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  • Everything seems to be accelerating: geopolitics, technology, security threats, the dispersal of information. At times, it feels like a blur. But beneath the dizzying proliferation of events, discoveries, there are deeper trends that can be grasped and understood through conversation and debate. That’s the idea behind Stop the World, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s podcast on international affairs and security. Each week, we cast a freeze-frame around the blur of events and bring some clarity and insight on defence, technology, cyber, geopolitics and foreign policy.

  • Hosted by Admin 1 and Admin 2, Talking Sh!t by Toilet Paper Australia is a podcast dedicated to calling out nonsense in the media and politics, so we can all navigate what the fuck is actually going on.

    Produced by DM Podcasts

  • Two First Nations lawyers in a studio with LOTS to say. Blaksiders is the no-holds-barred conversation about news and current affairs that hosts Gemma McKinnon and Peta MacGillivray feel like talking about.
    Gemma McKinnon is a Barkindji woman, a mother of 5, and an Aries. Gemma likes administrative law and country music. She recently moved to the Blue Mountains and is learning to care for chickens.

    Peta MacGillivray is a Kalkutungu and South Sea Islander woman who grew up in Central Queensland. Peta is now a die-hard Sydney-sider, who loves finding the city’s best breakfast sandwiches. She also likes indie R&B and collecting vinyl records.

    Blaksiders is produced on Gadigal land at 2SER 107.3FM

  • Join Nick Cater at the frontline of the ideas war with insightful analysis and in-depth interviews.

    Full show program is available from 6AM AEST, Friday.

  • The Australian Council for the Defence of Government Schools (DOGS) looks at public education and separation of church and state.

  • The Erin Patterson Podcast - Alleged Mushroom Cook

    Mum-of-two Erin Patterson is accused of murder and attempted murder after a meal of Beef Wellington pie with mushrooms leads to tragedy.

    Three died and one person was seriously ill after eating the Beef Wellington with mushrooms lunch served at the home of the 49-year-old.

    The Erin Patterson Podcast is the insider account of the devastation and heartbreak of that Saturday afternoon in July 2023.

    We follow through the eyes of a journalist who knows the accused, as the alleged mushroom cook faces three murder allegations and five attempted murder charges.

    It is everything on the official record, told by an insider. 

    The alleged Mushroom Cook denies all allegations and we are not implying she deliberately poisoned her relatives with Beef Wellington and mushrooms. 

    Ms Erin Patterson has the presumption of innocence.

    This is a story about a tragedy that has fascinated the world - the tale of a fatal family lunch of Beef Wellington and mushrooms.

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  • You found it! The podcast that breaks down All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite one week at a time!

