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  • Parenting can be tough, particularly when families are facing the uncertainty and isolation from COVID-19 social restrictions. As youth move into independence and making their own decisions-often with risk-parents can feel out of control and even desperate at times. I'm a mother and grandmother who has accumulated almost 20 years of parenting adolescents through many challenging situations. What you and your child are going through is important to me, and I'm here to help.

  • Hey Moms...

    Are you tired of being tired?
    Want to get your strength back postpartum?
    Losing your temper with your kids?
    Interested in learning how to be a confident mama and what it takes to raise caring & strong confident kids?

    Welcome to Citrus Love-Keeping Motherhood Inspired!

    Your host Christiane Bégin, a mother of 2 will bring you inspiring conversations with strong mothers, business owners, experts, authors all focused on how you can become your STRONGEST MOM SELF because you deserve to feel amazing even in the midst of motherhood.... that's right!

    You'll also learn tips and get more insights on how you can raise caring, mentally strong, confident kids and the next generation of global citizens.

    This podcast focuses on raising thriving mothers and children so you can find the joy and the energy and not feel alone along the way.

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  • Your homeschool doesn't belong in a box. If you believe your family's homeschool should be as unique as you, or maybe you're just curious about getting started, then you're in the right place! Subscribe today and remember if God called you to this, you were MADE for it! 



  • Join Dr. Rinku Mehra, a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist and obesity medicine physician, as she unravels the complexities of managing diabetes and other endocrine disorders in children and adolescents. By providing expert medical guidance and evidence-based knowledge, her goal is to empower parents and caregivers so that the pediatric patients in their lives can grow up in balance. More at

  • 大家好!我是MS.MAMA馬麻小姐,歡迎來到「ONEDAY有一天」,這是一個專為小朋友們設計的節目,在這個節目中,我們會分享來自世界各地的精彩故事,一起探索奇幻的故事世界並激發無限想像力!不僅如此,MS.MAMA更鼓勵你們參與這個節目。在每個故事後,我們會提出問題,讓你們思考、分享自己的想法,或者編造故事的結局。我們相信,每個小朋友都是一個天才的故事創作者!
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    FB: Oneday有一天
    IG: Oneday_1983

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  • Join Clancy and his pals, Peter and Sophia, on a dazzling adventure in the Rainbow Surfers Podcast! When Clancy stumbles upon a magical portal, they ride a radiant rainbow straight into Lumino City—a land bursting with light, color, and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Perfect for kids with big imaginations and parents looking for wholesome, fun-filled tales. Hop on the rainbow and let's light up the world of Lumino City together!
    Head over to to pick up your copy of the Rainbow Surfers book today!

  • Welcome to 'Stories for Chella Kutties,' the enchanting Tamil podcast that brings cherished moral tales to life for young minds. Delight in a world of imagination and wisdom as each episode takes your little ones on a captivating journey through time-honored stories that are both entertaining and filled with valuable life lessons.

    Hosted by a charismatic storyteller, our podcast creates a magical space where children can immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Tamil culture and its rich moral heritage.

    Tamil bedtime stories , Stories for Kids ,Tamil Stories , Kids Podcast, Tamil kids

  • Parenting is not an exact science, but we explain the science behind it so you can parent with more understanding and less stress. Welcome to the Parent Lab podcast. We believe the secret to happier parenting is helping parents build confidence in their parenting skills and the ability to tackle any challenging situation.

  • Are you a parent of an autistic or neurodiverse child, who is feeling overwhelmed and would benefit from resources to help you better support and connect with your child? If this describes you, then please subscribe and follow the Autism Family Toolkit now, because this podcast was created specifically for you and your parenting journey! The Autism Family toolkit provides short, practical, parenting habits, hacks, and routines to maximize your family’s ability to thrive in everyday situations. The tools discussed on the show are things you can utilize right away, and build into your home routines. My name is Brian Keene, and I am a licensed pediatric occupational therapist, and the founder of Pure Hearts Therapy, a growing therapy practice that provides in-person and virtual therapies. Pure hearts therapy is based in phoenix, Arizona and provides services in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of our bi-weekly podcast episode releases.
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  • Watch the episodes of The Prodigy Show with Raghav Himatsingka and get amazing insights. Leap into the world of parenting and discover the secrets of early learning and development in your baby. Every episode has a special guest sharing their personal experiences with The Prodigy Framework. Also, get some interesting tips and tricks from Raghav to know what makes your child a prodigy baby.

  • What was it like to be an Asian in America back then? And, why are cats so scared of cucumbers? They're just vegetables. Find out by listening to this Podcast! You get some history and a bit of humor in!

  • Empowering teens' development into tomorrow's thought leaders and entrepreneurs, and coaching them to become men and women of IMPACT, who can change the world.

  • Es un podcast interactivo donde hablaremos temas súper interesantes de la sociología

  • 《弟子规》原名《训蒙文》,清代著名学者、教育家李毓秀所作的三言韵文,后改名为《弟子规》。具体列述弟子在家、出门、接物与学习上应该恪守的守则规范。《弟子规》文笔自然流畅,朴实无华,影响深远,在清代文化中占有重要地位。

  • Bergstrom Bunch Podcast with Husband and Wife duo Jason and Kathy Bergstrom.

  • The Bible for Me podcast is for kids and families! Each episode features the audio from one Bible story from The Bible for Me: Bible Stories and Prayers Bible Storybook written and voiced by best-selling author Amy Parker and Mike Nawrocki (co-creator of VeggieTales and voice of Larry the Cucumber). Each episode is under 5 minutes and includes music and sound effects. Families can listen together or read along using the book. Stories start in Genesis and cover the arch of the Bible. Visit for more information and resources.

    The Bible for Me Podcast is a part of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network. To find practical and spiritual advice to help you grow into the parent you want to be visit

  • India is the land of magic.I would be sharing a lots of stories on podcast.That stories would encourage children to think, imagine, relax and enjoy.

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  • This show features interviews with Eagle Scouts and talks about their experiences in the Boy Scouts of America and how it has helped them be prepared for life.