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  • True Crime Kenya examines Kenyan crimes and cases through the art of storytelling. Each episode takes listeners on a thrilling journey through riveting stories of crime, investigation, and justice in this East African nation. Welcome to True Crime Kenya!๐ŸŽค Written & Narrated by @thisisdeemnur๐Ÿ–ฅ Produced by @wearepitchr

  • Bruce Schuler went missing whilst gold prospecting in a remote part of North Queensland in 2012. The station leaseholders were convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. They will die in prison as they refuse to disclose the whereabouts of his remains. They maintain their innocence and claim not to know where his body is. This is an indepth (7 episodes) review of the circumstances of this circumstantial true crime murder.

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  • Welcome to "The Vpod," hosted by Vinu Joseph, a former United States Marine and Iraqi war veteran, currently pursuing graduate studies at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Join Vinu on a multifaceted journey that explores the hidden facets of crime, delves into pressing social issues, and takes you behind the scenes of the captivating worlds of movies and reality shows.

    Whether you're a true-crime enthusiast, a social issues advocate, or simply intrigued by the world of entertainment, "The Vpod" offers a diverse range of engaging content that promises to inform, entertain, and inspire. Subscribe today and join Vinu Joseph in exploring the hidden narratives that surround us all.

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  • In 1991, Peter Ellis was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the sexual abuse of more than a dozen children. What really went on at the Christchurch Civic Creche? Who can you believe?

  • Do you live and breathe true crime? Want the inside story? All the juicy details?

    Youโ€™re in luck. Court in the Act with Tim Clarke goes inside the courtroom with an in-depth look at the cases happening right now.

    Join Clarke and Australiaโ€™s leading legal minds for all the twists and turns of the nationโ€™s most interesting cases.

  • In the annals of crime, few names evoke the same chilling shiver as that of the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader. Known for his sadistic modus operandi to "bind, torture, and kill," Dennis Rader was a shadowy figure of terror in Wichita, Kansas. Yet, even after his capture in 2005 and his subsequent confession to ten heinous crimes, many questions remained unanswered. "Awaiting Admission: BTK's Unconfessed Crimes" dives deep into this intricate web of uncertainty, shining a light on the shadows that still linger.

    Every episode of this gripping podcast peels back a layer of the complex narrative surrounding one of America’s most notorious serial killers. While Rader may be incarcerated, the quest for truth and justice remains very much alive. With an array of previously unadmitted crimes potentially linked to BTK, there's an urgency to uncover the full breadth of his dark legacy.

    Listeners can expect a front-row seat to candid interviews with the very detectives and experts who played pivotal roles in the hunt for the BTK Killer. Hear firsthand accounts of the manhunt, the breakthroughs, and the haunting suspicions that there may be more victims yet acknowledged. Each voice lends a unique perspective, drawing from years of experience, investigative prowess, and the personal toll such a case exacts from those in its thrall.

    But "Awaiting Admission" doesn’t stop at recounting past endeavors. The podcast journeys with the ongoing investigations into the crimes Rader has yet to confess to but remains the prime suspect in. With Osage County's recent revelations hinting at BTK’s potential involvement in additional crimes, including cold cases that had lain dormant for decades, the stakes have never been higher. And as investigators tread the fine line between past horrors and present-day discoveries, they inch ever closer to definitive answers.

    As the narrative unfolds, the podcast also offers a platform for specialists in criminology, forensic science, and psychology to weigh in. Their expertise deepens the listeners' understanding of the BTK psyche, the nature of serial killers, and the intricate dance of detective work.

    "Awaiting Admission: BTK's Unconfessed Crimes" is not just a true-crime podcast—it's an immersive experience. It challenges its audience to confront the unsettling realities of Rader’s reign of terror while holding onto the hope that closure may yet be found for the families of his potential victims. Join us as we navigate the murky waters of unconfessed crimes, always searching, always questioning, always seeking the truth.

  • Breakthrough, the official podcast of the Queensland Police Service Crime and Intelligence Command, allows you to peer over the shoulders of real-time investigators and invites you to collaborate on outstanding cases – from missing persons to cold case murders to sexual assault to fraud. You may just be the listener who has information that may be critical in helping police with their next breakthrough.

