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  • Kick-Off features news and interviews from across the Football NSW competitions landscape, including NPL NSW Men's and Women's and the Football NSW Leagues.

    Check out our websites for more information on https://footballnsw.com.au/ and https://nplnsw.com.au/

  • If it's in the news, it's in the price. By the time an idea hits the front page, the smart money has moved on.
    For savvy investors, the best story is the unreported story. It’s the ideas yet to be fully discounted by the markets that matter.
    Join Fat Tail Investment Research's Greg Canavan and Kiryll Prakapenka as they look beyond the headlines and investigate what the market hasn't yet priced in.
    That's where the best opportunities lie. 

    For more investment insights, check out Fat Tail Investment Research at fattail.com.au.

  • Prepper podcast covering News, Politics, Conspiracies, True Crime, and Doomsday Prepping.

    Featuring Jester Dooms, Big Daddy Prep, and Jake Dials.

  • The ACSS Podcast explores topics highly relevant to Australiaโ€™s evolving national security issues. In September 2023, a competitive application process will result in over 80 high-caliber delegates being selected from a variety of fields. Currently in its fourth year, the ACSS will host hubs in capital cities across Australia and a US team based out of Washington DC. Delegates will face three intense and realistic crisis simulations exploring domestic, regional, and non-traditional national security dilemmas. These podcast episodes will assist our delegates to prepare for summit week while also informing our wider audience of evolving issues relating to Australiaโ€™s national security.

    All past and current members of the ACSS team would like to acknowledge that this podcast is being recorded on the traditional lands of the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people and pay our respects to the elders past, present, and emerging. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians of each of our delegate hubs where many of our listeners will be based. You are listening to the podcast produced by the Australian Crisis Simulation Summit. We are a volunteer student-led organisation who create and run complex futuristic and alternative crisis simulations in a national effort to help create the next generation of national security experts and leaders.

    We hope you enjoy this series.


  • Join Jordan Sather as he analyses news and current events searching for truth.

  • These podcasts are a way of shedding a bit more light on Defence decisions โ€“ particularly acquisitions โ€“ because the system has become secretive and taxpayers have a right to know whatโ€™s going on. But itโ€™s even worse than that with Defence sometimes putting out information that is misleading and in some cases plain wrong. We discuss the Defence Strategic Review and debunk the claims that it is some sort of radical and positive move. No it is not. We also have a few words about the outrageous decision to purchase the SURTASS towed array sonar via FMS and preview the ANAO report into the Hunter class frigate program.


    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Yuto Ito is a Japanese podcaster who loves to laugh and to be serious at the same time. He is a novice Journalist whose dream is to become foreign correspondent delivering up-to-dated NEWS surrounding Japan.

    An editorial, like news reporting, is based on objective facts, but shares an opinion. The conclusions and opinions here have been derived by the host.
    Although the show is fact-checked, listners are encouraged to report any topics that isn’t based on fact.

  • Welcome to the AFL Record Show on Vision Australia Radio. With special thanks to the publisher of the popular AFL Record magazine (Sports Entertainment Network), Vision Australia Radio network is now presenting a selection of articles, news and information from each weekly edition of the mag which will be heard across our radio network and podcast services. 

  • We are at war. There is a spiritual battle raging for the hearts, souls, and very lives of our children. In her latest initiativeโ€”Drenda on Guardโ€”Drenda Keesee is leading the charge to โ€œtake up the full armor of God,โ€ and she wants to empower YOU to stand with her. She tackles current events, politics, legislation, and biblical prophecies that impact your life. Join Drenda to advance the Kingdom until Jesus returns.

    Drenda and her husband, Gary, have five children, ten grandchildren and pastor Faith Life Church together. They founded Faith Life Now Ministries, which reaches millions of people across the globe through TV shows, radio, conferences, online platforms, books, and much more.

    Drenda also created The Happy Life, a mentorship program that helps women become the women God created them to be. Join Drenda here and download The Happy Life Social app for free!

