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  • Powerful testimonies from two survivors of the NSW Police workforce play out over eight episodes. Former police lawyer, Lina Nguyen is both rape victim, and survivor, chillingly groomed by a cop she trusted at a police farewell party. Mark Davidson was the sniper at the heart of the Lindt Cafe Seige at Martin Place, in 2014, who remains traumatised by what wasn't revealed in the Coronial Inquest into that event. They're passionate about justice, and together challenge everything that lies at the heart of police culture and the legal system as we know it.
    Executive producer: Gretchen Miller.

  • Voice of the lost is an Australian podcast that focuses on Missing Persons and their loved ones, those that are left behind. To be the Voice for those that can no longer be heard. In season one we are covering the inspiration for this podcast-my sister Kylee Ann Schaffer who went missing in bushland in northern nsw on september 11, 2004.

  • The Confession is a podcast where the justice system itself is on trial.

    At the centre of it all is Katia Pyliotis, accused of bludgeoning a man with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Four years of Katiaโ€™s life is spent behind bars, until the truth emerges because of a stroke of luck. When an item thought long lost is suddenly found and the spotlight is shifted from Katia to her accusers, the police.

    Richard Baker tells the story of a murder, a botched trial and the system that allowed it to happen.

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  • Do you love unravelling a good old fashioned whodunnit? Oh, honey. Me too. I’m Elisha, armchair detective and host of Dead On: A True Crime Podcast. Join me every Friday. We’ll dive into a case that scratches your itch for true crime, dark history, and mystery.

  • Schmidty, Swanny and Clarky revisit crimes and run them through their jury of three, debating both sides of the case to agree an appropriate (if totally fictitious) sentence.

  • Welcome to Extraordinary, my retelling of the story of my almost rape and violent stabbing in 2018 from my perspective, as well as from the perspectives of some of my closest friends and family. My hope is that this story, and the stories of the extraordinary people who helped me along the way, will inspire a better understanding of the effects of extreme violence, PTSD and recovery on individuals and the people supporting them. Thank you so much for listening, and you can follow along on our Instagram account, @extraordinary.podcast, to see the photos, video and helpful resources that correspond to the content of every episode.

    And please please please, if you are a survivor or someone suffering from the effects of sexual assault, violence, or PTSD, take care while listening.

  • There's a new neighbour on the True Crime block! On each episode of Reward Offered, your host Amanda, will take you on a deep dive into unsolved Australian cases that have financial rewards for relevant information. How much is your information worth?

  • True Crime Queen reports on new and older lesser known crimes, from around the world and in particular Asia. This single host true crime show is chit chat free and in a non judgemental format.

  • "Finding Ruby", the first season of The Fight of My Life is a 6-part immersive true-crime tale.. Join Ruby on her remarkable true story; a journey from the protection of the mountains to the nightmare of an online sex-trafficking den, from the heat of the courtroom to the cool of the aftercare shelter, from fear to freedom, from captivity to restoration. From being lost to being truly found. Through in depth interviews with International Justice Mission (IJM) personnel, police, experts in the law, and experts on the ground, listeners are given an backstage pass to see just what is involved in a rescue operation of this sort, what it takes to fight for justice, and how we can all play a part in stopping this crime hidden in plain sight. Finding Ruby tackles the hard issues and questions head on: just who are these perpetrators of OSEC, and why do they do what they do? Is OSEC a crime of poverty? What is the role of technology in all this? Is there a solution, in our time? Make no mistake, this isn’t a story of a victim, but one of a fierce survivor. Today, Ruby is a leader, an advocate, and a woman with a story and a mission. Ruby has words to say to us all. And we need to listen. One thing is for sure, by the end of Finding Ruby you won’t think the same way about the world we live in… or those who fight to make it better. *The online sexual exploitation of children

  • Who Killed Dr Bogle & Mrs Chandler? five-part podcast series explores one of the most baffling cold cases in the annals of crime. On New Year's morning, 1963, brilliant physicist Dr Gilbert Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chandler were found dead beside the picturesque Lane Cove River in Sydney, Australia. The police found no evidence to suggest how they had died and the bizarre manner the bodies were covered only added to the mystery. The police immediately suspected Margaret's husband, Geoffrey Chandler, as the killer. But despite drawing on the expertise of police and forensic agencies worldwide, including the FBI, the coroner could not determine how the victims had met their fate. Six decades on, we present toxicological evidence that couldn't be explained at the time - evidence that leads to a stunning solution to the case, which the Police Commissioner dubbed "The mystery of the century". 

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The Marisol Nichols Podcast is a thrilling new true crime show that follows the daring, real-life exploits of actress & humanitarian Marisol Nichols as she operates, off-screen, as a licensed informant and undercover operative, assisting global law enforcement in infiltrating the $150 billion per year human trafficking industry.
    Marisol Nichols (RIVERDALE's Hermione Lodge) has spent years working undercover without her Hollywood pals knowing much about her adventures away from TV & Film production sets. This no-holds-barred program takes you behind the scenes inside secret operations to break up child sex-trafficking rings and explores how she applies her acting skills to prepare for these dangerous situations. Marisol analyzes the latest technologies used by predators to lure their victims and provides an up-close look at the global battle to preserve innocence.
    Gain insights from experts on the front lines. Hear the challenges, failures, and triumphs encountered along the way. Don’t be surprised if you are inspired to #JoinTheFight.

