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  • Citizen Science Show aims to bridge the gap between the professional scientific institutions and ordinary people.

    Our goal is to provide an open and honest platform for discussion about important issues and through inquiry, understand ways that ordinary people can help by using the scientific method.

    We investigate how the collection and processing of scientific data can be used to benefit our society. We believe that the combination of our inquiry and your actions can lead to positive change.

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  • I was born and raised in India and my kids are born and being raised in Australia. We talk about challenges and wins of parents, raising kids, cultural differences, life lessons and much more in this podcast.

    Please note that this podcast will be in Hindi and English mix to connect with the non-resident Indian diaspora.

    You can follow and DM us through our Instragram page: indianbornaussiebred

  • Join Nancy Silverton, Laurie Ochoa and Ruth Reichl in truly delicious conversations about food.

  • In this series, I and fellow narcissism educators discuss and share our own personal journeys with the narcissists and narcissistic abuse in our own lives.

  • After getting out the gate in 2020 and 2021 respectively, Tamara Smith and Elli Schroeder navigate the nuances of progressing your career with purpose.

    Starting their careers at one of the largest consulting firms globally, the girls know what it is to be filled with ambition and drive to succeed while feeling completely ill-equipped to do so. Join us as our curious minds seek to understand HOW to build our careers (in practical ways - you’re welcome!) from some of the world’s most influential businesswomen.

    As the founders of In Her Hands, KPMG Australia, (find out more here) Tam and Elli know what it is to live vulnerably, candidly sharing their own career challenges, questions, and insecurities in order to equip and empower a generation of women to progress their career with purpose. The OTG podcast will be no different!

  • Escape with Travel in 20, your weekly passport to expert travel tips in just twenty minutes! Join us each week as we get all the travel tips and need-to-know advice from those who know best - the travel professionals.

  • What’s the first news story you remember? Was it a big international event or something closer to home? And why has it stayed with you?

    In a new podcast from the Melbourne Press Club, we ask some of our best-known public figures what was the first news story they recall.

    It’s called Have You Heard The News? So, stand by as we revisit some epic moments in time, and get ready to ask yourself – Have You Heard The News?

  • Concetta Caristo and co. update the story of Italo-Australia.[Concetta appears on episodes 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8]

  • Nobody wants to go to court, but sometimes ordinary people are forced into extraordinary circumstances. When you’re injured at work and your boss says it’s your fault. When you’re in agonising pain and nobody believes you. When someone you trust takes advantage of you. It's time to make a stand. Faced with injustice, the people you’ll meet in this podcast refused to be silenced. These are the real-life stories behind some of the biggest court battles in the history of one of Australia’s largest personal injury law firms.

    Restitution is a podcast by Shine Lawyers inspired by the book The Right Side of Wrong by firm co-founder Stephen Roche. For more than 45 years, Shine Lawyers has been standing up for the little guy. But it’s the courage of our clients that allows us to right wrong.


    Host & Executive Producer: David Lewis

    Artwork: Paolo Lim

    Sound Design: Output Media

    Sound Recording: River City Studios and Castaway Studios

  • Welcome to Your Planet - a new podcast series from AFP brought to you in association with The Conversation.

    Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges from the climate crisis, but don’t despair because we’re here to inspire and inform you. 

    From the global south to the global north…We’ll delve into the solutions, examine their potential and analyse how they aim to lead us into a more sustainable future.

    For this first season we will also keep a close eye on how they relate to those crucial nine environmental planetary boundaries that scientists say must not be crossed.

    Whether you’re an environmental enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or just curious about the future of our planet subscribe now and join us for Your Planet from AFP, coming soon.

    Host: Anna Cunningham. Executive producer: Michaëla Cancela-Kieffer. Editing: Camille Kauffman. Sound design: Nicolas Vair with Irma Cabrero-Abanto and Sebastian Villanueva

    This project was funded by the European Journalism Centre, through the Solutions Journalism Accelerator. This fund is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. AFP and The Conversation maintained their editorial independence throughout this project.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Small World is the podcast where you are the topic of discussion. Join hosts Austin Newborn, Chris Long, James Flowers, and Nathaniel Pearson as we interview different guests to learn about their lives, experiences, and insights. Small World exists to show that we are not so different from one another and that we all have something to learn from one another. Everyone's story is important to us. After all, it is a small world. This podcast is a Small World Media Production.

