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  • Sports Talk and Pop Culture Comedy Podcast presented by Eric Dunn and Andrew Willis. We are Dunn and Drew. New shows every week. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Soundcloud.

  • Welcome to The Just Football Podcast, a football show bringing you thoughtful conversations, stories, insights, analysis and topical discussions about the world's most popular sport. Join Jonathan Fadugba, Steve Wyss and a variety of special guests as we explore the beautiful game. Visit the website also:

  • A Goal in One Podcast is brought to you by Andy Carter, Chris Bowman and Jamie Woollard. The concept behind this podcast is to bring in Elite level golfers and footballers to talk not only about their careers but also their passions outside of their respective sports.Many footballers in particular are HUGE golf fanatics and, they will watch and play golf where possible so this podcast is a great platform for them to talk about their passions outside of football which you normally wouldn't be subject to in your generic podcasts. The same applies to golfers, who outside of golf are huge football fans. For Example, Rory McIlroy and Matt Wallace are massive Manchester United fans, Justin Rose is a big Chelsea fan and Luke Donald is a Tottenham Hotspurs fan. This introductory podcast explains who WE as hosts are and our relationship to each other and how this podcast came about. Andy Carter a PGA Golf Coach based in Dubai at Jumeirah Golf Estates, the home of the European Tour's Race to Dubai end of season DP World Tour Championship. Andy works with a lot of amateur golfers to help improve their games but outside of golf has a huge passion for football and Manchester United Chris Bowman is a Dubai based Sports Performance Consultant, who runs Elite Training & Sports Medicine DXB. Chris has extensive experience working with a number of footballers from the Premier League and Championship having previously worked with Leeds United & Bolton Wanderers FC.Jamie Woollard is a Dubai based Strength & Conditioning coach also working with Elite Training & Sports Medicine DXB. Jamie also has great experience working with footballers from the Premier League and other leagues across the globe .

  • I have always been a social athlete while I am out competing. I am that guy that will joke around on the starting line of an Obstacle Course Race, Triathlon or even and Ultramarathon, but still keep focused on the task at hand. Here I have the chance to take my social skills to the highest level! On this show we will talk about sports ranging from Obstacle Course Racing, to Ultramarathons, to everything in between and beyond!

    As a guy who went from 240lbs and lazy, to a healthier, leaner, endurance athlete, I want to hear from you!

    Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior, or the hardcore, sick individual who has the beastly desire to crush everything in your way (me, haha)? Are you looking for that PR, BQ, FKT, or just an LOL? Then, by all means, we will not BONK on this show!!!

  • fantasypod som omhandler eliteserien fantasy i første omgang. vi tilføyer også fantasy premier league til høsten.

    bli med i vår liga: np40d4

  • Patrick Pope and Rawn Erickson II. Two pals with total boners for the UFC team up for a weekly podcast to discuss fights and fandaemonium.

  • Are you a coach, parent or someone involved in the life of a young athlete? Are you looking for resources and information that can improve their overall development on and off the field while making a positive impact on their lives? If your answer is yes then the DYA Network is here to serve you. On the show we will provide real life examples and time tested advice that will help you motivate and inspire young athletes to reach their fullest potential in sports, life and develop the champion within. Topics on self-confidence building, coaching tips, strength and conditioning, sports performance, injury prevention, fitness evolution, speed training, team building, flexibility, physical readiness, technical skills, mindset, mental toughness, nutrition, goal-setting, concussion education, college recruiting plus much more from the best experts in their field. DYA Network is a one stop shop podcast for total development of the young athlete. The clock is let the games begin and join us today.

  • To ivrige gutter som har savnet en podcast om hva som skjer i Asker og Bærum hockyen og spesielt med Frisk.

    Har fulgt Frisk siden slutten av 80 tallet.

  • Run without injuries or pain? Yep, you don’t need to be a frustrated runner that constantly has to stop running. That’s what I am here for…to teach, educate, and discuss all things related to staying healthy so you can continue to run into your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond!

    Do you want to know how to shave time off your latest race PR? Do you want to continue training without having to be told to stop running in order for your injury to heal?

    You could be an active adult looking to start a couch to 5k program or an experienced marathoner, we have something for you! We discuss practical ways to improve your running strength, training, nutrition, and mindset!

    Host Dr. Duane Scotti, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS is a practicing physical therapist, educator, researcher, and founder of SPARK Physical Therapy, LLC.

  • En podcast om å dra på tur med og uten barn, sove i telt og DNT hytter, stisykling og toppturer på ski

  • Fotballøftet: Mesterlære er en podcast fra Viking FK-Akademiet. Sammen med tidligere og nåværende toppspillere diskuterer vi de forskjellige rollene på banen.

  • Podcast om norsk fotball. Med Lars Eilertsen, Raymond Larsen Elsebutangen, Christian Ruud-Venneraasen og Petter Olafsson

  • The personal podcast of an independent creative and communication consultant offering services to a diverse range of businesses in Ireland and overseas.

  • The greatest legal document of human history... EXPLAINED. Follow @PodConstitution and host @noahbruntmyer on twitter.

  • Tor Erik og Ketil snakker om det indre liv i Trøndelag fylkeskommune - gjerne med inviterte kolleger og andre gjester