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  • The Secrets Women Keep Podcast has been created to be there for you in the bathroom stall moments in life – you know the ones: where you’re simultaneously breaking down and trying to pull yourself back together. 

    Through a mix of high profile guest speakers and solo episodes that speak to the unspoken, you’ll learn that whatever it is you’re going through, you’re not alone. From dark nights of the soul, grief, loss, identity crises, mental health issues, imposter syndrome, labels and what happens in the bedroom, nothing on this podcast is too taboo or too much. After all, one woman’s secret revealing is another woman’s liberation.

    Be prepared to see and love all the parts of you, especially the unseen.

    It’s time to break up with the mask. These are the secrets women keep.

  • Welcome to Magnetic by Design! A Human Design podcast that empowers you to be uniquely you. Join me, Nicole Towers, Human Design Guide & Business Mentor, for soulful conversations and authentic interviews with incredible guests. We dive deep into topics like energetics in business, conscious entrepreneurship, self development, and all things Human Design. If you are ready to go on a journey of self discovery, to understand your energetic gifts & strengths so that you can unearth your highest potential. New episode every Thursday!

  • Professionals are saturated with wellness tips but are too stressed decipher which tips to pursue or put them into action. This is where I come in. In my early 40โ€™s, I bowed out of a 20 year legal career โ€œto spend more time with the kidsโ€. However it was more than that. Decades of running on high anxiety and drinking to cope had had its toll on my nervous system and I was burnt out.  I didnโ€™t know it at the time, but from there I started years of recovery and ultimately stepped into a new way of living. I went to rehab, retrained as a counsellor and coach, created a successful counselling practice, became a motivational & corporate wellness speaker, took up painting and now support others to destress for success. This podcast is about finding calm. I talk to the experts and bring you evidence-based practical methods to allow you to destress and create a successful life.


  • San Sochea’s Podcast delivering Dhamma regarding Mental Development in Daily Life.

  • Award-winning furniture designer James Howe speaks with deeply creative people who have gone all in on their various pursuits. Listening to their unique stories, insights, fears and strategies will demystify the creative process, charging you with enthusiasm to bring your own creative gift into the world.

  • Welcome to a series of podcasts that will give you insight into different psychological processes or concepts that you can use to improve your everyday life.

    Your host, Graham Scott, has spent 30 years working as an applied social and organisational psychologist and lecturing part-time in a number of university programs including the MBA and Master of Project Management in Queensland. Throughout this time, he has identified a model to highlight a systems approach that shows how the social and psychological dynamics in any group – be it a commercial organisation corporation; the world community- a country or the local golf club – anywhere where people get together – And then how these dynamics impact on the effectiveness of that group.

    This is where he developed a fascination for understanding how much of our communication – decision-making and problem-solving was based on flawed processes influenced by dynamics that for the most part people are not really aware of. We all make decisions – often directed by others – intentionally or accidentally and are flawed by our own biases – emotions and ways of thinking.

    And, where the premise of this podcast began. Graham proposes that the rational human being is an illusionary concept in so far as how we do make decisions – work to protect our egos – and manage our anxieties. This is not defeatist or negative – it's just a view but it doesn’t have to
    be our reality.

    In each fortnightly podcast, you will be introduced to a different topic such as, “power in relationships” – "why we think what we think” – “the influence of emotions on decision making” – “what is truth” - “how does personality impact on me” - “how and why we defend our ego “, and “how do we really learn” – starting with the broad notion of irrationality and rationalising.

    By listening you will get clarity on how you can balance your emotions with rational thinking, and understanding with learning through stories from the road as Graham has travelled it, and get into some of the big issues such as climate change, social media, identity politics and other big current issues in modern technology.

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    Graham welcomes comments enquiring or criticising from an objective perspective, so if you would like to reach out to him directly the best way to do so is via email: [email protected].

    This podcast is brought to you by On Track Studio.
    Founder: @sophie.on.track.studio.

  • As the name suggests this podcast is all about shifting your vibes and energy to where you want it in life!

    Hi, i'm Ilana Kosakiewicz and I'm a corporate bean counter turned energy self-care junky after hitting rock bottom with chronic fatigue and lyme like auto-immune diseases.

    Now a Kinesiologist, yoga and meditation teacher, in this podcast we will be discussing many tools, tips and ideas about how transforming your energy is truely the key to transforming your health and wellbeing, relationships, career, business and ultimately your happiness.

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  • Are you ready to reclaim your health, transform your body and have more energy?

    We know your days are packed, juggling corporate goals and family responsibilities.
    But guess what? You don't have to compromise on your health and well-being anymore.

    At Athletic Studio, we're not just about reaching goals. We're about transformation. We are here to help high achievers like you, reach your health, fitness and wellness goals.
    We are dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their power by feeling the best inside and out. Whether you're looking to get back into the gym after quite some time, need some guidance on how to make nutrition work for your busy lifestyle or how to continue maintaining your health even after you reach your big fitness goal - weโ€™ve got you!

    It's time to get motivated and take your health and fitness goals to new levels. Athletic Studio is here to guide you every step of the way, so you can achieve the life and lifestyle you deserve.

