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  • "Opsesija: prva srpska audio serija"
    Beograd, 2023 - pripremite se da budete fascinirani misterijom koja okružuje smrt mlade devojke Ane.
    Novi popularni žanr - audio serija, predstavlja specifičan način prenošenja atmosfere i dočaravanja radnje koju će slušaoci pratiti kroz glavnu junakinju Lunu dok istražuje okolnosti Anine smrti. Uplovite u svet zvukova koji će vas voditi kroz misterije zločina, uzbuđenja i neizvesnosti, usput uranjajući u svet zabave, droge i noćnih klubova.

  • Each week, we shadow the world’s most remarkable sleuths… Real detectives who worked extraordinary cases… Because the truth is often stranger than fiction. From the beaches of the Bahamas… to shady art deals by neo-Nazis… you’ll be right there as they comb the evidence, hunt down perps, and unmask conmen.
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  • Our goal is to build a large community of likeminded individuals where a public discussion can be started. Support this podcast:

  • Sono Francesca, e questo è uno spazio dedicato al true crime, misteri e profiling

  • Who could have killed them? What were those noises? Why haven’t I listened to this podcast sooner??? All questions you’ll be asking soon. From lives of serial killers or the most haunting paranormal stories-you’ll be engrossed in these crazy mysteries. New uploads every Monday!

  • A podcast about the great state of Indiana and some of its most infamous happenings. Follow along as each episode we present a new case and dive in-depth into it, giving you the full story and taking you back to the time in which it happened.

  • The true crime podcast that will quickly become one of your faves. I recap true crime documentaries with the flare of black female millennial who isn't afraid of a side part, colorful hair and the cry face emoji. You can expect coverage of serial killers, wrongful convictions and crimes against the environment. Can't wait to join your commute and let's light this candle! *Feeny voice*

  • Generacija ubica je true crime podcast. Obradjivacemo puno razlicitih slucajeva, serijskih ubica, neresenih i resenih. Ucicemo u mozak ubica i pokusati da shvatimo zasto rade stvari koje rade, da li njihovi problemi poticu iz njihovog detinjstva, da li imaju nekih mentalnih problema koji ih teraju na ove uzasne zlocine. Delicemo pricu zrtava, koji su doziveli uzasnu sudbinu, siricemo njihovu pricu. Ako volite ovakve vrste prica ovo je podcast za vas. Dobrodosli u Generaciju Ubica!

  • A place to enjoy the story telling side of true crime, horror stories and urban legends.
    Take a step away from your day and listen to a short, scary story and let your imagination take the front seat. New episodes every other Sunday, to leave a comment about any episodes, interact with the community or get podcast updates; follow the pod on insta @theikwydlpodcast

  • What scares you and why? In this podcast I speak with guests about their favorite scary movie or real life horror stories and try to figure out what kind of lasting impact terror can have on someone and how it shapes who they are. Support this podcast:

  • Weird Distractions is a weekly show where host Alex rotates discussing topics such as true crime cases, conspiracy theories, paranormal stories and more to provide what most would consider a 'weird' distraction from everyday life. From cold cases to haunted hot spots, and every weird conspiracy theory about your childhood toys in between - there is a new way to distract yourself from everyday life with new episodes every Sunday at 7 AM EST. Need a distraction? I got you. Proud member of the Cultiv8 Podcast Network.

  • Latin American folklore, myths, legends, haunted places and espooky cuentos del rancho. Hear the stories you grew up with like La Llorona, as well as true stories from listeners and guests. Join friends, Cristina & MJ, every Friday and hear these tales. Stay espooky!

  • A podcast exploring issues in rural crime and society

  • Bringing you your dose of murder relaxation.

  • "Oh My Fraud" is an irreverent podcast from CPA/comedian Greg Kyte and blogger/former CPA Caleb Newquist.

    The two come together to unpack their favorite frauds and explore the circumstances, psychology, and interpersonal dynamics involved. They also fully indulge in victim-blaming the defrauded widows, orphans, infirm and feeble-minded—because who can resist?

    If you fancy yourself a trusted advisor—or prefer your true crime with spreadsheets instead of corpses—listen to this show to learn what to watch out for to keep your clients, your firm, and even yourself safe.

  • Morbidly Insane is a podcast for morbidly insane people,hosted by a morbidly insane girl.On this podcast you can hear everything about true crime,paranormal activities,history,cults,conspiracy theories and all creepy things.

  • A daily episode podcast of our true horror story narration YouTube channel. If you like original, spooky, creepy, and scary horror stories that feature cryptids, wendigos, dogman sightings or police encounter with paranormal, then this is a place for you.

    Here's a link to our YouTube channel:

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Listen as two life-long best friends crack open the wine, & crack each other up discussing true crime cases & the horror movies they inspire.

  • Komediografska ostvarenja, krimići i trileri s velikim udjelom izvornih radiodramskih tekstova domaćih autora. Ubojstva, intrige, preljubi i krađe, nesporazumi i nesretne ljubavi, problemi s inkasatorima i ostarjelim roditeljima, nezgodni stanodavci, nevjerojatni podstanari, sve su to teme KriK-a.

  • Ever wonder if your kids have it in them to be a killer? It's okay, we've all had the thought once or twice. And if you're willing to admit that, you'll love How Not to Raise a Serial Killer.
    On this podcast, criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward digs into the childhoods of some of the most notorious criminals and killers in order to learn from them and prevent future tragedies. Dr. Ward will use her expertise to determine what went wrong with each killer (a brain injury, an undiagnosed illness, a specific trauma) with the help of a fellow mom/non-expert who can weigh in about their own taboo parenting fears. Because on our better days as parents, we want to know how to raise good humans. But on our worst days, we at least want to know that we're not raising a future serial killer.