好方法
    🔹 適合兒童及青少年的讀物分享
    🔹 知悉教養中的重要教育心法和原則


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  • Every week I’ll discuss a different personal finance topic in less than 20 minutes and discuss how each topic can make a positive impact in your life. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ben5933/support

  • Hello JIANG 信誓旦旦要錄到1000集的頻道

    找一個可以安靜了解一件事的Podcast 節目頻道。

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  • Spoken Journal is home to raw and honest storytelling. Kimberley Nutbey shares her thoughts, adventures, and insights with her listeners as if writing in her own journal, and invites guests on her show to do the same.

  • 全糖大冰奶,開啟你上班的好心情。

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  • 不務正業的民宿老闆與台南羅漢腳的奇異閒聊。

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  • 這東西太好了,不能只有我知道。


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  • 廣東話閒聊Podcast節目🎙
    💁🏽‍♀️黑皮哥💁🏽‍♂️Cony姐 每星期帶你走入戇鳩次元

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  • 比漫畫情節更像漫畫的人生起落,如漫畫主角同樣堅持的追夢歷程

    本書是亞洲知名漫畫製作人.IP經紀人.電影導演和監製 :李建興Jack Lee精彩前半生的自傳。他出生於馬來西亞,天生機靈聰慧,而且天生三寸不爛之舌,十六歲即輟學獨自前往發展,做過各行各業,然後在漫畫找到自己的定位,在80年代的香港很快憑漫畫事業創造人生第一桶金。他和香港.台灣日本.馬來西亞等地的漫畫家合作,除了代理銷售漫畫到東南亞各地,也邀請黃玉郎的弟子周聖組成漫畫工作室,出版香港武俠漫畫。在90年代港台漫畫的黃金年代,他日進斗金,風光一時。

    人沒有一身順風,接下來Jack 經歷浮浮沉沉,經歷破產,去中國重新開始,回到馬來西亞開始從事電影業。憑著一股不服輸的堅持,再次站起來,堪稱『打不死』。Jack Lee和您分享他經歷的商場謀略,奇人異事,行內不為人知的秘密,和他經歷多次高低潮也不放棄的致勝關鍵,值得您細細品味。

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  • Bienvenue sur RENCONTRE.

    Chaque épisode de ce podcast est une discussion qui pourrait naître au détour d'une rencontre. Des personnes se racontent, se laissent aller à la confidence et nous livrent leurs peines, leurs joies, parlent d'une passion ou d'une expérience qui a marqué leur vie, dévoilant ainsi leur intimité. Parce qu'il n'y a pas de petites histoires, nourrissons-nous de chacune d'entre elles.

    Je vous donne rendez-vous chaque semaine sur Spotify, l'application Podcasts Apple ou Soundcloud, bonne écoute.