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  • This podcast is designed to give insight into what OCDF advocacy is all about. We will educate and sensitise people about the evil of Okurumi, child trafficking, child labour among other vices in Igede land, Benue state and Nigeria as a whole.

  • Live Coal brings insights from the Word of God, towards building lives, raising homes and touching nations for Christ and through Christ!

  • Hi! we are team "Future" and we are introducing you to our one-time series podcast activity about Telegram and Team Fortress 2, and how they benefit or harm our relationship with others. The name "Future" was made, as we, as a group, believed that the relationship between technology human connection is the key to future communication. Enjoy the podcast!

  • Welcome to Key West – Paradise USA

    As you enter the island of Key West, these words are the first thing you see in big bold letters on the famed ‘Welcome to Key West’ sign.

    Whether it be the incredible sunrises or sunsets (we get both here), the charming Conch houses hidden around every turn, the chickens running wild, the flat ocean for miles or the island feel, it’s really the people that make Key West what it is.

    If you have ever wondered what people do around here or wanted to know the story behind a restaurant, bar or local business, this is exactly why we started the Backyards of Key West Podcast. We are going to take you behind the scenes, so we can bring you the stories behind what makes Key West so magical, and how they juggle business life with Island life.

    So sit back and relax and enjoy the chill vibes!

  • Serial entrepreneur Matt Clark interviews business owners and influential people to figure how they created their success so you can create a better life for yourself.

  • Nesse podcast falamos sobre a importância de todos os assuntos relacionados ao mundo dos móveis. E a sua atualidade.

  • Host Jim Kucher, Program Director of the Masters of Science in Health and Social Innovation at UMB’s Graduate School, spotlights local Baltimore area leaders who are delivering sustainable solutions to complex problems.

  • Undiluted conversations about life experiences as a young person in the entrepreneurship space.. with alot of emphasis on agriculture, tech and lifestyle

  • What this is Jane Gardner and welcome to finding your purpose . This is a channel that you can come and explore whether or not you found your purpose, what is your purpose andother things with us including entrepreneurship. We have a variety of shows on this channel and finding your purpose and I want to show you here what the mission is for finding your purpose. We are on a mission to spotlight purpose driven entrepreneurs to bring awareness to how being aware of your purpose can bring you more success as an entrepreneur and in your life. We are on a mission to bring awareness that self-awareness of yourself and your personality plays a role in your relationship with others as well we will be discussing and celebrating success of entrepreneurial businesses. Then ,of course, we will be on a mission to celebrate the leaders who lead in these businesses and how their personality is part of the success. As well, we will be looking at leaders in our community to see how being purpose driven has helped them in their success. We are going to be bringing awareness that knowing your values will make you intentional in your life. Make sure that your relationships in communications are more successful when you're aware of your own personality and how it affects others. We are going to be celebrating how different our personalities are and what some of the reasons behind the differences. As well, we will be celebrating the introversion extroversion difference and blow the definition out of the common vocabulary so that we can celebrate the uniqueness of everyone instead of introvert and extrovert being a negative. How being intentional and how that leads to success in your business. We will be exploring these and many other topics in the search for finding your purpose. So, if you'd like to be spotlighted on finding your purpose and talk about your success in finding your purpose then go to enter your contact information to have an interview and we will be talking to you later. So there that's what the mission, the purpose of finding your purpose is and I hope that you continue to come and have a look at the new episodes as we go along and feel free to submit your information for an interview so we'll be talking about finding your purpose that's led to your success and I'm your host Jane Gardner and I hope you continue to enjoy these episodes thank you .

  • Welcome to HVAC Technician Talk. On this Podcast we discuss anything HVAC related. Equipment brands, parts, HVAC work, ANYTHING HVAC

  • Global Luxury Real Estate Mastermind Podcast dives into the global luxury real estate market with host Michael Valdes, senior vice president of global servicing for Realogy, and an array of luminary guests.

  • 🧐 Covering the future of work and entrepreneurship.

  • More than Coffee. Real conversations with Real people.

  • On the Grow Your Damn Business! podcast, Scott talks to entrepreneurs and founders who share their journeys on how they built their business. What motivated them to take the leap and start their own thing? What were the challenges? How did they overcome those inevitable moments of doubt? How did they move from working IN their business to working ON their business? Join us as our guests answer these questions and share so much more of their own personal stories in the world of being a business owner. Expect a lively and insightful discussion around business ownership and all that comes with it!

    During the show, Scott also shares helpful tools and concepts pulled from the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). These tools are designed to help business owners get everything they want from their business!

  • Do you feel called to a life of creativity?  Do you feel stuck in a job you don’t like, dreaming of taking the leap to become a full-time artist, but don’t know how or when to transition? This podcast is for you. I began my journey of being a full time artist 4 years ago. My last day of being an employee was May 31, 2019. Since then i have replaced my income with my own art. In 2022, i made more money than I ever have in a single year. I hope that my story can provide inspiration for those who wish to pursue a life with more meaning. I want to give hope to anyone who wants to live an alternative lifestyle, to create their own path, make a business out of their art, and align their career with their soul’s passions.

  • Ground School Review. An Aviation Resource for Pilots. Pro-tip as you listen to these podcasts try to Visualize and Chair-fly. Use it on the go. Fly with Confidence. Suggestions for topics? DM and Follow me On IG @Atomato_Flames I am a Ground Instructor. Legal Disclaimer- This podcast is Not a substitute for Ground or Flight Instruction but just another tool in your arsenal to stay current and fly with Confidence. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this podcast please leave a review. Need one-on-one Ground Instructing or would you like to take one of my 7 Day Checkride Prep Courses, DM on IG

  • Welcome to the S.O.B. Marketing Podcast! We are a pair of marketing sisters who want to help you S.O.B.’s (small owned businesses) grow. Our commitment to you is to give you the real talk on what works when it comes to marketing and promoting your small business, and what doesn’t really work. We are Chelsea and Vivian and we promise to always keep the conversation real.