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  • If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha Bar fame, a young Leomeo evolving quickly from lounge & chill-out to more mainstream house, with residencies across Paris and guest appearances across the globe quickly following. Leomeo's influences have a true tribal feel, yet with tech tones, vocal injections & progressive beats, means he has an amazing ability to adapt to a wide range of clubbing brands & concepts, as well as keeping his audiences entertained throughout his live performances. This makes Leomeo one of the busiest D.J.'s on the worldwide clubbing circuit & scene to this day.

    And it doesn't stop there, as Leomeo has chalked up an impressive collection of studio works and remains continually active & creative with projects involving both recording partners & other leading producers. With a dynamic discography including solo tracks and remix works, he has amassed a comprehensive collection of compilations, now close on treble figures and with equally impressive download statistics. Ranging from tribal tunes to dance devotions and back again, Leomeo's recording's are as prolific as his live performances, recent solo releases "The Sound Of C" & "Give Me Love" snapped up by a handful of artists for remix productions.

    Boosting a successful international D.J. career that spans well over two decades, Léoméo has recently devoted much of his time & focus to music production, reflected in singles "The Bomb", "Do U Feel It" in 2013 “Be Famous", "Glory Days" & "Oulala".. In 2015 "Muscles", "Lucky Star", "Wires".. world renowned producing artists such as Lissat & Voltaxx, Rober Gaez, Hoxton Whores & Jason Chance adding their own remixes to Leomeo’s original releases. However, as rewarding his production work is, Leomeo has found that the toughest challenge has been to be recognized in his own country of France, but having been approached by the stars of the French music scene including Julien Doré and Adrien Gallo to work on their singles, then having had his work signed to Sony Music & Warner Music, remixes of "Paris-Seychelles", “Chou Wasabi "and" Monokini" in particular. As a result of this recognition, not only are many of his own singles destined for further production from renowned professional musicians, but his remixes of Julien Doré’s works have been playlisted on French national radio stations.

    However, D.J.’ing remains Leomeo’s core activity, extending to gigs in clubs across the globe, music festivals, fashion shows, luxury hotels & exclusive events, while he also currently holds residences in Paris, Cologne, Rome & Sydney. True to his passion and driven by a deep desire to communicate, Léoméo continues to travel the world to reach new audiences armed only with his turntables and his killer smile. And, as a result, thousands dancers fall under the spell of his eclectic & energetic sets which have their roots in house, tribal sounds, tech and electro punctuated sublime forays into progressive beats.

  • Home with House is a monthly podcast featuring house music mixes. The show often showcases deep house, funky house, jazzy house and soulful house music, but it also includes other genres. This podcast explores the boundaries of house music while always keeping you grooving to the beat. Check it out today!


  • 鵬博藝術負責人徐鵬博,以及音樂工作者吳毓庭,聯手打造以古典音樂產業為主題的談話節目《大叔聊古典》,分享這個產業的各個面向與有意思的相關新聞,同時也邀請業界人士,來聊聊他們與古典音樂的緣份。




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  • 漂流各地的少年們,打破國界限制、不自我審查、不去脈絡、嬉笑怒罵、針砭時弊、肆無忌憚地議論跨越疆界的故事、文化、或時事議題。

    🌐 星馬時間每週三、四、五;9PM隨機更新一集。
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  • Conversations with contemporary analysts, commentators and icons about their personal relationship with France, the French and how their lives have been influenced by Gallic culture. Paris Perspective features one-on-one discussions, round table debates and exclusive interviews with those who can see the world from a French context, and France’s position on the international stage.

  • Crybaby is a podcast about brains and feelings brought to you by Natacia and Ruby, professional full-time girlfriends and part-time ex-girlfriends. we are fuelled by cultural fomo, colourful love lives, and being chronically online.

  • 常言道:「酒後吐真言」,一個言詞犀利一個幹話連篇,兩個男孩(?)在酒精的催化下可以口出什麼狂言?歡迎你倒一杯酒,戴上耳機,跟 Eason 和小馮在微醺之際一起閒話家常,一起吐槽這個社會。

    Eason IG:kai_shiun
    小馮 IG:fong___________

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  • In celebration of Brick Court’s 100th birthday in 2021, we are proud to present this series of programmes featuring past and present members of chambers in conversation, discussing their experience and experiences – in practice, on the bench and in all sorts of other places that a career in law has taken them. We hope that these programmes will be of interest and use to barristers, solicitors, judges, law students … or indeed anyone with an interest in the law

  • presents, "Wait, Is This A Date?" a queer dating podcast where hosts Drew Gregory and Christina Tucker are joined by special guests to discuss topics like hooking up with your friends’ exes, flirting via Instastories, and, of course, the classic queer conundrum: is this a date?!

  • Follow Us makes a podcast debut with a short discussion on the thing that we do best - hotel stays! The memorable, interesting, scary, and the weird! All captured under 50 minutes!

    We welcome collaborations dear godparents! Drop us a note at

    Follow Us IG: @follow_ussg

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  • Dans le cadre du Nantes Innovation Forum, Le Monde propose 3 podcasts qui mettent en lumière les initiatives citoyennes mises en place pendant la crise sanitaire. Chaque épisode est centré sur une initiative collective ou personnelle issue du bassin nantais.

    Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

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  • 麵包、大寶、阿桂三人主持的【一問三不知】,
    主旨是跟大家分享各種生命中的「Dark Side of the Moon」(月之陰暗面),



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