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  • Billion Dollar Titan of Wrestling's Global Stage
    Vince McMahon is a titan of American entertainment, best known as the bombastic face of the professional wrestling empire World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As charismatic and controversial Chairman and CEO, McMahon transformed what was once a regional niche business into a billion-dollar global phenomenon boasting millions of fiercely loyal fans. Fueled by unmatched ambition, obsession with control, and sheer force of personality, he expanded wrestling from territorial sideshow to multimedia juggernaut through visionary gambles, WAR-obsessed micromanagement, and a willingness to conquer all competition at all costs.
    Humble Northeast Beginnings Born August 24, 1945 in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Vince Kennedy McMahon had a childhood shaped by life on the road as his mother Vicki and wrestling promoter father Vincent James McMahon whisked him between Northeast territories. Living out of motels, the elder McMahon’s Capitol Wrestling Corporation instilled Vince’s affection for wrestling while teaching him the promoter business inside-out at an early age.
    After attending military school and graduating college in 1968, Vince McMahon entered the family’s World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). Starting as an announcer and ring crew, he became a promoter and commentator during the 1970s while earning a reputation for bold ambition and cutthroat tactics behind the scenes. In 1979, Vince began pursuing ownership of his father’s promotion. His insatiable drive culminated in 1982 when he seized full control of WWWF – a pivotal maneuver expanding his conquests henceforth.
    National Expansion Through Ruthless Vision and Calculated Risk Sensing major network and pay-per-view potential in wrestling’s broader appeal, McMahon set sights on aggressive national expansion unprecedented in the rigid territorial industry landscape. To stack talents against regional promotions, he lured wrestlers with guaranteed money and promises of stardom backed by might of his marketing machine.
    In 1985, McMahon also envisioned staging the biggest event in wrestling history – WrestleMania. Though decried as impossible, WrestleMania became a smash success still running over 30 years later. Combining pay-per-view profits and MTV cross-promotion, early WrestleManias provided financial fuel allowing McMahon to raid regional promotions for more talent and televised timeslots nationwide.
    By 1987, McMahon had crushed nearly all competition en route to dominance as undisputed king of professional wrestling for decades henceforth.
    Character-Driven Content Pioneering Sports Entertainment Central to McMahon’s success was moving wrestling towards episodic storylines and exaggerated personas – an edgier evolution re-labeled “sports entertainment.” This character-focused presentation pioneered by McMahon tapped into a winning formula of melodrama, machismo, violence and sex appeal that captured imaginations far beyond typical sports fans.
    McMahon himself became an over-the-top on-air villain – the ruthless “Mr. McMahon” character representing corporate greed and abuse of power against crusading fan favorites. Beyond amplifying drama, this established McMahon as lead heel personality setting up talent dynamics still central to modern WWE programming.
    Conglomerate Powerhouse Built Through Ruthlessness and Vision Fueled by the 1980s national expansion's success, McMahon took WWE public in 2000 then amplified moves diversifying beyond wrestling content. Acquiring rivals World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling in 2001 eliminated American competition for another two decades.
    Further sharp dealings allowed McMahon to consolidate wrestling's once thriving independent scene underneath WWE's umbrella. By monopolizing talent and content supply, McMahon fortified WWE's dominance to record profits despite stagnancy creatively and waning popularity through the 2010s.
    Alongside wrestling's core business, WWE Studios produced entertainment across films, television, licensing and streaming outlets until spinning off in 2021. In 2022, McMahon announced his retirement from WWE amidst misconduct allegations and Board of Directors investigations, leaving control to daughter Stephanie as Chairwoman and Co-CEO alongside billionaire investor Nick Khan.
    Cementing a Mixed Legacy Between Trends and Turmoil Vince McMahon's obsessive drive undeniably revolutionized professional wrestling from territorial sideshow to global entertainment Goliath yielding unmatched profits and cultural footprint. Signature events like WrestleMania created seismic waves still felt in modern popular culture. Millions found escape through the drama and spectacle of WWE thanks to the template largely created by McMahon’s vision.
    However, serious critique accompanies legacy as well. McMahon callously eliminated competition while fostering a wrestling monopoly decried as unethical. WWE’s heavy consolidation starved the industry of styles and content diversity over time. McMahon's stranglehold on micro-management stifled creative freedom for decades of talent.
    Off-screen, a corporate culture fixated on McMahon's mercurial whims took priority over basic workplace decency according to former employees. This climaxed in serious sexual misconduct allegations ending McMahon’s full-time tenure, though his family retains control and the blueprint remains deeply ingrained at WWE headquarters.
    Ultimately McMahon's obsessive ambition forged a sports entertainment empire yet his thirst for control sparked no shortage of turmoil. For better or worse, the bombastic billionaire used cunning vision and sheer force of will to permanently reshape an industry in his own outsized image. No single individual is more synonymous with wrestling’s identity than the larger-than-life figure who ruled it with an iron fist across five cacophonous decades: The Chairman himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts

  • NFTs beyond Beeple: Owning the Metaverse, One Token at a Time
    Beeple's $69 million digital artwork may have grabbed headlines, but the NFT revolution extends far beyond a single, record-breaking sale. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not just a passing fad; they're the building blocks of a new digital paradigm – one where ownership, community, and imagination converge in the nascent world of the metaverse. NFTs are more than just digital images. They're unique, verifiable certificates of ownership attached to any digital asset – a virtual plot of land, a concert ticket, a piece of code, even a designer sneaker. In the metaverse, where digital spaces and objects become increasingly real, NFTs unlock the power of true ownership. Imagine this:
    Owning a piece of the virtual skyline, renting it out for in-game events or advertising, and building your own digital real estate empire.Wearing a limited-edition NFT sneaker that grants you exclusive access to metaverse events and communities.Collecting rare digital art pieces that not only beautify your virtual home but also appreciate in value and grant you voting rights in the metaverse's creative direction.This is the promise of NFTs – a world where your digital identity and assets are truly yours, where your creativity and investments have tangible value, and where communities built around shared ownership redefine the way we interact and experience the digital realm. But the path is not paved with only golden pixels:
    Challenges abound Security vulnerabilities, market volatility, and the potential for scams lurk in the shadows. Navigating this new landscape requires caution, research, and a healthy dose of skepticism.Not a silver bullet: NFTs won't solve all the metaverse's problems. We need robust infrastructure, ethical development, and a focus on inclusivity to prevent digital divides and ensure the metaverse serves everyone, not just the privileged few.The future is unwritten: Whether NFTs become the cornerstone of a thriving metaverse or remain a niche phenomenon depends on how we choose to embrace them. Will we prioritize speculation and hype, or will we use them to foster creativity, build communities, and shape a digital world that empowers all? The metaverse is our canvas, and NFTs are our brushstrokes. Let's paint a masterpiece, not a mess. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Breaking Math brings you the absolute best in interdisciplinary science discussions - bringing together experts in varying fields including artificial intelligence, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, physics, chemistry and materials-science, and more - to discuss where humanity is headed.