  • The Weekly Wrap provides a quick snapshot of all the big agricultural news from around Australia each week. Learn about the pressing issues affecting Australian farmers and hear firsthand about new and innovative programs.
    From trade and policy to cattle dogs, find out what is happening in ag each week.
    Brought to you every week by a member of the National Farmers' Federation team, you will gain an insight into every aspect of Australian agriculture.

  • Need a break from overwhelming headlines? Making the lemonade will do just that. Every two weeks Abbie and Lottie highlight the positive stories from around the world and hear directly from the individuals doing good.

    After ten months of uncertainty, it is so easy to become engulfed by what can feel like constant negative headlines. We hope this podcast will bring some light relief; proving that when life gives you lemons there's always an opportunity to make lemonade. 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • A community resource dedicated to promoting the Australian emergency services & disaster management personnel and the sectors.

  • Stay up to date with all things Colorado Rapids with the DNVR Rapids podcast, your year-round weekly show with exclusive interviews and regular guests from the Rapids universe, hosted by Yahir Vazquez and Mitchell Carroll.

  • Nepali music, news and current affairs from home, plus community announcements and discussion.

  • Compelling tales from the world of public relations, marketing and branding, told by the well-meaning communications professionals who lived them.
    On Lead Balloon, professional communicators share tales of the do-or-die situations that defined their creative careers—how they planned for the unexpected, how they navigated high-profile crises, and what they learned in the process.
    With immersive storytelling and a wry sense of humor, host Dusty Weis revisits epic PR disasters, intense communications scenarios, professional inflection points and notable campaigns we all remember, and usually finds a reason to chuckle.
    Because sometimes, there are important lessons to be learned from someone else's worst day.
    And sometimes, it's just more convenient than group therapy.
    Lead Balloon is an award-winning program for strategic communicators and content creators, named by Adweek as "Marketing Podcast of the Year," nominated for a Webby award and nominated for "Best Business Podcast" in the Podcast Academy awards.
    Tune in monthly for new episodes. Visit podcampmedia.com/leadballoon to learn more.

  • For the first time in 70 years, the United Kingdom and the world are preparing for the coronation of a British monarch. But what do we know about the role, function and character of our new King? Join Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer as he speaks to those who can give a glimpse of Charles III: friends, former staff, and our own royal reporters and writers. 

    The series will explore three arenas:

    The King and his crown; how a Prince of Wales who spoke his mind becomes a King who cannot.

    The King and the world; how the King takes on the role as the UK's figurehead and leading ambassador, and what he can do for the country in its international relationships and in his role as head of the Commonwealth.

    The King and his people; will the King bring a new style to the monarchy when it comes to relating to his people?

  • Gone At 21: Katelyn Markham's Death Investigation.

    Katelyn Markham was a 21 year old college student who vanished from her Fairfield, Ohio townhouse on August 13, 2011. Katelyn's remains were found Twenty (20) months later in Cedar Grove, Indiana in an illegal wooded dump site. Katelyn was thrown out like trash.

    I am the Private Investigator, J. Ryan Green, hired to investigate this case. This is my investigation into the disappearance and death of Katelyn Markham.

  • Per Capita is the independent, progressive think tank, dedicated to fighting inequality in Australia. Join us each week as we share our research and insights into some of Australia’s most prevalent issues.

    Home of Re:Cap, Per Capita’s research and analysis podcast, and Cooked, the chat show where we break down some of the weird and wacky moments of Australian history, as well as webinars and other speaking events.

    To learn more about our research, events, and other content, please visit https://percapita.org.au/

  • Welcome to our scrappy podcast. Bob Buzzanco and Scott Parkin co-host a regular podcast to discuss radical environmental and anti-capitalist politics with organizers, academics, artists and more.

    Bob Buzzanco is a professor of history at the University of Houston. He specializes in, writes about and talks on the Vietnam War era, foreign policy, Vietnam, radical social movements, economics, and other stuff.

    Scott Parkin is climate organizer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has organized campaigns against Wall Street banks, mountaintop removal coal mining and the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Join Stan Grant and Jack Jacobs as they explore the Wiradjuri philosophy of Yindyamarra and how it might guide us through the challenges facing nation-building and democracy in Australia and around the world.