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  • From Oscar and Emmy Award winning documentarian, Kary Antholis, Night Raid is a story about the tragic death of a Pomona SWAT officer โ€ฆ and the story of the man accused of killing him.


    Ask any public defender in the LA criminal courts to name the most complicated and heart-wrenching case in the past decade and almost everyone will tell you itโ€™s The People vs. David Martinez. Ask the prosecutors and theyโ€™ll admit the case is tragic. But complicated? No. They say itโ€™s murder plain and simple.


    There is no dispute that Officer Shaun Diamond was a man of good character whose death is horrific โ€ฆ or that David Martinez was affiliated with a motorcycle club that had conflicts with law enforcement. But Night Raid avoids a rush to judgment and considers all aspects of a very murky case. And in the process explores our own prejudices and preconceptions about cause and effect, guilt and innocence โ€ฆ even punishment and redemption. 


    There are no videos of the raid and David Martinez isnโ€™t an ACLU poster boy. Heโ€™s a family man with vices that may have contributed to the shotgun blast that killed Diamond on the night of October 28, 2014. In the eight episodes of Night Raid, we unravel the compelling story of The People vs. David Martinez - not just the events of Davidโ€™s two trials but the reasons for the SWAT raid and the planning behind it, the relationship between David and the Mongols Motorcycle Club, and how the intertwined narratives of this story reflect larger issues in our judicial system. The series takes an intimate look at Diamondโ€™s death through unprecedented access to search warrant materials and recordings of detective interviews with Davidโ€™s family and other Pomona SWAT officers.

    Executive Producer โ€” Kary Antholis

    Host, Producer, Writer โ€” Molly Miller

    Night Raid is a production of Crime Story Media and eOne Entertainment. The podcast debuts on LAist 89.3 on Saturday May 6 at 2pm with a rebroadcast on Sunday May 7 at 7pm. Each episode of the eight part Night Raid special series will air Saturdayโ€™s at 2pm and rebroadcast Sunday at 7pm. The first episode of the podcast will be released on all podcast players after the second LAist broadcast on May 7, with new episodes airing each Sunday thereafter.


    The eight episode Night Raid series will conclude its run on the weekend of June 24.

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  • Another Dimension adalah sebuah podcast baru, yang menyajikan sebuah cerita-cerita horror dari berbagai narasumber.

  • Just a teen that want to talk about true crime
    And plz play it its my frist time

  • Eyewitness and how unreliable they are

  • A CreepTime original podcast. Make sure to check out CreepTime the Podcast available everywhere. Get access to the entire catalogue of episodes completely AD-FREE, in addition to future premium-only cases! Subscribe To Premium

    Disclaimer: This podcast contains content that may be upsetting to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. The views and topics discussed on this podcast are for entertainment purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the host.

  • A conversation between a daughter who was raped and her mother.

  • Friends Cassie and Daniel are obsessed with true crime! They drink wine, talk true crime and discuss the punishment.

  • A Mainer and a dude from away discover the horrors of Vacationland. Thereโ€™s a reason why this state has Stephen King. Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to the crypt! This is the spin off podcast of Black Widow and the Banshee: Tales of True Crime and Paranormal Entitities. This podcast is all also all things creepy, cryptid, morbid and true crime related run by the Black Widow. Each week she will tell you a tale of murder, a missing individual, creepy ghost story or cryptid lore. THE CREEPY CRYPTID CRYPT IS ON SABBATICAL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. My podcast start/stop music is from Music: by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey

  • Join me each week as I bring you Real people . Real stories, Real crimes, and the evil they encountered .

  • All things spooky, from horror movies to true crime case. The Frankensisters hang out, sharing their unique and hilarious insights.

  • A New Jersey centric podcast about the paranormal, unexplained mysteries and phenomenon.

  • two best friends living worlds apart (across the country) lol coming together to discuss our interests for all things True crime! Join us and become a twisted sister :)

  • They have many things that happen throughout a person's life, but what happend to Derrick Jammison was a rare occur. Picture being framed for murder and having to end your life for no reason at all because of how the government works. Knowing you didn’t kill him but still having to pay the price that someone else deserves.

  • Merupakan persembahan dari Andi Bazaar dan kreator The Me: You Can't See — 'A Spotify Original Podcast' (Oliver Schofield)

    Keseluruhan materi cerita pengalaman horror disini ditulis langsung oleh 'Oliver Schofield' berdasarkan kisah nyata pengalaman hidupnya sendiri dan kisah horrornya telah banyak dipublikasikan melalui halaman Wattpad pribadi miliknya.

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  • You ever want to know why a killer started their spree? Or what their victims would be like today? In each episode we dive into The Who, what, where, and most importantly the why. If youโ€™re interested in True Crime and serial killers, this show is for you. Support this podcast:

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  • Podcast That Talks About ALL things under the sun. Nothing is off limits inside of Lewt News....

  • This is the official podcast for the Actual Warrior show. The Actual Justice Warrior show is a series of individual stories with a focus criminal justice issues, however there's also numerous episodes on pop culture & more general current event topics

  • Do details of cases intrigue and also infuriate you? Do you love true crime and need another podcast to listen to that will get you through that long shift at work or those chores piling up? Im Melissa and I love all things true crime. I have listened to just about every true crime podcast imaginable and decided to start my own. This podcast is for all y’all true crime lovers like myself. I’m going to explain in detail the facts of the case and take you on a true crime journey. Please join me as I podcast from Austin Texas and give you a Texan take on all things true crime.