  • 2 girls who love their dogs, love coffee but most importantly, love true crime.

  • Since late 2020, the case of missing Sydney woman Melissa Caddick has captivated the country. A seemingly successful businesswoman from Sydney's eastern suburbs went missing after authorities raided her Dover Heights home amid questions over an unlicensed financial planning business.
    Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist Kate McClymont would reveal key details of a massive Ponzi scheme and a $23 million fraud that ripped off investors including her family and friends as Caddick lived the high life of overseas trips, cars and high end fashion. McClymont's coverage would win her a ninth Walkley Award.
    Now McClymont and 60 Minutes’ Tom Steinfort are set to present a breakthrough podcast Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions that will follow the twists and turns of a case where everyone has a theory of their own. What happened to the money and what happened to Melissa? Liar Liar will reveal fresh details of the crime of the century through interviews with key players and takes listeners from upmarket jewellery auction rooms in Hong Kong, to the ski slopes of Aspen to private islands in the South Pacific.

  • 30 Morbid Minutes investigates morbid and creepy topics, people, places, and events, pulled from history and the headlines of today. Hosted by Jessica Vasami and Elyse Willems.

  • Hello Friends and Enemies! Get ready for a heavy dose of crime as Courtney and Megan unleash the tea in the world of true crime, cults, history and even the rare dose of conspiracy theories! There might be crying, raging, laughing (to cope), and a pun or two, as we get lost in some of the most wicked and diabolical crimes to happen around the world. Join as we deep dive in these crazy, bizarre and scary stories. It's going to be ~so dangerous~!

  • The iconically revered super racehorse Phar Lapโ€™s death has been shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

    Kerry Negara embarks on the first full forensic investigation around the death of the Australian wonder horse Phar Lap, to discover why he was brutally killed, by whose hand and why, at Menlo Park Ranch in California, USA.

    Killing Phar Lap: A forensic investigation podcast uses excerpts from the following publications:

    'Killing Phar Lap: An untold part of the story' by Biff Lowry
    'Tommy' a documentary by Neil Kearney
    'Me & Phar Lap: The Tommy Woodcock Tapes' by Jan Wositzky
    Jay Hansen memoir (unpublished)โ€จโ€จ
    Conor Duffy ABC Radio interview with Graeme Pearce, 2006
    This Fabulous Century - Peter Luck interview with Mary McCann, 1999
    'Satanโ€™s Playground: Mobsters & Movie Stars at Americaโ€™s great gaming resort'
    by Paul J Vanderwood

    Thanks To Biff and Katie Lowry, Neil Kearney, Jan Wositzky and Jโ€™Lene Hansen Mendenhall, Christian Cipollini - Mob Historian, Ivan Kempson from University South Australia, Dermot Henry from Melbourne Museum and David Paterson from the Melbourne Synchrotron for their co-operation.โ€จโ€จ

    We use Actors to bring to life memoirs and letters, otherwise actual voices are used.

    Under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 some excerpts in Killing Phar Lap: A forensic investigation, have been used under Fair Dealing in the act for research, study, criticism and review. The Fair Dealing Act allows for use of copyright material without the copyright ownerโ€™s permission in these situations. Australian Copyright Council
    Kerry Negara: Writer / Producer
    Richard Di Gregorio: Technical Producer
    Logo Design: Sophie O'Connor

  • It’s a scenario too harrowing to believe.

    A four-year-old child vanishes without a trace in the middle of the night while on a family holiday in a remote, rugged and dangerous part of the Western Australian coast.

    Cleo Smith had been sleeping next to her baby sister, in the same tent as her parents.  When they wake in the morning, she’s gone.

    What follows is every parent’s worst nightmare. A land, sea and air search which soon turns to fears, she’s been abducted.

    For weeks, Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon live a nightmare, while the public scrutinise their every move.

    Until, 18 long, desperate days later, when on November 3, 2021 police barge down the door of a house - just 7 minutes from Cleo’s family home.

    Inside a room within in the house, sits a little girl playing with toys.

    Police ask “What’s your name?” She responds:

    “My name is Cleo”

    From the team that brought you Claremont: The Trial, this podcast aims to take you inside the investigation that brought a little girl home.

    Join our team of journalists and those on the ground in Carnarvon as we take you inside the search for the four-year-old in “My Name Is Cleo: The 18-day police miracle”

  • A true crime podcast, Stories of Solved, Unsolved and Spooky crimes and mysteries. Interactive content, listener stories Facebook private group.Murder, Hauntings, Ghosts, Paranormal, Serial Killers and so much more

  • Bondi Badlands, a podcast from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, investigates a series of murders and mysterious disappearances of gay men that happened on the southern headland at Sydney's Bondi Beach in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    When a high profile TV newsreader and weatherman disappeared on the Bondi cliff tops on a frigid winter's night in July 1989, it received nationwide news coverage but such a shoddy police investigation that links would not be drawn to a series of other murders at Bondi and across Sydney at the time.

    More than a decade later, one police investigator would join the dots, revealing a dark mosaic of murder that would keep unfolding to this day.