  • BOLO is a True Crime Podcast covering cold and active missing persons cases with the aim of helping families bring their loved ones home. 

  • Welcome to Mind Behind The Crime, the authoritative podcast that grants you exclusive access to the profound insights of respected psychologists, psychotherapists, and mental health experts as they delve into the most captivating true crime stories of our time. Hosted by Tony Brueski, this enthralling series takes you on an intellectual journey through the intricate workings of the human mind and its connection to the darkest realms of criminal behavior. In each episode, the vaulted doors of the criminal psyche are unlocked, as these esteemed professionals analyze and unravel the complexities that underlie heinous acts, shedding light on the most chilling cases that have gripped the world. Prepare to be captivated, enlightened, and challenged as you venture into the realm where true crime meets the expertise of mental health professionals. Mind Behind The Crime offers a unique opportunity to understand the intricate web of the criminal mind and the essential role mental health plays in comprehending and preventing such acts. Join us on this intellectual odyssey, where true crime stories are not merely recounted, but dissected and analyzed by the sharpest minds in the field of psychology. Tune in to Mind Behind The Crime and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where the complexities of the human psyche are unveiled, and the enigmatic world of true crime finds its intersection with psychological expertise.

  • "Justice for Ellen Greenberg" delves into the perplexing case of Ellen Greenberg, a vibrant 27-year-old teacher whose death in 2011 has been shrouded in controversy and unanswered questions. With 20 stab wounds, her death was inexplicably ruled a suicide, leaving a trail of doubt and sparking cries for justice. Each episode meticulously unravels the layers of this enigmatic case, from the initial investigation to the ongoing efforts to reopen the case.

    Join Tony Brueski as we navigate through a labyrinth of evidence, from the troubling inconsistencies in the crime scene to the contested forensic reports. Through interviews with experts, analysis of legal documents, and conversations with those closest to Ellen, we piece together her story in an attempt to shed light on the circumstances surrounding her untimely demise.

    "Justice for Ellen" not only seeks to uncover the truth about what happened to Ellen Greenberg but also to ignite a conversation about the larger issues of mental health stigma and the handling of complex investigations. Whether you're a seasoned true-crime enthusiast or someone seeking a deeper understanding of a justice system that often seems to raise more questions than it answers, this podcast is an unflinching, deep dive into a case that continues to haunt a family, a community, and all those seeking justice for Ellen.

  • 'The Ashley Benefield Story'  is a fascinating true crime podcast that takes you deep into the heart of one of Florida's most contentious murder cases. This podcast promises an emotional journey through the complicated life of former model and ballerina, Ashley Benefield, who stands accused of second-degree murder. Charged with the fatal shooting of her estranged husband, Douglas, her defense of self-protection has polarized public opinion. Discover the untold facets of Ashley's past, the intricacies of her relationship with Douglas, their heated custody battle, and the shocking murder that changed everything. Join us each week as we delve into the evidence, legal proceedings, and the Stand Your Ground law that frames this heart-wrenching narrative. 'The Ashley Benefield Story' is the podcast for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of true crime, the fragility of human relationships, and the consequences when they turn deadly."

  • Welcome to FBI Unscripted, the riveting podcast that grants you unparalleled access to the minds of real FBI special agents as they delve into some of the most spellbinding true crime stories of our time. Hosted by Tony Brueski, this gripping series takes you on an unfiltered journey through the darkest corridors of criminal investigations. Each episode opens a classified vault of knowledge, where seasoned agents recount their firsthand experiences, unraveling complex cases that have both baffled and captivated the nation. From heart-stopping kidnapping mysteries to audacious heists, from enigmatic serial killers to mind-boggling cybercrimes, FBI Unscripted unveils the unseen efforts of the agency's best and brightest, revealing the relentless pursuit of justice in the face of unimaginable evil. Join us as we traverse the labyrinthine pathways of true crime, accompanied by the very individuals who vow to protect and serve. Prepare to be enthralled, shocked, and enlightened as you embark on a profound exploration of the human psyche and the untiring pursuit of truth in a world where darkness often collides with light. FBI Unscripted is not just another true crime podcast – it is an immersive and gripping journey, an ode to the tireless dedication of those who uphold the law, and an unrivaled opportunity to understand the minds behind the badge. Tune in, and together, let's unravel the enigma of true crime with the agents who have sworn to confront it.

