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  • Welcome to The MOMpire Podcast, where we show you just how possible it really is to build your business empire all while raising your babies.
    I'm Ashley Meyer, mom of three, wife, attorney and law firm owner, entrepreneur, and founder of the most heart-centered national referral network for mompreneurs - a place where moms find connection, collaboration, and referrals.
    Each week we'll be sharing actionable advice, real stories, and inspiring interviews from real moms who've built business empires all while finding their joy in motherhood.
    These are the stories that will inspire you to take the next step to living out your dreams.

  • This is a podcast for driven people who know they are the ones holding themselves back.

    I’ll teach you all about your brain, and how to develop your mindset so that you can achieve what you've always dreamed of.

  • Contents :

    1- Welcome speech - by Abu Muntasir.
    2- Keynote speech [ Striking the Balance into the Millennium ] - by Bilal Philips.
    3- The Importance of Knowledge - by Shaikh Sohaib Hasan.
    4- The Rights of Allah and Our Duty Towards Him - by Shaikh Wajdi al-Ghazzawi.
    5- The Rights of the Messenger and the Relevance of the Sunnah - by Shaikh Jamal Zarabozo.
    6- Seeking Paradise Through Brotherhood [ Our Rights Over Each Other ] - by Shaikh Salim al-Amry.
    7- The Rights of Non-Muslims and Our Responsibility Towards Them - by Bilal Philips.
    8- Success Lies In Our Good Character - by Shaikh Wajdi al-Ghazzawi.
    9- Signs Before the Day of Judgement - by Shaikh Ali Timimi.
    10- The Blessings of Islam - Being Content as a Muslim - by Shaikh Salim al-Amry.
    11- Conclusion - Part 1 - by various of the speakers.
    12- Conclusion - Part 2 - by various of the speakers.

  • Projekt Cebula to podcast, podczas, którego mieszam z Wami w mętnej kulturowej zalewie, grzebię w brudach gównianego dzieciństwa, oram polaryzujące media społecznościowe i pochylam się nad naturą orgazmów. Wszystko po to, by inspirować Was do poszukiwań, często, w nie do końca poważnej atmosferze.

  • Копирайтер-маркетолог, копирайтер-психолог и их прекрасные гости обсуждают психологическую сторону фриланса

  • A simple question does not always beget a simple answer. Say, for example, the question “Should I stay or should I go?” – one that many international graduates ask themselves after coming to Germany to study or do their doctorate. Do they stay in Germany, a country where they’ve studied for several years or earned their doctoral degree, and start their career? Or do they return home and apply there what they have learned in Germany? In our podcast, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”, we speak with three alums of Technische Universität Berlin about how they answered this question. They work in different fields, are from different countries, and speak about their reasons for their decisions, including practical issues like work permits and language skills.

    Host, writer and producer: Kevin Caners, EINS.STUDIO

    Editor: Philipp Eins, EINS.STUDIO

    Design cover: Nik Stohn

    On behalf of: Technische Universität Berlin's Alumni Program

    Funded by: State Office for Development Cooperation at the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

    More information at: www.tu.berlin/communication/alumni

  • Podkast adwokatki o ochronie praw zwierząt i przyrody. Z wrażliwością w sercu i paragrafami w głowie. Dla ludzi, którym zależy. O sprawiedliwości dla zwierząt, stawaniu w ich obronie, a czasem walce. O ciemnych i jasnych jej stronach.

    Sezon 1: Kurs stawania w obronie zwierząt
    Pierwszy sezon podkastu to praktyczny kurs przeznaczony dla osób, które działają lub chcą zacząć działać w obronie zwierząt. Prosto i przystępnie. Baza, która wzmocni Was w codziennych wyzwaniach i pozwoli uniknąć podstawowych błędów. Wierzę, że mogę nauczyć podstaw prawa o ochronie zwierząt naprawdę każdą osobę.

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  • Five electrifying short stories about creativity, all designed to jumpstart your brain and inspire you to make stuff!
    Life and art can be a battle, so hopefully this podcast can give you a bit of lightning to keep you going :)

    First 26 episodes will be themed around the Alphabet.

  • I only had 2k dollars to my name and 120k dollars in student loan debt. I was still able to build a large real estate portfolio to become financially free. How? All through no money down investing. Every week I will have guests on to tell their story. Learn the power of No Money Down Real Estate Investing!