  • For a decade, Africans in Melbourne, Australia for a weekend in November, gather to celebrate and showcase their cultural diversity. But there's a tension between them wanting to be seen, and what the wider white Australia would rather the Africans present themselves as. A multi-series narrative reveals the push and pull: from 'hair touching' to beloved African rhythms.

  • Welcome to Good, Great, Wonderful. A podcast that tells the stories of people who are contributing good, great and wonderful things to the world.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • One of humanity’s universal experiences is the search for meaning. How did we get here? What is my life’s purpose? What is consciousness? How will I be remembered?

    These are questions that have plagued humanity’s biggest thinkers and continue to challenge us today. Join host Kmele Foster on a new show as we set out around the world to explore how we create meaning from a new lens, weaving together insightful conversations with writers, scientists, religious leaders, philosophers, artists, and more to help us explore life’s biggest (and most exciting) questions.

    This is Dispatches, an original show from The Well.

  • Welcome to The Dirtbag Chronicles, the unfiltered and unapologetic podcast that dives deep into the gritty world of addiction, crime, and recovery. Hosted by Bryan Donoho, this show is on a mission to break the stigma surrounding individuals who have battled with addiction and criminality.

    At The Dirtbag Chronicles, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and we're here to share real-life stories of resilience, redemption, and recovery. Our podcast provides a safe and judgment-free space for recovering addicts and former criminals to openly share their journeys, providing hope and inspiration to those who are still struggling.

    Each episode is a raw and unscripted conversation, delving into the most graphic and intense experiences of our guests. We hold nothing back, offering an authentic look at the harsh realities of addiction and criminality. But, above all, we focus on one crucial message: We do recover.

    Through these stories, we offer solutions and guidance to those seeking to escape the dirtbag lifestyle. We explore the highs and lows, the heartaches and triumphs, and the transformation that is possible when one chooses to walk the path of recovery.

    Join us on The Dirtbag Chronicles as we break down stereotypes, shatter misconceptions, and prove that recovery is not only possible but also a powerful and life-changing journey. Whether you're in the midst of your struggles, a family member seeking understanding, or simply curious about the human spirit's capacity for change, our podcast is here to inspire, educate, and give hope.

    Tune in, open your heart, and discover the incredible stories of those who have faced the darkest corners of life and emerged into the light. Remember, no matter where you are on your journey, there is always a way out, and there is always hope.

    The Dirtbag Chronicles: Real stories, real recovery, and real hope.

  • This podcast is about tabletop role-playing games around the world. In every episode, I interview RPG enthusiasts and professionals from a non-English speaking country about what games they play, what unique RPGs exist in their country, and how new people get into the hobby. Interviewees include regular gamers, club organizers, game shop owners, creators of actual play videos, RPG authors, and gaming studios. While some places are known for their large role-playing scene and have a lot of local RPG systems, other regions of the world have smaller scenes and might not even have a single RPG in the local language. Every regular episode ends with a teaser for the next country – an excerpt from an actual play recording in that country’s language. The aim of this podcast is to broaden our horizon and find out about RPGs from all over the world. Enjoy!

  • Welcome to The Press Room Podcast with Sam Duffy and Sam Fielding. In this series of podcasts, Sam and Sam will be speaking to managers, players, coaches and members of the media to discuss their journey in sport.

  • Hosted by Olivia Molly Rogers, Tell Me More dives deeper into conversations with amazing people without shying away from the good, the bad and the real.

  • 'Millennials Revealed' is a new podcast hosted by millennial heartthrob Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, and entertainment journalist Lauren Conlin. Join Jeff and Lauren for celebrity & entertainment news, fun guests, and of course 'millennial throwback' content! Hold on to your Steve Madden platforms and low-rise jeans, as it may get a little wild...

  • What does it take to create a successful and meaningful life in the changing world of modern relationships?This is what your host & Men's Relationship & Intimacy Coach Sasha Fedorovsky explores in her conversations with her guests. Sasha talks to experts from a wide variety of fields from business, entertainment, health and technology who have unique experiences & perspectives on life, relationships and sex and the role of men and women in society.The show explores questions about success, love and intimacy buried deep in your Mind and Heart that you may not know how to ask.