    ** Includes helpful information for STEM students such as scholarship opportunities, free and cheap resources such as textbooks, open source material, recommended lectures on YouTube, School-to-Career pipeline tips and more! Subscribe to our newsletter on our website below:

    website: breakingmath.io
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  • VFL Rewind
    Listen to VFL Players, Coaches and the VFA/VFL Legend Segment
    The VFL is the second biggest Australian Rules Football league in Australia behind the AFL.
    Monday Night's 7PM 94.1FM 3WBC

  • Sydney Swans fans take 45secs to answer questions related to the Swans or AFL generally.

  • Daily highlights from around the Triple M Footy network including…
    • Player interviews: Get insights directly from the source! Exclusive chats with the stars of the game.
    • Breaking news: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates, trade rumours, and off-field developments.
    • Expert opinions: Hear concise and insightful analysis from Triple M's esteemed team of commentators and analysts.

    To stream all your favourite Triple M Footy shows in full including the Sunday Sin Bin, Saturday Scrum and Monday Scrum… just search for Triple M Footy AFL Podcast feed.

  • The Pitlane Punters Podcast: your ultimate destination for all things motorsports.

    Join your hosts, Anthony Lewsam, Joshua Groch and Zac Dowdell, as they share with you the latest adrenaline filled news, insights, and updates from the fast-paced world of motorsport.

    Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping your toes, this podcast is your go-to source for in-depth discussions and engaging conversations about everything from Supercars to Formula 1, 4 Wheels or 2, and even Tarmac or Off-Road.

    So Buckle up and tune in!