  • The sharing of true stories of miracles and inspiration to lift the human spirit and to inspire and motivate positive action in life's journey.

  • Your Turn To Thrive is for millennials seeking growth + healing through Mind, Body and Soul. In each episode, we share practices and approaches that cultivate deep healing and empower you to connect back to yourself and show up with grace to create a life that feels most true and most beautiful to you.

  • Zbuduj dobrą angielską wymowę - niech Twoja wymowa będzie Twoją dumą! Wytłumaczę szczegółowo na prostych przykładach, na co należy zwrócić uwagę, dzięki czemu już zawsze będziesz wiedział, jak wymówić nawet nowe dla siebie wyrazy. Do dzieła!

  • Polski w biegu - это беседы о Польше, польском языке и менталитете. Делимся своим опытом, лайфхаками, ciekawostkami i wtopami.Kasia i Dasza - ваши проводники в мир польского языка. Мы из Калининграда, откуда нам вещает Катя, natomiast Даша - из Польши, поскольку, переехала туда после окончания школы.Итого: наш дуэт - это 14 лет опыта преподавания польского языка как иностранного + 9 лет жизни в Польше. Мы расскажем то, о чем молчат учебники, обойдем pułapki польского языка, подтвердим или опровергнем стереотипы о Польше и ее жителях.Zapraszamy do słuchania i ruszamy w drogę! ;)

    Словарик к каждому выпуску: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lQqjoeppR9StnepQa-jMOCmCK8KPTK_HlbNi3M_zj8E/edit?usp=share_link

  • Welcome to the unique and engaging Shadow English Podcast!

    In each episode, I'll share my thoughts on various topics, which may not seem entirely original in the world of podcasts. However, the distinct feature of this podcast lies in the opportunity for listeners to shadow me line-by-line. This podcast is specifically designed for non-native English speakers looking to enhance their listening and, most importantly, speaking abilities. First, listen to the episode, then listen again and shadow me line-by-line. This is a great way to build up your speaking confidence!

  • Pokochaj siebie to podcast o tym jak dokonać własnej transformacji. To podcast o tym jak uzdrowić relacje w rodzinie, w małżeństwie w pracy. Jeśli chcesz się dowiedzieć dlaczego wciąż popełniasz te same błędy i nic ci w życiu nie wychodzi a ty pragniesz zmiany, to koniecznie odsłuchaj moje nagrania. Zapraszam cię do wspólnej przygody.

  • Are you a caregiver to a differently abled kiddo? Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, but still determined to make their lives a little easier?

    Welcome to "I'm Not Okay, but I Will Be" - the podcast that shines a light on the extraordinary journey of caregiving. I'm Chiquita Hutton, author of Sydney's Superpowers, and I'm here to share my experiences as a caregiver, offering support and valuable resources along the way. Together, we'll explore the highs and lows, the challenges, and triumphs, all while finding inspiration and strength in our shared experiences.

    Each episode, I'll dive into a variety of topics, discussing the latest programs, products, and services that can make our lives a little easier. From assistive technologies to therapeutic activities, we'll discover practical solutions that enhance the well-being of both caregivers and our kiddos.

    "I'm Not Okay, but I Will Be," empowers caregivers and provides a safe space to connect, learn, and grow. Tune in and be part of this incredible journey towards understanding, acceptance, and love.

  • Szkolenia, Webinary, Ebooki z obsługi programu PC-MARKET - zaprasza Piotr o PC-MARKET - www.pcmarket.com.pl
    Od 2001 roku pracuję i zdobywam doświadczenia związane z informatyczną obsługą sklepów (m.in. w sieciach sklepów: Groszek, Spar, Lewiatan).
    Teraz Ty możesz skorzystać z moich wieloletnich doświadczeń bez potrzeby inwestowania wielu lat pracy i uczenia się na własnych błędach.
    Oferuję szkolenia z obsługi programu PC-MARKET firmy Insoft w zakresie zarządzania i prowadzenia sklepów spożywczych i restauracji.

  • This podcast discusses one way to deal with a toxic environment

  • Self-Published Author and Journalist Cindy Pantoja breaks down the world of self-publishing and outlines how to publish your book on a low budget while utilizing resources online.