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  • Nabudol o na-scam ka ba ng happily ever after? Join us in our heart-to-heart conversations as we live our happily ever after. You can have yours, too. Let's talk about love, relationships, parenting, faith, and everything in between. Come join us in our journey as best friends, spouses and parents.

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  • Trabalho de redação// podcast sobre o YouTube Kids. Feito por: Gabriella Simei, Helena Siqueira, Gabriela Levy, Maria Laura Cafêu, Manuela Svizzero e Laura Ducati 7°A2

  • Life and Personal Growth Coach * Faith * Motherhood Empowerment * Goal-Setting Strategies * Mindset Restoration //

    Are you a driven mom who constantly finds yourself struggling with your role as a Stay-At-Home Mom? Are you sick of worrying about what other people think of you and your life decisions? Do you struggle to find validation in your current season of life? Do you wish that you could just focus on what matters most in your life right now and be content? Do you struggle to find joy in motherhood? Do you wish that you could balance family and your personal dreams and aspirations? It’s time to discover the deeper issue, my friend. //

    In this podcast, you will find the strength through faith to overcome negative thoughts and transform your mindset. You will learn how to discover God’s will for your life and goal-setting strategies to accomplish all that you were made to do, God‘s Way. The purpose of this podcast is to motivate you to discover your identity in Christ and grow in faith to unlock his purpose and plan for your life. You will learn how to overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back and how to set goals as a busy mother. If you are ready to find motivation and encouragement, build your faith, transform your mindset, discover God’s purpose for your life, and set boundaries to accomplish your goals, then you’re in the right place, my friend. Let’s do this together, partnered with God. //

    Hi, I’m Kimberley Sexton, and after five years of searching and doing all of the things to be successful, I finally mentally crashed and battled major depression, anxiety, stress, and hopelessness. I got to a place where I felt like I was doing all the things but nothing was working. My home life was falling apart, and I was dying with hopelessness on the inside. Chasing money was no longer worth losing all the things that meant the most to me. God has since restored me. In order to find out who I was in Christ, why he created me, and what my purpose was in this world, I had to unplug from the world and place myself in God‘s workshop. Through God‘s word, I have discovered my God-given gifts to use for impact in a fallen world. God said, “if you open your mouth, I will put the words in it,” so here I am to share my gifts, spread God‘s word, and facilitate change in all those that he puts in my path. My mission is to empower moms, transform mindsets, help them discover their identity in Christ, and learn to set goals to achieve kingdom success. I am so thrilled I get to do this partnered with God! //

    If you‘re ready to say YES to stop chasing validation and success the world‘s way, pick up the torch in front of you, and run the race God has given you, then I am the right coach and mentor for you. God‘s word says that if we are faithful over little things, he will make us faithful over much (Luke 16:10). We are God‘s masterpiece, and he has so much in store for us, more than we can ever imagine. In order to unlock his gifts, we have to seek his kingdom first (Matthew 6:33). Come along beside me and get empowered, encouraged, inspired, and motivated to take action in your life for total mindset transformation. Let’s get deeply rooted and firm in our faith to overcome and thrive in all seasons of life. We got this, mommas! //

    Wanna connect with me? Let‘s be friends! I‘d love to hear your story and share words of encouragement.
    You can reach me at > [email protected]
    Let‘s Connect: Here to help you grow for the Kingdom!

  • Interview for difference between to spend time in olden days and now

  • Hello, friends! And welcome to Storytime with Ellie. Get yourself comfy and get ready to listen to Ellie The Bookworm read you her favorite stories.

  • This is the audio version of my personal blog - random thoughts about life, love, and everything in between.

    Listen, to my hyphenated life.

  • Hola en este podcast les hablaré acerca de los gatos y sus características

  • Kênh chia sẻ những kinh nghiệm thực hành, hỗ trợ nuôi dạy con trẻ. Dành 5 phút mỗi tuần để thực hành một kiến thức làm cha mẹ.

    Trình bày bởi nhà thực hành Tâm lý học tích cực Phạm Trần Kim Chi.

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  • Two friends detailing the trials and errors of parenting.

  • Windchime Storytime is a storytelling podcast bringing silly sounds and voices to contemporary and classic tales. Gather your family together around loving stories and travel to worlds old and new.

  • Welcome to the Girl Dad. Dad Bod. Podcast. This show is for the dads, soon to be dads, father figures and those interested in hearing the truths of parenting and fatherhood; from a dad’s perspective in a house full of girls. We are going to talk about it all, no holding back. Being a dad is one of the greatest things in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

    Mission: To share REAL dad life, and to grow your love, understanding and passion of fatherhood while creating lifelong memories with your family.

    Goal: To provide perspective and share resources to all dads, parents and friends of dads to help live the most gratifying life as a dad.

  • There’s no manual on motherhood. But thankfully, there’s a support group for it.

    Hosted by radio DJ, presenter, and full-time mom, Riki Flores-Reyes, Mother of Fact discusses the highs and lows of parenthood and women's lifestyle in an unfiltered, compelling, honest and at times hilarious way.

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  • Parenting a highly sensitive child can feel overwhelming, and all the parenting books in the world can only get you so far if your head and your heart are out of alignment with your child's.
    Each week life coach Julia McGarey shares her experience of high sensitivity and guides you through the paradigm shifts needed to be the parent your sensitive child needs. Together we can create a new parenting paradigm.

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  • A podcast for you and your kids to hear wonderful tales narrated in Spanish. For bilingual families and those who want to learn Spanish.

  • It’s bonding time with the little ones after a busy day at work. Having fun listening to our story telling,

    Dyslexia is a learning difference in a lifelong.
    Children with dyslexia become adults with dyslexia. Given the right help and early identification, people with dyslexia can learn to compensate for their learning difference and read accurately.
    Even so they may continue to read slowly and not automatically.