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  • Aspiring Doctors is a platform dedicated to providing individuals with opportunities to learn about medical careers despite the covid-19 pandemic. Our podcast is about everything medicine. We will be covering various medical procedures, pathways into medicine, premed life, and much more.

  • Welcome to The Balance Club, where we believe that a balanced life helps us to be healthy in all the areas that matter most. Join us for a mix of conversations about physical, mental, financial and emotional health, all served with a side of motivation and a dab of humour. 


    The Balance Club offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for honest conversations or a chance to just take a moment and chill the heck out. Check out the series and choose one (or more!) that suit your mood.


    Here at the Balance Club we believe that wellness is a foundation to build on every day as part of a fuller, more joyous and more productive life. Come join us wherever you are in the world and discover your best balanced life!


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  • Can’t sleep? Listen to inspiring guest discussions on mental health, self-reflection, recovery and the creativity and passions that anchor them.

  • Hey, mama! I know what it feels like to be busy, overwhelmed and stressed while working and taking care of everyone else (but yourself) and the way it makes you feel not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. You know it’s time to make a change in your life and say YES to yourself... but it feels so hard. There aren’t enough hours in the day and you feel guilty when you DO take time for yourself. But you know you NEED a massive transformation not only with your body, but your mind too! You can’t keep pouring from an empty cup... BUT WHERE TO START?

    You’ve already tried everything, and nothing has worked for you yet. Don't worry friend - I’m your host, Emily Nichols, and I get it. I’m a busy working #boymom and wife who used to put everyone else first and felt physically and emotionally drained every day until I began redefining self care. When I finally started taking care of myself starting with my nutrition, it snowballed into moving my body and even more importantly--a huge mindset transformation rooted in deeper faith and personal development. Before I knew it, I developed my own simple and sustainable self care method that has helped me transform into the wife, mom and friend that I always wanted to be. And I know you can have this too, mama.

    It's time to cut through the countless & overwhelming Google searches you’ve done, stop comparing yourself to other working mamas who appear to have their lives together (spoiler alert: none of us do), and lose the frustration you feel daily because you’re not feeling like the best version of yourself. It's time to simplify this for you with easy steps that you can start implementing NOW to begin your transformation because, friend, I truly believe that your self transformation doesn’t need to be hard.

    I’m here to walk you through redefined self care with an EASY, tactical method that you can customize. Starting with simple fitness, nutrition and mindset habits that will help you feel your best so you can pour from a full cup. If this sounds like the self transformation you’ve been looking for and you’re ready to say YES to living the life you were meant to live, then this is the podcast for you.

    You will hear from inspiring guests and myself who will educate, motivate and pour into you practical self care tips that are easy to implement such as how to make fitness work for you, food freedom and nutrition guidance, Whole30 tips, how to make those mindset shifts, and how to make choices that turn into daily habits (in addition to some real emotions & laughs.)

    Friend, I want to give you these tools to help you start redefining your own version of self care and begin your own transformation from the inside/out in order to start feeling your best and living your life with intention.

    So are you ready to become SELF TRANSFORMED? Let’s do this!

    ***Emily is a Certified Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Coach, Whole30 Certified Coach, Behavior Change Specialist & Taco Tuesday Enthusiast**

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  • Boundaries, the most ignored power I have to determine how I allow other people to treat me. Here are my personal journey and some wonderful insights with special guests that I would like to share with you. You deserve love and respect, and boundaries will help you to receive just that.
    If you need help, contact me at see also

  • I'm your host, Trevor Maxwell. I'm a stage IV colon cancer survivor, and I've got a message for other men: You don't have to go through cancer alone.

    Every week on the Man Up to Cancer podcast, you can expect raw, unfiltered conversations about men, cancer, and our experiences. My guests will be other patients, survivors, advocates, and friends from #cancerland.

    We'll tackle the topics of grief, pain, and the physical suck-fest of cancer. But .. PLOT TWIST.. we're also going to joke, laugh, and have fun.

    For more content, merch, and other manly cancer stuff, check us out at

  • This Podcast is about Roblox, Minecraft, and other games that we all love!

  • My name is Edie. On my podcast I play roblox with friends and do quarantine hacks and things like that.

  • A podcast dedicated to exploring your internal tool kit. Cohosts P.J. Galati, Thomas Baisch and Tanda Headrick navigate unbridled sarcasm, bizarre fictions, amazing deals and occasional sidebars, to bring you information on the skills employed, and enjoyed, by makers. An entertaining romp with some useful insight and information.

  • GODMODE arba „Dievo Režimas“ – tinklalaidė skirta vaizdo žaidimams, pasaulinei bei Lietuvos žaidimų industrijai ir kultūrai. Pokalbiai apie naujausius žaidimus nuo populiariausių serijų iki išskirtinių nepriklausomų kūrėjų darbų, žaidimų konsoles ir kitą įrangą. Svarbiausios žaidimų naujienos pasaulyje ir Lietuvoje, pažintys su Lietuvos kūrėjais ir jų žaidimais. Laidą rengia „Lietuvos žaidimų kūrėjų asociacija“.

  • Good clean fun! The OdoShow is real cleaning talk and tips. Busting cleaning myths, helpful cleaning hacks, OdoBan news, and more! Hosted by real OdoBan team members Val and Dave. Presented by OdoBan, the original odor eliminator since 1980.

  • Tres amigos se reúnen cada semana para platicar de sus aficiones y pasatiempos.

  • Welcome new brokers/retailer trader's this a place for you! To learn ask questions, feel comfortable being able to trade.. best of all have fun! You took the step to invest in you so let's collect some dividends! 🤑 Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to A World Where LivingWorks, stories of science and survival. Bringing together our heads and our hearts, to build a suicide safer world.

    Suicide can be prevented—and everyone has a role to play.
    Life-saving skills can be learned by individuals, businesses, and communities everywhere. Together, we can build a safer, more hopeful world. Join us as we hear from technical experts and people with personal expertise when it comes suicide and its prevention.

  • U22 is about readers' journeys through Ulysses, James Joyce’s modernist epic about the lives of ordinary people on a day in Dublin in 1904. The podcast anticipates and accompanies a reader-friendly edition Catherine Flynn is bringing out with Cambridge University Press for the book’s centenary in 2022. Here, she and her co-hosts Rafael Aguilar, Emily Moell, and Louie Poore talk with the contributors to the volume and with readers of Ulysses from around the world. Listen to their first impressions, later realizations, and the challenges and the pleasures they met along the way.

  • „Mikstūra“ – tai laida apie muzikos kūrybą, improvizaciją ir iššūkius. Visa tai gyvai – ant LRT OPUS radijo stalo. Kiekvieną savaitę muzikos kūrėjai pagal paskirtą užduotį improvizuoja, miksuoja ir gamina naują kūrinį – tiesiogiai LRT OPUS studijoje. Tai dviejų valandų trukmės išbandymas, sužadinantis nematytus kompozitoriaus įgūdžius ir leidžiantis muzikos kūrėją išgirsti naujai. Kiekvieną sekmadienį nuo 21. 00 val. Laidos ved. Ignas Klėjus ir Gytis Judys.

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