  • Karl Wallinger, the creative mastermind behind the band World Party, was born on October 19, 1957, in Prestatyn, Wales. From an early age, Wallinger displayed an innate talent for music, teaching himself to play various instruments, including the piano, guitar, and drums. His passion for music would shape the course of his life and lead him to become one of the most influential figures in alternative rock. Wallinger's musical journey began in earnest when he moved to London in the late 1970s, determined to make a name for himself in the music industry. In 1981, he joined the band The Waterboys as a keyboardist, contributing significantly to their first two albums released in 1983 and 1984. However, Wallinger's creative vision extended beyond the confines of the band, and in 1985, he made the bold decision to leave The Waterboys and embark on a solo career. The birth of World Party came in 1986 when Wallinger began recording his own songs under this moniker. As a solo artist, he took on the challenge of playing most of the instruments himself while also providing lead vocals. His unique style, reminiscent of the 1960s British Invasion pop-rock, quickly garnered attention from music enthusiasts and critics alike. World Party's debut album, "Private Revolution," released in 1987, showcased Wallinger's exceptional songwriting abilities. The album was a critical success, featuring thought-provoking lyrics that addressed social and political issues, set against a backdrop of catchy melodies. Tracks like "Ship of Fools" and "Private Revolution" became instant college radio hits, establishing World Party as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative music scene. Wallinger's sophomore album, "Goodbye Jumbo," released in 1990, saw World Party evolve into a more collaborative effort, with Wallinger recruiting additional musicians to contribute to the project. Despite this change, Wallinger remained the driving creative force, playing many of the instruments himself. "Goodbye Jumbo" surpassed the success of its predecessor, both critically and commercially. The lead single, "Way Down Now," soared to the top of the US Modern Rock chart and secured a Top 40 position in the UK. Other notable tracks, such as "Put the Message in the Box" and "When the Rainbow Comes," solidified World Party's position as a leading light in the early 90s alternative rock scene. In 1993, World Party released their third album, "Bang!", which marked a shift towards a more introspective sound. While not as commercially successful as "Goodbye Jumbo," the album still garnered critical acclaim, with songs like "Is It Like Today?" and "Sunshine" becoming fan favorites. The more somber tone of some tracks reflected Wallinger's personal struggles, including his recent divorce. Following the release of "Bang!", Wallinger took an extended hiatus from World Party to focus on other projects. He lent his talents to writing and producing an album for Sinéad O'Connor and took his time crafting the next World Party album. The result of this meticulous work was the 1997 release "Egyptology," a masterpiece that many critics and fans consider to be World Party's magnum opus. The album is a captivating song cycle, taking listeners on a musical and lyrical journey from the opening riffs of "It is Time" to the final notes of "Strange Groove." The standout track "She's the One" later gained widespread recognition when it was covered by Robbie Williams. Tragically, just as "Egyptology" was receiving widespread acclaim, Wallinger faced a significant health setback. In 2001, he suffered an aneurysm that left him unable to walk or speak, forcing him to embark on a lengthy and challenging recovery process. This unfortunate event led to an indefinite hiatus for World Party. As Wallinger gradually regained his abilities, he slowly returned to music, overseeing archival World Party releases and performing a handful of intimate shows. In 2012, he made a remarkable comeback with the release of "Arkeology," a new World Party album that showcased his resilience and unwavering talent. Although not a complete return to his earlier form, the album featured several standout tracks that demonstrated Wallinger's enduring gift for crafting melodic pop-rock. In recent years, Wallinger has maintained a relatively low profile, occasionally performing World Party concerts for his dedicated fanbase. Despite the challenges he has faced, Wallinger remains a highly respected and influential figure in the music industry, known for his exceptional songwriting abilities and multi-instrumental skills. His body of work continues to inspire and resonate with listeners, solidifying his place as an iconic figure in alternative and indie rock. Karl Wallinger's journey with World Party is a testament to the enduring power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. Through his lyrics, melodies, and performances, he has left an indelible mark on the music world, influencing countless artists and touching the lives of fans around the globe. As he continues to create and inspire, Wallinger's legacy as a true artist and visionary grows, ensuring that his music will be celebrated for generations to come. In conclusion, Karl Wallinger's life and career with World Party is a remarkable story of talent, perseverance, and the transformative power of music. From his early days as a member of The Waterboys to his groundbreaking work as the mastermind behind World Party, Wallinger has consistently pushed the boundaries of alternative rock, creating a unique sound that blends timeless melodies with introspective and socially conscious lyrics. Despite facing significant challenges, including a life-altering health crisis, Wallinger has remained a vital force in the music industry, continually inspiring fans and fellow musicians alike. As he continues to create and perform, Karl Wallinger's legacy as one of the most influential figures in alternative rock only grows stronger, cementing his place in music history as a true icon and visionary. Sadly, this news must be added to this profile: The music world is mourning the loss of Karl Wallinger, frontman of the beloved Britpop band World Party and former member of The Waterboys. Wallinger, 66, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday. No cause of death has been reported. Tributes are pouring in for the influential musician, best known for his band's hit "She's The One" and his contributions to The Waterboys' iconic song "The Whole of the Moon.” Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts

  • FACE-OFF is an eight-episode podcast about how China and the United States, once friends, are now foes. 
    FACE-OFF is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jane Perlez, former New York Times Beijing bureau chief and current fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center. In each episode Professor Rana Mitter, recently of the University of Oxford and now professor of modern China at the Harvard Kennedy School, chats with Jane on what’s at stake.

  • Antithesis Talks is a platform for facilitating and amplifying greater debate on the fundamental questions of corporate sustainability. Listen now.

  • Once the proceedings begin, this podcast will bring you all the key updates from the case involving accused triple murderer, Erin Patterson, and an allegedly poisonous mushroom lunch. If and when the case proceeds to a full trial, we'll cover it daily.

    It's the case that's captured the attention of the world. Erin Patterson, charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder, is now waiting for her day in court. She says she's innocent.

    The charges stem from a Beef Wellington lunch at Erin Patterson's home in Leongatha, regional Victoria. A week after the meal, three diners were dead with a fourth in hospital. Police say they will allege the diners displayed symptoms consistent with having eaten death cap mushrooms.

    When the proceedings start, Mushroom Case Daily will be your eyes and ears inside the courtroom.

    ABC Court Reporter, Kristian Silva, will bring you a rundown of the day's developments.

    There will be a new episode every day court sits, dropping in your feed once the proceedings finish.