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  • For lovers of true crime, mysteries, and outlandish tales of strangeness, join host Michael May as he and a guest study stories of the unknown each week. A Study of Strange attempts to debunk common misconceptions and encourages each guest to “play a role” in the storytelling process. Guests include entertainment industry insiders, friends, weirdos, randos, and more!

    Michael May is a filmmaker and performer known for producing films like GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS, 12 HOUR SHIFT, FUN SIZE HORROR and hosting the true-crime automotive TV shows AUTO/BIOGRAPHY and AUTOBIOGRAPHY: COLD CASES. He obsesses over historical mysteries and loves to bring fascinating stories to life.

  • Casefile Presents features stories from various corners of the globe, told by different narrators. Through its narratives, Casefile aims to bring these cases and instances of wrongdoing to the forefront, sparking awareness, and helping the victims and their families to be remembered.

    Season 1: The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron
    Season 2: The Labyrinth
    Season 3: Searching for Sarah MacDiarmid
    Season 4: The Detective’s Dilemma
    Season 5: Matty

  • Join Karina and Jessica as they bring you chilling stories, spine-tingling encounters, and bone-chilling mysteries that will leave you questioning reality. As passionate believers in the supernatural, Karina and Jessica also have a unique focus on the folklore and tales from Latin America, including stories of "brujerรญa." From the mythical creatures that haunt the dense jungles to the haunting legends that lurk in the shadows of ancient ruins, they explore the rich tapestry of Latin American folklore, offering a fresh perspective on tales passed down through generations. Get ready for a captivating blend of the unexplained, the unhinged, and the mystical. Whether you're a seasoned paranormal enthusiast, a true crime aficionado, or intrigued by the secrets of brujerรญa, Something Ominous is your gateway to a world of mystery, intrigue, and cultural exploration. Subscribe now and join the cousins as they unravel tales of the supernatural, the unhinged, and the mystical.

  • We will be talking about news regarding true crime as well as talk about murderers, serial killers, and psychopaths. Support this podcast:

  • All things scary, mysterious, and creepy with ways to keep things light hearted.

  • Tagalog crime stories with Evelyn Villadarez Escobar.

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  • Podcast about the investigation in the mystery of D.B. Cooper

  • What makes a criminal? What makes a truly great detective?Award-winning TV crime correspondent Robert Murphy speaks with people involved with some of the most fascinating true crime cases of recent years: detectives, victims, experts and sometimes even the criminals themselves.What drives a person to ignore the morals, laws and conventions of normal society and pushes them to perform the darkest acts?Sex? Money? Revenge? Love? Humiliation?Are criminals born bad or are they a creation of their circumstances?How can detectives catch people who are intent on causing truly dreadful harm to others? What happens when that criminal has done a brilliant job covering their tracks?This podcast and newsletter explores some of our biggest crime stories - and some of the lesser-known, compelling cases which deserve a better understanding.For video interviews, evidence from each case, articles and more, go to

  • The events that took place in Chester County, Pennsylvania in August 1978 were unthinkable. Family killing family. A father calling for the murder of his own son. For years The Johnston Gang got away with everything—theft, burglary, violence—until the brazen attacks of August 1978 crossed a line, and the family crime empire began to crumble. Host and writer Amanda Lamb shares her own memories of the murders and the trials that followed. Her father was the lead prosecutor who helped bring the killers to justice. A fictional account of The Johnston Gang’s downfall was portrayed in the 1986 movie “At Close Range,” but this is the real story of a violent family crime operation and the long task of bringing its leaders to justice. The Killing Month August 1978 is a production of WRAL News in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Chismis-Mystery Podcast, hosted by Bok Baquiran and JB Quijano, that tackles unsolved mysteries, unexplainable occurrences, eyebrow-raising happenings, peculiar people and other bizarre stuff.

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@unsolvedchismysteries) and on Twitter (@chismysteries). You can also email us if you want to share your stories or suggestions at [email protected].


  • Four buds beating the shit out of the monsters under your bed.

  • For sure you’ve heard of Ted Bundy, Edward Gein, or even Jeffrey Dahmer. But have you heard of killers from Asia or the Philippines specifically, who can be at par with these famous names? Join me as I unravel murder stories and everything True Crime that happened in the Philippines and in Asia in general. Coz not everyone we meet are humans. A few of them, normal as we may see, hide the reality that they are monsters— monsters capable of doing unspeakable acts of horror.

  • Have a few drinks with Jeff, Adam and Nick as they chat about life, interview celebrities & podcasters, and delve deep into the psyche of a serial killer! Uploading every Wednesday you will never be disappointed as you listen to 3 idiots try to solve life's greatest mysteries.

  • Each week TCC will be sharing a captivating true crime case, our cases showcase background of the victim and their loved ones. The podcast hosts are both college students who go to different colleges in the Midwest but grew up together as best friends in a New York suburb. Join them each week as they chat true crime cases and hope to spread awareness and bring justice to the victim and their families

  • Two spooky loving sisters talking about real estate. Real. Haunted. Real Estate. Each episode surrounds a specific house, property or landmark. We will share the history, hauntings or crimes that took place in them. We are here for the horror, true crime, scandal and ridiculousness. We hope you are too!

  • Un podcast sobre crímenes reales, teorías conspirativas, misterios sin resolver... Los viernes cada 15 días te traemos un nuevo relato que te dejará los pelos de punta. Con la participación de Daniela Gómez.

  • A true crime podcast about the weird, wack, and wretched criminals, crimes, and stories of our time!

  • Big Easy Spirits is a New Orleans-based true crime and haunted history weekly podcast.

  • About Crime. horror story. mystery and chikahan with kababayan

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  • Everybody loves a good story.

    And once in a while, we are more drawn to the ones that, well, sounds too incredible, too bizarre, too scary, or too strange to be real! The kind that can only come from the imagination of a good storyteller... or someone's twisted mind perhaps?

    But sometimes, what makes these unbelievable tales a much more compelling listen, is when they are based on events that are actually true! This is the Podcast of Strange!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.