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  • Hosted by the co-founders of architecture studio able partners, Bill Webb & Ben Stuart. 'Rethinking work' is a series of conversations with leaders, thinkers and doers across all industries.

  • SMB Norge har ca. 5 500 medlemmer over hele landet. Våre medlemsbedrifter spenner over de fleste bransjer, hvor bygg/anlegg, varehandel, industri og faglig-teknisk tjenesteyting og helse utgjør de største. Flertallet av medlemsbedriftene er små og mellomstore bedrifter, og ca. halvparten har inntil fem ansatte. Bedriftene sysselsetter i overkant av 25 000 arbeidsplasser. Vi får stadig nye medlemmer og det styrker vår gjennomslagskraft overfor politikerne.

    Gjennom medlemskapet i SMB Norge får du tilgang til en rekke fordeler, slik som gratis juridisk rådgivning per epost og telefon, skreddersydde forsikringsløsninger, nyttige verktøy, relevante kurs og attraktive møteplasser. Se våre medlemsfordeler for mer informasjon om alle fordelene du kan oppnå.

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    Podcasten produseres av Klaus Jakobsen og Joachim Dagenborg

    Kontakt: [email protected]

    Musikk/intro/outro: Øyvind Harv

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • If you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, whether in your first few years or growing fast you need skilled help to grow and scale properly.

    Meet the VA kings, Chris & Jeff. They are the founders of a VAOCITY, where their primary focus is helping people like you acquire skilled, trained, and prepared assistants for your business to lift some of the heavy loading and at an affordable price.

    This podcast is here to help you while scaling, learn about growing a culture of employees, and embrace the growing pains of your business. Jeff and Chris will be joined by friends, business partners, and rockstar entrepreneurs to show you exactly what it looks like when you commit to the growth of your business.

  • This podcast is a talk show is centered around Finance, Business, Technology and economics

  • How to entrepreneur, a podcast program by Insj. A show where we will take you on a fun journey about entrepreneurship. You'll hear inspiring stories with leaders and entrepreneurs across various industries and how they creatively overcome obstacles and challenges.

  • Be a fly on the wall for intimate conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs who are changing the world. Your host, Stephanie Benedetto is a business coach, storyteller and (Un)marketer at The Awakened Business, where she helps coaches, therapists, healers and change-making entrepreneurs unleash their message and share it with joyful (Un)Marketing.

    This isn’t a typical interview-style podcast.

    Here’s what’s different:

    #1 - We’ll embark on a curious conversational adventure to see what we can create around the topic, question, challenge or idea of the guest's choice.

    #2 - Stephanie will ask curious, playful questions that challenge us to explore uncharted waters and connect to the deeper purpose and joy of what we’re here to do.

    We may experience one or more of the following:
    - Articulation of their soul’s message and mission
    - Life-changing stories
    - Insights, ahas and wisdom nuggets
    - Ideas for new products, services or businesses

    Anything can happen when we step into the unknown of infinite creativity -- and that’s where we're going to play.

  • Have you ever had an idea for a new product but just didn't know how to get started? If so, then this is the podcast for you! Each week, we highlight a different product entrepreneur who turned a great new idea into a successful new product. You'll hear about their challenges, their triumphs, their ups, and their downs. But, most of all, you'll learn how each guest was able to take nothing more than an idea, and turn it into a viable, marketable product or business. Our guests have been featured on Shark Tank, The Profit, Today's Next Big Thing, QVC, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and more! Tune in each week to learn how you can move beyond your product idea and toward Making It Real!

  • The Brand in Bloom Podcast explores the unique power and influence of organic marketing and personal branding in today's world and how it's shaping the future of online business, especially for solopreneurs and small business owners. Hosted by award-winning digital marketer and personal branding strategist, Liz Fleming, Brand in Bloom is a series of solo snippets and bold conversations about the truth behind free do-it-yourself marketing strategies that provide the listener with valuable tools, tips, and takeaways that get them results. It's time to get REAL about planting seeds of significance with your brand so it can bloom boldly season after season. Take your learning further at, join the conversation on social media with hashtag #BrandInBloomPod and be sure to tag @brandinbloompod @mslizfleming on Instagram so she can show you some love!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Nada hosts conversations with global leaders in the field of Innovation, Technology and Leadership. We dive into transformational stories from startup founders and thought leaders in Innovation and Venture Capital.

  • Vår podcast skal presentere gründerhistorier, gi informasjon om hvordan andre har lykkes, eller ikke lykkes, men mest av alt få en enklere vei inn i det å etablere og bygge opp en virksomhet.
    Tom Kjetil og Hans Børge skal lose dere i gjennom historier og intervjuer, og første sesong vil i løpet av sommer og høsten 2022 gi 10 spennende og givende episoder. Så velkommen inn i gründerverden.

  • If you’re struggling to find systems to manage wearing all the hats running a bridal beauty business and need a virtual support system and some kick ass advice from other female badasses, you’re in the right place.

    I’m here to help you navigate all the levels of success in your life and business, so you can avoid the burn out and get back to focusing on the passion for weddings and beauty that drives you.

    The Swears and Does Hair Podcast was created to help beauty professionals in the bridal industry create more balance in their businesses: to weed out the brides who don’t bring us joy, gain more freedom, and ultimately be more fulfilled entrepreneurs.

    We tackle topics such as the power of saying "no", mindset, managing your finances, balancing business with parenthood, and healthy strategies to keep your body and mind supporting your business rather than holding it back.

  • Den ærlige sannheten, rett fra levra, om hvordan det er å jobbe med network marketing ONLINE. Er det så enkelt som mange sier? Hva skal egentlig til for å lykkes? Og viktigst av alt.. kan denne bransjen være noe for deg?

  • 2 full-time affiliate marketers get together once a week to talk about the evolution of their marketing, their digital businesses, and their personal development and experiences in order to help you level up every aspect of your life. Featuring guest appearances from some of the top digital marketers in the game.

  • Software Talks is all about B2B software and SaaS business growth. This channel is presented by Monterro, the hands-on growth investor that turn Nordic software companies into global players. Most episodes are in Swedish.

  • Start Samtalen er for deg som interesserer deg for innovasjon og entreprenørskap. Vertene er medlemmer av studentorganisasjonen Start UiT, og sammen med gjester fra næringslivet skal de ta for seg aktuelle tema.

  • There are many lessons business can learn from the military and your host Pete Liston is going to share exactly what he learnt in the Australian Army that has allowed him to create and build multiple 7 figure businesses. Pete will be joined by guests who have also transitioned from military to entrepreneurship and are keen to share their stories.

  • A podcast about women of color navigating through the current cannabis industry. I’ll be talking to advocates,educators, business owners (who also happen to be badass black & brown women) that are creating opportunities for equality and inclusivity within the cannabis industry. We’ll be having these discussions all while responsibly & legally enjoying a glass a wine, a bit of weed, or both.

  • Thanks to creators, investors, and operators, Pakistan's digital ecosystem is booming. On this podcast, I chat with the movers and shakers driving this boom.

    Hi, I'm Zahid Lilani, founder of A digital media outlet covering Pakistan's startup scene.

    Each episode features a candid conversation with a changemaker to learn more about their struggles, successes, and journey.

    Learn how they make decisions and solve problems. And discover what it takes to be successful.

  • Welcome to Kazen +1, dive deep into the sea of entrepreneurship through the lens of an aspiring 17 year old CEO growing a digital agency. In this podcast you'll also listen to some of my interviews and episodes in video form which we turn into audio for you guys.

    I'm just grateful to be here :) always optimistic and hustle POURING out my veins. Thank you for your ears my friends.