  • Taylor Schabusiness, a 24-year-old from Green Bay, Wisconsin, stands accused of charges as horrific as they are complex. She is facing the grave charge of first-degree intentional homicide, suspected of the brutal strangulation of Shad Thyrion. Furthermore, she is accused of mutilating a corpse, alleged to have dismembered Thyrion's body in a chilling act following his death. Finally, Schabusiness is charged with third-degree sexual assault, with allegations of having engaged in sexual abuse with Thyrion's lifeless body. Each charge carries significant weight, and together, they depict a case of severe violence and disturbing misconduct. This podcast brings you daily audio of the trial and court proceedings.

  • 'Killing Time, Discussing Crime.' is another true crime podcast created by two girls intrigued by human behaviour and all things 'abnormal'. No one ever wanted to chat 'true crime' with us before so, now that we have someone to talk to, we hope you can find some 'time to kill' with us, too.

  • Welcome to Tell me Darling, a true crime podcast where I, Jess tell my husband Phil true crime stories!

  • Wanted, a show where host Jack Laurence sits down and interviews men and women from around the world who have been or who are currently wanted by authorities.

    From claims of international kidnapping and Panamanian cartels to North Korean sanction dodging, leaked government secrets and even prison escapes.

    Welcome to the world of the Wanted.

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  • Welcome to the Liberating Humanity Podcast-- Unveiling the Sound of Freedom.

    Join us on an extraordinary journey into the harrowing world of undercover missions aimed at rescuing vulnerable children from the clutches of human traffickers. Hosted by Paul Hutchinson, a seasoned expert with 70 missions under his belt, each episode takes you deep into the heart of these daring operations.

    Experience the gripping narratives as brave men and women risk their lives to infiltrate criminal networks, expose their operations, and bring innocent children to safety. Through candid interviews, our podcast features real-life heroes supported by law enforcement agencies and NGOs, who share the challenges, emotional toll, and ultimate triumphs of their missions.

    Liberating Humanity, not only sheds light on child trafficking but also educates listeners on identifying warning signs and the measures taken to combat this global crisis. Our goal is to inspire action and empower individuals to become advocates in the fight against child exploitation.

    Are you ready to step into the shadows and embark on this powerful mission with us? Tune in now and join the movement to protect and liberate those in need.

  • Disgraced former Beattie Government health minister Gordon Nuttall was sentenced to 14 years for corruption and perjury. Until now he hasnโ€™t been allowed to tell his story without the very real threat of going back to jail. Now he is lifting the lid on Queenslandโ€™s most high profile political scandal.

  • This is "The Murder of Madeline Kingsbury," a chilling exploration into a tragic murder mystery. In this captivating series, we dissect the perplexing case against Adam Fravel, charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Madeline Kingsbury. Through deep-dive interviews, courtroom testimonies, and a thorough investigation, we aim to unravel the disturbing timeline leading up to Madeline's untimely death. Join host, Tony Brueski as we navigate the complex labyrinth of justice in search of truth and closure.

  • Listen to all six episodes today.

    Rob Moore had a successful career in television until one day he ran out of ideas. After a stint as a gardener, a more enticing door was opened for him. He was offered a job in the shadowy world of corporate intelligence - he became a spy.

    Tasked with working undercover to extract information from an environmental campaign group, Rob Moore says he eventually became sympathetic to the campaignersโ€™ aims. He decided to turn on his employers and support the group he was meant to be infiltrating. Only it wasnโ€™t that straightforward. He never told the campaigners who he really was and he never told his spymasters what he was really doing. Neither side knew the whole truth. 

    That was until 2016, when after years of being in control of these two disparate worlds he was unexpectedly outed. Now, the campaigners see him as a traitor who betrayed their trust. He sees himself as a misunderstood whistleblower.

    From the team that brought you Sweet Bobby, and over three years in the making, Into The Dirt is a story about truth, spies and the stories we tell ourselves

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