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  • Welcome to life beyond the fairytale!
    Where we dive into my life from trying to find love on reality tv, Childhood trauma and how its shows up in my life, how I am healing those traumas , Changing my negative belief systems, Being a single mum, the toxic environments I kept myself in and how I am working on changing that for a better life for myself and my daughter.
    My mission is to help others through my journey loving myself first.

  • Hello and welcome to the Live Mindfully Podcast. I'm your host Lori Moore. I've been studying the body, mind, spirit complex (both spiritually and scientifically) for the last 15 years and this podcast is a culmination of everything I have learnt and continue to learn. Each week I cover a range of topics that bring my unique take on how we can live more mindfully in a modern world. My aim is to inspire you to embrace your life, exactly as it is, but perhaps viewing it from a different angle. Each of us are so powerful and we hold many of the answers we need inside. My hope is to help you unlock this knowledge, so you can show up as the best, most mindful and wholehearted version of yourself each day.

  • Welcome to "TOMMY KENDE UNFILTERED," the podcast that's not afraid to dive headfirst into life's quirks and idiosyncrasies.

    Join me as I chat with some of the most brilliant minds out there,  while uncovering the profound truths hidden beneath the surface of everyday nonsense.

    Ready to peel back the layers of your own BS? Tune in for insightful interviews, banter, and a sprinkle of magic as you discover your true purpose in this crazy ass world.

    Let your inner genius shine, hit that play button and let's get unfiltered! Don't forget to rate, review, and spread the goodness. 

    Lotsa love 


  • The fascinating world of mathematics education. We explore innovative teaching pedagogies, classroom success stories, and unravel the mysteries behind those 'Aha!' moments.

    Whether you're a maths enthusiast or just looking to improve your teaching skills in mathematics, this podcast brought to you by AAMT is your go-to resource for engaging, sometimes light-hearted, and informative discussions on all things maths education related!

  • Step into the world of self-development with Tara and Louisa as your hosts. From the comfort of their spare room, they bring you unfiltered, raw conversations that will make you laugh, help you feel understood, and motivate you to become your most authentic self.

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  • Whether you are considering buying your first investment property or reaching property mogul status, Pure Property Investment’s Paul Glossop helps dissect the fundamentals through to large scale property development and everything in-between.

  • Welcome to Rebelution.This podcast is dedicated for women like you who are in their boss bitch era, who are ready to take up space, show up unapologetically in biz & own being their most unfiltered self.Iโ€™m Emily, your host & the founder of Emform.If youโ€™re looking for ways to be expanded, think bigger & become the leader of your life then youโ€™ve come to the right place.Join me as talk all things business, health, wealth, success, failure and so much more.

  • Join Dr Sneha Wadhwani, womenโ€™s health GP and advocate, as she de-bunks and de-mystifies some of the most common questions and myths surrounding womenโ€™s health. Alongside experts like Dr Ginni Mansburg, Sexologist Georgia Grace, Dr Susan Evans and more, youโ€™ll find answers to perplexing questions like โ€˜Is pull and pray really a safe contraceptive choice? and โ€˜why is the womenโ€™s bathroom line always so long?โ€™. Delving into a wide range of topics such as menopause, bladder health, STIโ€™s, care for down there, IVF and more, โ€˜Everything from A to Vโ€™ sifts through medical fact and fiction, providing you with the knowledge needed to confidently take charge of your health.

  • The Premier Academy League Podcast is a monthly show that delves into the world of academy football in Australia. Each episode features interviews and stories from key figures in our community, including Academy Directors, coaches, players, and parents. Additionally, the show includes special guests from both within Australia and abroad. You'll hear their personal stories, insights on the challenges they have faced and the inspiration that drives them.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • 'Iโ€™ve lost track of how many times I use algebra each week. What a lifesaver!โ€™โ€ฆ said no adult ever.

    We learned a lot of things in school that weโ€™ve never actually needed to know in real life. Most of us have never been asked to quote Shakespeare, or recite Pythagorasโ€™ theorem orโ€ฆ square dance. Meanwhile, important things like how to nail a job interview, how to do taxes, and whether buying or renting is a better financial option were conveniently left off the curriculum.

    Thatโ€™s where we come in. Comedian Bec Melrose and Mamamiaโ€™s Emily Vernem are here to walk you through the lessons youโ€™re too embarrassed to admit you still donโ€™t know. So sit back and relax, school is in session.

  • Proof Of Work with Shiv Mehta is a podcast where curiosity sparks innovation. Host Shiv Mehta, an investor, author, consultant and business professor who loves finding the extraordinary in the everyday, invites you into dialogues with fascinating minds across diverse fields. From tech innovators to finance experts, artists to scientists, we explore their stories, breakthroughs, and impact. This podcast is your gateway to a world of insights and a beacon for enlightenment seekers. Join us as we navigate the ocean of ideas, one conversation at a time. Let's celebrate human potential together!

  • Austrlias First dedicated podcast all about Mineral water, from Darren , a Certified water Sommelier, Coffee professional and all round explorer of improvement of our sensory experience.
    Where we dive into why water has taste, and expand on different regions, sources and rare waters that are exciting . take the journey to why water is needed to prepare your palate , help with your wellness and create a better overall balance in the experiences.

    [email protected]